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Anonymous said...

Has anyone recently tried to get Samsung to honor a warranty on a monitor? They gave me an RMA, but keep offering me analog LCDs with fewer colors than my 171P. They evidently don't have any 171Ps any more. Any clues as to how to get them to honor their warranty? I've made about 50 phone calls to various Samsung functionaries.

Don't buy Samsung if you need warranty service!

Anonymous said...

just read the some of VMWare grips page. Who are you and what qualifies you to post these grips? VMWare has it's issues, no doubt about that, but half of what I read on the VMWare page were grips about windows and norton and things NOT VMWare.

Example: why does win98 in a VM use all the host CPU? because Win98 on a real cpu will use all the CPU! Win98 just doen't give you any tools to see this flaw in win98.

And one you corrected, the NAV seeing virii transfered on the VM, the cause was obvious to me (someone who gets paid to know how software and hardware works). You were really quick to blame VMWare there when the truth was that NAV is just that smart, NAV sniffs the network, and since the VM passed thought the host via NAT it was able to see the virus.

How many of the conclusions you jump to on other topics are also so blatently wrong?

To anyone that wishes to read this site, please take EVERYTHING this guy says with a HUGE grain of salt. Just use google if you think something's not right, this guy sure doens't know.

Michael said...

What qualifies me to post these "grips" is just that I use the products. Nothing more. The site is a big heads-up warning people of problems they may run into when using a product. Read the about page (RTFM). If you judge the gripes trivial, then you can be more confident in using the product, I found no big problems with it. Trivial gripes are a good thing not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

i come across your pages occas when googling.

just now looking for way to list | copy | print updates in IE "about IE" to compare to updates in winupdate 'installation history' (also uncopyable, gripe gripe, p1zz & fume)

However, i saw your IE6 gripe "Lost Icons" and have some suggestoin(s). i used to do the solutoin with which you conclud, but it's tedious.

instead, do ng searches which include reponses about favorg. some mentoin other software.
caveat. favorg increases file size by approx. avg. 1/5. i'd apply it only to my frequent used faves.

i've also noticed that some sites appear to stop responding to repeated "calls" by favorg. result is that the first icons will be fixed, but later icons will 'time out'. i'm guessing that teh sites might maintain some calculatoin of 'call' frequency from a certain IP. perhaps they're doing this to avoid DOS attacks?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your revealing problems with Adobe Reader and NAV 2003. A computer tech installed NAV 2003 and I have had no problems with it because of the problems you mentioned. Such as being online before updating. Tom Sanko of Oxford, Ks.

Anonymous said... NOT buy there. Not if you want the product you ordered.
At the beginning of August I purchased a product there, when it arrived it was short one of the items in their description. I contacted them. Within a day or so they had shipped a new product out. I enquired if this product would contain all pieces. I was assured that I would be pleased with the order. The order arrived. It is short the same item the first package was. I contacted and received an auto generated message. A week passed. I contacted again, received the same generated email, but this one was followed a couple of days later with an email telling me they were requesting a credit. I mailed them back & told them I do not want a credit. I want the one piece that I was short shipped TWICE. They contacted me and suggested that I contact the manufacturer to make sure their description was correct.
Quite honestly, at this time I would have been happy with an apology explaining that there was a mistake in the description--just an aknowledgement that I had not received what I ordered. But to suggest I do their job?
The prices aren't so great that I will do their work for them. It's cheaper to just buy from a reputable company--and that is not

Anonymous said...

I have had problem after problem with Hostcentric, and the only thing that keeps me there is the dreaded hassle of starting up with an unknown. However, I've managed to get small revenge. During a bad service outage I experienced a few months ago, one of their techs gave me a toll-free number to reach tech support. During my last problem with them, which lasted a week (in which I called them at least 5 times a day and was put on hold for ridiculous amounts of time), it was on their dime. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll see a Norton Internet Security 2005 page soon. I had so many issues with 2004 that I got my money back and downloaded 2005. Ugh. I was excited about the error-free installation but very disappointed when my Win 2K slowed down to a crawl, Outlook and Outlook Express started hanging, and Windows occasionally would not shut down. Thanks Norton for allowing me into your "beta".

Anonymous said...

I have had a few problems recently. On several computers in the last week, I have had the sticky keys feature turn itself on and would not turn off in the normal manner. When trying to open a folder, you would instead only highlight the folder and several surrounding files or folders.

The second gripe I have is with IE6. The last few days, every few minutes the Save File window keeps popping up.

