Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dell Gripes 2007

Have you had problems with Dell?
If so, tell the world about it here.
There are two rules: no cursing/foul language and no phone numbers of Dell employees.
You can comment anonymously, however if you ask a question an email address is necessary to get any responses.
See also Dell Gripes Sept 2004 - Dec 2005 and Dell Gripes Feb 2006 - Feb 2007.


Anonymous said...

I ordered a Dell Inspiron E1705 $1400 laptop on 2-7-07. I received it 2-14-07. Everything appears to work, but intermittently the screen blinks black. Dell tech support was of no help. (and for some reason every tech I get is named Steve?) I requested a replacement. Dell agreed something was wrong with the laptop. I received my replacement 3-6-07. After 2 days the computer started to do the same thing. Microsoft said that Vista Home Premium requires a better video card than what I have. I received an Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (which per Intel’s website supports: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP 64bit, Media Center Edition 2004/2005, Windows 2000;Linux-compatible. – didn’t check, took Dell’s word that it would be okay) Microsoft said I needed a better video card. Why does Dell sell incompatible products to its customers?? At this point I don’t even know if this is the cause of the problem.

I requested a new laptop with the correct video card or a return authorization and full refund. I received an email yesterday saying that since the computer was invoiced January 9, 2007 I couldn’t return it. WHAT? I ordered it in FEBRUARY?????

I am now awaiting a response from customer service and unresolved issues.

Has anyone seen this blinking? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Anonymous said...

How does one contact Dell? If you do get someone to answer the phone he/she speaks in a language only known to them. Forget e-mailing. Haven't found a way to do that either. All I want to know is why my replaced battery is now causing my computer to shut down without my permission.

Anonymous said...


In 2001 I purchased an Inspiron 8000. I was very excited to receive it since I was graduating college and moving to Australia for a new job.

Upon receiving the computer I found that the USB ports were not plug and play. Things plugged in during boot worked but anything plugged in while the computer was running would lock the system.

Dell was happy to have me send the computer for repair. I did, they said they did and the computer was returned to me.

With the same problem.

I phoned and wanted something done. The customer service person had the nerve to ask if the problem was really that serious, or just annoying. Basically implying that I should just deal with it. Anyways, I said that I would stop making payments until the problem was resolved. The person on the phone seemed to think that was a good idea. We said goodbye and that was it. I stopped making payments and Dell contacted me 2 months later. The girl on the phone said that not making payments was the same as stealing the computer and that I was a thief. She gave me the option to return the computer and call it even. I was angry and said fine. Dell issued the appropriate return authorization and scheduled a pickup by UPS or FEDEX or whoever (it was 7 years ago, my memory is a bit foggy) I packed the computer in the packaging that it was returned to me in and a couple days later it was picked up and gone. Never to be seen again.

I moved to Australia shortly after and lived for 6 years.

I returned 5 months ago married and looking to buy a house. During the home loan process our lender said that I had over $7000 in open collections.

Turns out, Dell never credited my account after the return. I phoned and they said that the computer was never returned and that they charged me all the interest that would have accrued over the full financing period. $3368 for the computer and $3666.57 interest. The account of $7035.14 was sold to a collections agent while I was in Australia.

Now it is apparently impossible to resolve this issue and it is very negatively affecting my home buying.

Thanks Dell. Your USB/logistics/shipping receiving error is now compromising my ability to buy a home... I never imagined.

And now I am being asked to pay $7000 for the service.


Terkel said...

So, my wife has a dell computer...
What a mess, lets just say that the blue screen came and everything went to hell.

Now, I have tried to get the machine back up, tried to re-install the OS, clean install mind you, it stops halfway through. Today dell is telling my wife that it is a hard drive issue, they will send a hard drive and have a tech install it... However, it appears that the hard drive is fine...

So, before I posted this here, I send a note to the "customer advocate" email at dell... Somehow I thought that might actually make a difference - well, they don't reply to email apparently, or it takes a lot of time for them to type so they have not gotten around to it yet.

I'll post my note I sent them below.