And the last gripe is with Norton Internet Security 2005. It blocks your buddy lists in AOL and their email tech support hasn't replied to messages in over two weeks.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that you gripe about Mozilla Firefox, which has just now reached v 1.0 and is already miles ahead of Internet Explorer in both usability and security. Of course it loads slow - it's not already running in background like IE is. Yes, it has some bugs - it's a product of volunteerism. How ironic that someone would gripe that it doesn't automatically allow executable files to be installed, when this is the MAJOR flaw in IE and is responsible for 99% of malware installation on personal computers.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly read your Windows Update gripes. I could really empathise, as I, too, have struck so many similar problems. One final thought - why does Windows Update even give you the option to de-select updates? If you don't install an update, it will re-appear on the list next time. Presumably, the list of un-installed updates continues to grow until such time as you eventually relent and allow ALL updates to be installed, whether you want them or need them or not.

Roy said...

Hi --

Thanks for your comments on Tripplite UPS uninterruptible power supplies. Very well organized, easy to understand, complete. Good stuff.

-- Roy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

BKW in London.
My email address is: bw99@REMOVETHISsoas,ac,uk

Gripes about Firefox:
1. Does not provide user logon for ftp even when myNetworkplaces has the ftp address, logon ID and password saved (IE does)

2. (the largest cinema theatre booking site in the UK) does not work

Brian W,
London said...

Want some more firefox gripes? I have some!

How about that tabbed browsing or multiple windows leaks memory like a sieve? They managed to fix it for .gif and .jpg so long as you don't save copies of them, but viewing .html or saving media files seems to somehow cache and never leave memory. Within a half hour of what I'd consider normal use I can have the memory consumed up above 256 megs with no tabs and just one browser window open to google's main page! Of course they marked the bugzilla report as 'resolved' and after having one of thier staff try to take me to task over the difference between a program "hanging" and "crashing" I'm pretty much DONE with Mozilla projects. If Bugzilla torqued off a veteran user like myself, I don't even want to think what the average person's reaction would be to this type of bull.

Now, I found a REALLY fun problem that has to be the MOST retarded thing I've ever seen. If you load a web page with images on it, then hit "Save image as" - rather than just copy the existing image out of your cache it ACTUALLY GOES AND DOWNLOADS ANOTHER COPY!!! Think about that, nice and modem friendly there! I'm working on a demo cgi based exploit to show a possible fun way to screw with someone... Because it downloads a new copy you can make a cgi that instead of letting them "save as" the image the web page displayed, you send them a different image or file altogether!

And of course, there's the 'wonderful popup blocking' - which between M$ Antispy beta and Google Toolbar I'm getting less popups in IE than I do in firefox! At that point you know what, I'm back on IE... With high hopes that IE7 will be the nail in gecko's coffin since it seems everything based on gecko, especially firefox, is over-hyped garbage.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to fill out a job application on the IBM web site? I'm trying to right now, and it is driving me insane--it flashes "processing" after every other thing I type or click on, and I have to look up the correct input for so many fields (like the currency rate in which I want my income?!!). This is not making me want to work for IBM!

Anonymous said...

I have Norton Internet Security with includes Norton Anti-Virus.

Everything was working fine.

After doing an automatic update I can no longer receive email if the scan incoming mail is turned on. If it is turned off, then it works fine.

I have a Norton product that was working fine, I did an automatic update, now it does not work, and I am supposed to pay Norton for them to tell me how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

read your comments on the Ell 1905FP flat screen monitor. Sounds like my mother, who has about 5 minutes of computer expertise, wrote the article. All you did was whine about things that are well know with LCD issues. I never needed to look at a setup chart to assemble - any 4 year old can figure it out in about 5 minutes. You don't need to install the driver to use the monitor - after you reboot XP will detect the proper (not plug and play) monitor. And you teach computer classes?? Shame shame...

Tom Owen said...

For Earthlink Gripes;
I have had an Earthlink acount for about eight years and have generaly been satisfied with there service, I'm not a critical person.
But sence moving to Thailand more than two years ago I've not been able to use there ISP service, There not in Thailand so all Ive been able to use is web mail. I like my personal Email address ( and the spam blocking feature but I've been paying almost Thirty dollars a month for that.
A couple og months ago Earthlink customer service Emailed to announce service in Thailand I could not use Earthlink mail box using another ISP so thi seemed a great Idea. I bit!
It was not untill I saw $500.00 charged to my credit card that I realized ther local number made a international call for me. ( It is in the small print ).
If I had known I probebly would have still used the service but not let it run all night
Tom Owen allis Taken again.

Alrischa said...

Can anyone tell me the power supply (voltage? AC/DC ? polarity, if any?) that I need for the following USR EXTERNAL modem:
US Robotics Sportster 56k V.92
Faxmodem, Product # usr5686D


Anonymous said...

there is a new thing in yahoo mail that is another security stupidity.

i composed a mail (took half an hour - i know it is bad practise) and hit the send button. it was for just one single receipient. yahoo pops up a verification box. i entered the characters and viola a message is spewed: you failed the verification and your message is lost.

this verification system is apparently meant to check spammer activity. alright, i understand if one has to enter a verification code each time one sends a mail (i will not even bother about the possibility of the same mail i would like to send my ten friends.)

if by mistake i enter the wrong code, the whole mail is wiped out. i cannot decipher what purpose it serves - perhaps like years ago when non-americans couldn't type, spammers don't know the CTRL+C, CTRL+V secret. they will foolishly keep keying in messages each time they spam us.

what yahoo doesn't understand is that the only fools who key in without saving them in notepad are users like us who shoot out ad hoc replies.

i am permanently switching to gmail now.

Anonymous said...

First, what's a blog?
I thought it was only I being driven mad by computer malfunction. Conceited, aren't I?
The internet provides the opportunity for mankind to have the kind of war promised by the neutron bomb: destruction of life while the infrastructure remains. (untrue; the neutron bomb knocks a lot of stuff to smithereens) With the advent of the internet however, we can kill each other with stress, and the internet will remain. On the other hand, it's a good way to build up your patience.

Anonymous said...


Problem: ATI Scheduler crashes

Gemstar Guide Plus causes crashes in ATI Multimedia Center program scheduler. If a period (dot) is located at the end of a program title abbreviation, ATI scheduler crashes. The event name is transferred into ATI scheduler from the program title in the Gemstar Guide Plus downloadable program grid when you create program record event.

SOLUTION (actually just a workaround):

If you edit out the dot in setup the problem goes away.

Right click in an open ATI TV window (while TV is playing) and click setup, schedule, modify, etc. Edit the event name so it has no period. When you edit out the dot and exit ATI setup you will be asked if you want to start the scheduler. Say yes.

The crash problem is also caused by slashes (/) in program titles and can be remedied by editing out the slash.

It would be nice if Gemstar refrained from using dots and slashes or if ATI rewrote their software, but don’t hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has been to this site
it's helped me a time or two (or three or six [G]) with ZAP

ZoneAlarm Help

How to Add to a Zone
What to Place in the Trusted Zone
How to Setup ICS in ZoneAlarm
Interpreting zalog.txt
Using the Privacy Settings
Performing a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall
IPCONFIG & DNS & DHCP address's
A Glossary
Expert Rules
How they work
Adding Expert Rules
The How and Why
Links to various useful sites

friendlee said...

Your latest gripe on the Kerio Personal Firewall 4 follows in the style and philosophy of your other gripes; your reference to the PC Magazine review reveals an enlightening distinction between your comments and those made by an entity with more time and resources to truly test a product. You mention numerous "gripes" about Kerio Firewall, but all PCMagazine had to do was mention one "con," and I would never buy this product: "fairly easily diabled by malicious software."

slowhand59 said...

'anyone like to start a thread about Norton SystemWorks 2006 and the next generation of idiosyncracies with this product? 'would be nice t'know why the whole pc goes t'sleep for 5-10 minutes after starting NSW 2006. or why does Password Manager not install properly and, if it does, why won't Live Update deliver it's new files?

Michael said...

In response to slowhand59:

There won't be gripes here about Norton System Works because I won't use it and I advise others to also not use it. That you are having problems, comes as no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Visit and read about my Hellish business experience with Earthlink Web E Comm hosting!

Anonymous said...

This site is ridiculous, it pains me to read it. Nearly all of your "gripes" require only a single shred of common sense to either ignore or overcome because they are so incredibly simple or insignificant.

Anonymous said...