If anyone have an idea about how to actually get a problem solved, I would sure like to hear it, I am about to toss this POS in the garbage and buy a new one.


253 230 4193 (in case someone at dell actually would want to resolve my issue).

*****Mail sent to dell costomer advocate***********


Hmm- oh yes - disgruntled customer - to say the least.

I have now talked to a number of Dell people, heck, I am starting to think everyone in India works for Dell and use fake names (what's up with that anyway - I KNOW Vinnie is not names Vinnie...).

So, my wife bought a Dell Dimension E510 in April 2006 - in the beginning the only issue was that her rebate of $150 didn't come back... Then we started getting bills and calls from Dell Financial - although the acount was paid off in full.

a few months ago the machine started acting up... to the point where it would not boot into the desktop, it would get the wallpaper, but nothing else...
So I started talking to Dell people, try this, try that... Nothing - right now I am still staring at a blue screen of death... I am on the 3rd attemt to re-intall the OS - and mind you - I am a software engineer, so I feel that I have some clue...

To top that off, the paid bill (remember - Dell financial still wants it paid - although dell has told my wife it has been paid off), yes, that bill - is showing up on her credit. I applied for a mortgage, and my lender told me that it all looks good, but my wifes credit is shot because DELL has reported the paid bill 4 times now - so guess what - NO MORTGAGE...

Ah yes, now I am getting a little pissed. I am a pretty level headed guy, but this is getting silly - and I have tried, but DELL has not.

So - you get this email first - it is a chance for you to correct things for Dell - maybe you can, maybe you don't feel like it - I don't know, and frankly, if you offer a different computer, I would want one made by someone else...
Not to mention you getting started on explaining how you are going to make up for my lost mortgage...

I am going to save this.

If you can solve the issues, that is great if not, I will just make my gripes public - I am just offering you the opportunity to fix your mess first.


Terkel Sorensen

Anonymous said...

I commiserate w/"anonymous of 3/16 @4:16P"...I've spent 1 1/2 hrs trying to get an answer to a simple question with E-Mail...I've also tried to contact them by phone...whether machine or person, it is just a big run-around--unless, of course, you indicate that you want to buy one of their products..then, one is connected immediately.

All I wanted to know is why a new Dell ink cartridge is not recognized by my computer/printer...and, as a result, I cannot get the "black" print tough could that be to get an answer? I'm tired of printing "black" w/my color cartridge.

When it can be helped, I will not deal with Dell again.

Michael said...

I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400, my third Dell laptop. However, my problems were with their website, (disappearing order, and reorder at $300 more)and with their delivery. Bottom line, after corresponding by e-mail with a nice person in India, and the cluelessness with he communicated, I called Dell customer service and got a similar person. This guys was named "Bennie." I asked to speak to a customer service person whose first language was English. I refused to tell him my problem and refused to discuss the issue with him, and was transferred to a stateside person who picked up the phone immediately. Demand a person to speak to whose first language is English. Don't back down.

poloktom said...

"Exploding" Dell Laptop Destroys Truck, Imperils Outsdoorsmen
Vintage Truck Burns to Ground, Strands Fishermen in Desert Canyon

Click to learn more...Click here to find out more!

By Joseph S. Enoch
Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved ConsumerAffairs.Com Inc.

August 3, 2006
There've been scattered reports of Dell Computer Co. laptops bursting into flames without warning, though there's been little urgency attached to the reports. But in a potentially catastrophic case documented by independent witnesses, a Dell laptop is the primary suspect in a blaze that ignited several boxes of ammunition, sent two tough outdoorsmen running for their lives and left a vintage Ford truck burned to the ground.

It all started as Thomas Forqueran and a friend, Rod Riddle, were packing up after a two-day fishing trip at Lake Mead National Forest in Nevada, on July 13, 2006.

Truck Fire

Thomas Forqueran's vintage Ford truck post-fire
Happier Times

Forqueran and "Jenny" in happier times
Forqueran put his Dell Inspiron laptop on the floor of the passenger side of his truck as the two men started packing. Riddle heard a popping noise coming from the cab while loading equipment but was not alarmed until Forqueran smelled smoke.