I've been an Earthlink Subscriber for 2 yrs. & have never had a problem with their service(s)!! By Live Chat, Phone or Email!! They are extremely helpfull, courteous and knowledgeable!!
A very satisfied Customer!!
Anonymous in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

about your review on kerio firewall, its clear that you didnt bother to read the manual/help. if you did you wouldnt mention something like "what rules?" not all firewall is as dumb or as plain as the ZA. if you would to click on the check box--create would see another check box/option and a clickable button to setup advanced rules. a firewall is only effective if the user know how to configure, it seems both PC mag and you dont. well, blame it on ZA, a product i trash it year ago--dont get me wrong, i'd used ZA since ver 2 but ever since ver 3, they are nothing but resources hogger. months ago, i went back to try ver only take 2 weeks for my niece to ask me to uninstall it...ZA is good only if you are a beginner or someone who dont really care if the firewall did protect your com or someone too lazy to spend the time to setup the firewall rules properly. kerio on the other hands, offer advance configure that i can specifically block the types of port, range of port, incoming/outgoing, local/remote connection...etc, unlike the dumb ZA...

Anonymous said...

april 06..I chose earthlink as my isp this past week. Ever since I downloaded their software my computer is locking up.. I have yet to be able to connect to the internet. I've called them somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 times or so to correct the problem. So far I havent been connected to anyone who speaks and understands English fluently. The wait time on the phone was quoted by their automated voice unit was 15 min. ....50 min. later I was connected to a rep who just could not understand me and we never even got past my email address verification. All the while there is an echo on the line that echoed everything I said making it even more annoying. I tried to call last night to correct the problem once and for all but every time I got a rep on the phone..a few min later my call was dropped......and that was coupled with being "transfered to a more experienced tech person" ... from 6:30 pm to 12:15 am I sat on the phone..most of the time on hold...mind you there were 5-10 min sessions of hair pulling...paper slamming fits of rage between calls. That's it ...i'm done..I am over it. Just for the record...I'm a peaceful...loving...patient person who maybe loses my temper once every five years. For my peace of mind and blood pressure..I must disconnect permanantly with earthlink.

Anonymous said...

Earthlink stinks

Anonymous said...

RE: Earthlink stinks

I agree. I've had Earthlink since 2000. Their customer support is horrible. Those who aren't complaining just haven't had to resolve any important issues with them yet. If they did, they would know the hell the last poster describes.

I will be dumping Earthlink in the very near future after I get a new ISP set up. I've already been using a new free mail account in preparation. Transferred or copied all the important stuff. They could shut me down tomorrow and I could get what I need at the library.

Now they are playing games with my e-mail inbox. I log on and my inbox appears, but when I pass my cursor over ANY links, they disappear. How the hell is one supposed to read mail when you go to click on a link and it is no longer there?

They are doing this because I complained about unauthorized charges on my credit card. Someone in their company charged things on this card two months is row. I know it was them because I only used this brand new card for Earthlink, NO ONE ELSE. When I called to complain, they were rude and denied it could have been anyone there. They dared me to prove it. *astards.

They are rude when I talk to them on the telephone and refuse to be cooperative about ANY aspect of service. It amazes me that they have a high consumer user rating. I guess they must be making their employees register favorable comments so no more of them will be laid off. Live and learn. I'm switching to another provider in the very near future and will be visiting as many blogs as I can to "spread the news".


1) Before you engage in a conversation with ANY rep (at any company), make sure you politely ask for their name, employee I.D., city and state they are in. Do this BEFORE you tell them why you are calling. Tell them you want to be able to say who you were speaking to in case you are disconnected, etc. Sometimes I tape record my conversations. I don't tell them this unless I am having a problem. I have been hung up on after announcing this information. Check the One/two party consent laws for your state. Two party means you have to tell them the conversation is being recorded or the conversation/evidence won't stand up in court.

2) You don't have to talk to reps in India. When you call, ask to be switched over to someone in the states.

3) Autopay-DON'T use it. It will come back to bite you in the arse. Unless you provide your credit card provider with a confirmation number, you will NOT be able to stop your ISP (or anyone else) from jacking your credit card even if they tell you that your service has been cancelled. Read the following link to understand why.

I pay with money orders sent certified/signature confirmation. This will be the evidence I need to enable me to cancel in the future. Pass it on. said...

Am I the only one having trouble using a Linksys Client VPN through Earthlink? Take the computer to my partner's house and get in with Adelphia. Earthlink provides no tech support for VPN (but they do sell a VPN service). Any experience out there?

Deano said...

re your gmail gripe and not being to do a local backup.

Isn't that what POP forwarding is for? You could enable that and have all mail downloaded onto your pc.

Mike said...

The page at, under Lost Icons, was very helpful. Sysadmins and saavy users would be amused to know that HP's chat tech support didn't know why my IE 6 icons were disappearing. Your site did. Thanks very much!!

~aka~ said...

"FYI: Stardock has another free program called WindowFX."

WindowFX is not free, it's shareware (* The shareware version will timeout after 30 days.)

It's hard to take you seriously when you don't know the difference between free, and shareware.

"Then Windows complained to me that there wasn't much space left on the C disk. Why? WindowFX had installed almost 700 MB of files. "

I find this very hard to believe when the program occupies 2.38 MB on my machine.

Anonymous said...

Zone Alarm Version 6.5.714.000 is junk. When I try to load it, a popup windows tells me it isn't compatible with my Mcafee Virus scanner and I must uninstal this program if I want to use Zone Alarm. I have over 195 days of paid service for this product and I find that quite unacceptable. The previous update, just a few days older, 6.5.700.000 works OK. They call this product improvement when they want you to get rid of your virus protection. I'm certain I'm not the only one with this problem. My email is and my name is Walt

Anonymous said...

re: HP LaserJet 1320
I have installed this printer under both Windows XP and 2000. I have encountered the same problems with the PCL drivers as you described. While it does seem to install successfully, printing fails in certain applications. The "best" driver seems to be the PS drivers. I've also had numerous problems with a Konica-Minolta printer when attempting to use PCL drivers...and better success when I switched to PS drivers.

Joshua Arroyo said...

Acrbat Reader 5.0 is to slow

Anonymous said...

The Rebate scam is a billion dollar rip off which needs to be exposed. Companies like are the biggest perpetrators. Any kind of con rip off whether it is for a $1 should be stopped..

Anonymous said...

Here's another installation instructions problem story.

I recently purchased a Logitech Optical mouse, item #931145.

It came with printed installation instructions, which were actually real good:
1. turn computer off.
2. plug in mouse. (Separate info & photos for USB or PS2 connections, and for PC or Mac -- good!)
3. turn machine back on.
And the printed instructions actually had clear photos for each step.

Then comes:
4. download driver. Go to, click downloads, click mice, and click on "Pilot Optical Mouse".

But there was no "Pilot Optical Mouse" on that page. There was a "Logitech Optical Mouse", with a picture that looked just like my mouse. Alas, there were 2 such entries, and both pictures matched my mouse. And they linked to different pages.

Checking both pages, they were good enough to list the Version, Build #, and date of the driver. It was identical for both. So I downloaded it, and it seems to work. (Actually, I don't know why it was needed. The mouse seemed to work fine as soon as it was plugged in, without downloading anything.)

But here's a case where the printed instructions (from 2 years ago) seem to be fine, but the website is inaccurate. Wasn't one of the advantages of the internet supposed to be that online info could be easily changed & kept current?

P.S. The driver download is 4.3 Mbytes! Such a large driver must really do wonderful things. On the first PC I owned, the whole Operating System took less than half of the 486K on the 8" floppy disk.

DB said...

IOLO should be added to the list of problem companies. I recently July)bought a copy of its professional product, filled out all the requirements ( I'm a vetran of rebates, I know what I'm doing) and was informed today Sep 22 that my request was being denied for out of time for rebate. Nonsense! it's processor delayed the proecessing. So I'm writing to complain to all of IOLO's major distributors. Wish this site could link to them too.

John said...

Symantec and McAfee now have a great scheme. Upon loading their security software you are advised to uninstall either spybot, or spysweeper as they are not compatible with their software. The weakest link on this one is Symantec and McAfee, especially when you consider spysweeper is one of the best programs on the market.

Doyle Chadwick said...

I just got done with three days of an "antivirus nightmare", trying to get Computer Associates' "ETrust EZ Armor" uninstalled. Not only is it a clunky process, but it left me without a way to connect to the internet. I got the program from my ISP, but their techies were clueless as to how to fix it. I restored my hard drive three times, and got my connection back, only to lose it every time I uninstalled their product. Finally, some guy in India who spoke something similar to english advised me to uninstall lots of programs, and one of them (E-Z Ports) was apparently in conflict with their software. It had been on my computer for years with no problem, but removing it fixed the problem. Now I can finally forget about CA's "malware".

Anonymous said...

I just came across this interesting website. I just installed a Western Digital External Hard Drive with EMC Retrospect Express software and have e-mailed both companies with my dissatisfaction. It does not state on the WD site that the software can be used on only one computer. The software was out-of -date and had already been updated and upgraded by the mfr. And the software is so difficult and complex to understand that the local company where i buy my computers had extreme difficulty in creating the hard-drive backup I requested. Of course the sales literature on both site says ONE-STEP functionality. NOT SO ! said...

I have an HP1320, do you have any information on how well the compatible toner cartridges work?

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem getting my rebate from IOLO. After it was too late to return the product they sent a card claiming I hadn't sent the proper documentation. I had cut the scan code off the box and sent it in but they said they didn't recognize it when I called.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your "Spell Check Burning CPU" discussion. I had this happen today in Office 2000 with an 85 page document. The computer runs XP Home, and CPU usage locked at between 100/94% when I was adding to the document -everything else slowed right down. As suggested, I turned off the 'check spelling as you type'; it did not solve the problem. Next I tried turning off the 'check grammar as you type' box - BINGO! Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Thought I should mention that Acronis True Image 11 Home does indeed have sector-by-sector functionality. You are correct that this feature is nowhere to be found in the options during backup. What you have to do is select "Ignore bad sectors" during backup, and then when you restore you will discover the option "Sector-by-sector restoration of disks or partitions." It works for me.

Anonymous said...

You missed a number of things on "gripes of LINKSYS WRT54G" -
1) No LOGOFF function (you got this)
2) No *REBOOT* function !!!!!!
3) No way to list active DHCP leases - EVERY ROUTER should do this!
4) No Date/Timestamp on inbound/outbound Logs - HUGE OVERSIGHT! EVERY FRIGGING ROUTER/FIREWALL should have date and time-stamp, else the frigging LOG entries are all but useless!
5) No way to to RESERVE DHCP addresses - EVERY FRIGGING DEVICE that purports to act as a DHCP server (as this device does), MUST have a way to list and register any 'reserved' DHCP addresses!
6) No inside telnet/shell capability
7) No FTP/TFTP ability, for copying and/or transferring configurations
8) No self-update on the firmware - must be hard-wired, and do manual firmware update - other routers can go to the 'Net, pull the latest and update themselves.

Those are all i can think of at the moment.

locksmith manchester said...

i have to say that avast antivirus is amazing , low cpu , free & reliable !!

Irish Business Rumours said...

Have you noticed how hard it is to get through to someone on technical support yet how easy it is go get through to sales people?
I normally try tech support ONCE if I cannot get through within a few minutes I ring sales and get them to transfer me internally or get tech person to call me back.
Tell them you are just about to purchase but have a technical question you would like answered first or that you want to see how good their support is before you make a purchase.

Irish Business Rumours

Anonymous said...

during this past week, both NetZero and Facebook have made updates to their sites.

NetZero has been allegedly updating their start page for over a week. I cannot use the icons on my computer because of this, and have to use the NetZero icon on my start page to gain web access.

Facebook is notorious for making changes and not telling users about it. I've noticed on Saturdays, it is particularly slow when they are running updates or changing something. One day I received a notification that I could not log in to Facebook because they were making changes. It took several hours, only to find the change was an annoying "questions" application they added to the top of the Home page. Now my news feed is flooded with these stupid questions that people answer on a variety of different topics, where they are given 4 multiple choice questions. There is no way to block this application, or "hide" any of the posts for this application. I have found the only way to stop them from showing on my news feed is to "hide" my Facebook friends who participate with the "Questions" application.

Where Facebook seems intent on obtaining as much personal info about their users, including their phone numbers and addresses, which they sell to outside 3rd parties, the questions application seems to be another way to get other data on them. People should be cautious. They should also make sure they don't give out too much personal data about themselves in their profile. Not only does Facebook profit on it, but it puts users to risk for identity theft by hackers, which Facebook fails to protect them from.

Anonymous said...


NETZERO is allegedly updating their "Start Page". This has been going on for over a week. Because of this, I cannot use the NetZero icons on my computer to log in, and have to use the icon on my start page to access the web.

FACEBOOK seems to be very slow on Saturdays, when they apparently run updates and make changes. I received a message one day that I could log in to my Facebook account because they were making changes. It took several hours. As Facebook is infamous for making changes, but doesn't let users know what they are, or when they take place, you're on your own trying to figure out what is going on and what those changes are. It usually turns out to be something that's an annoyance. The most recent one is their "change" to the "Home" page, where they added a new application at the top of it called "questions".

There is no way to block this application, like you can with others, and my news feed is flooded with stupid multiple choice questions that people answer. There is also no way to "hide" this application from your news feed, like you can with other appliations. The only way to stop the annoyance is to "hide" any of my Facebook friends posts that participate in the "questions" application.

Ridhi Web Expert said...

Is there a web site you can post comments about a business that sells products via the web. Like the BBB?

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