"Flames were shooting about three feet out the window," the 62-year-old Forqueran said. "I ran to the driver's side door and the flames were rushing at me and the three boxes of bullets in the glove compartment. It was extremely accelerated. It was like someone was firing napalm."

Forqueran screamed to Riddle for water, hoping to save "Jenny," his 1966 Ford F-250.

"I could tell by the look of the fire from where I was that there was no way we were going to put out the fire," wrote Riddle in his hand-scrawled witness testimonial.

Both men ran for cover as bullets zinged past and the rapidly spreading flames in the cab of the antique truck reached the gas tank. Everything in the truck was destroyed in the subsequent fuel explosion.

"Flames were shooting 12 feet into the air above the truck for about 10 minutes," Forqueran said. "There was a very large pillar of black smoke in the sky."

Park Ranger Brandon Marsmaker responded to that pillar of smoke.
"When I examined the vehicle I noted the remnants of shell casings," Marsmaker wrote in his incident report. "I also noted what appeared to be the remains of a laptop computer. … The flame pattern indicates that it started on the passenger side of the vehicle and primarily worked its way back to the bed of the truck. … All items inside the vehicle were destroyed by the fire."

The flames engulfed Forqueran's wallet, Winchester rifle, GPS unit, cell phone, camera and both men's camping gear -- Forqueran estimates close to $5,000 worth of damage, not to mention a $500 tow.

The men were trapped in a breezeless canyon for eight hours in 110-degree heat, with few supplies, before the tow truck finally arrived. By that time, Riddle was sick from heat exhaustion, which had set in that morning -- before Forqueran's Dell Inspiron 1300/B130 set his truck ablaze.
An Heirloom is Lost

Riddle recovered, but Forqueran is still grieving the loss of Jenny, the family heirloom -- a stock 1966 Ford that Forqueran took to auto shows.

"I can never replace Grandpa's truck," Forqueran said. "Grandpa bought it new and kept it that way. There were a lot of family memories in that truck. We even installed an outdoor soft water spigot to clean the truck. We always used to say that Grandpa would be turning in his grave if the truck ever got dirty."

Although Forqueran's story is perhaps the most dramatic, his Dell laptop is not the only one to combust.
Remember my "classic" mint condition truck that Dell/Sony burnt down causing a recall.

On Feb. 12th and 13th I was FORCED to relinquish possession of it and all its contents for "another inspection". After they were denying any and all claims (via email, voice mail, certified snail mail and Fedex overnight mail, signature required) for "not co-operating" by not wanting the evidence out of my possession.(verification available )

After the Dell rep., 2 insurance inspectors and 1 or 2 engineers removed the seat, the 2 gas tanks and sifted the ashes they said they had to have the batteries x-rayed and would return them with a full report in a couple days.
2 months later they have ignored all my request for their return and of course any "chain of evidence" has been broken.
Another typical case of the BIG GUYS STOMPING ON US LITTLE GUYS , to avoid their responsibilities with ignore, deny ,ignore deny, and now REMOVAL OF EVIDENCE.

As I said b/4 this DAVID AND GOLIATH THING WITHOUT A SLINGSHOT, SUCKS. The only stone I have left in my arsenal is the attached photo, I will be trailering my truck and sign to all the upcoming ROUTE 66 RUNS starting 4/26 - 29th with the annual Harley River run and classic auto and bike show. (we have 1/2 a doz. Each year with 3 to 500,000 visitors) Who knows maybe someone will notice.

Where is the MEDIA, protectors of the downtrodden, seekers of truth and justice ????
All of you who last August were outraged they hadn't even replaced my truck yet (they haven't even reimbursed me for my laptop yet.) and asked to be kept up to date on how they treated me. (like shit, with repeated acts of bad faith)
SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR HYPOCRISY now the flash has past.


Remember my "classic" mint condition truck that Dell/Sony burnt down causing a recall.

On Feb. 12th and 13th I was FORCED to relinquish possession of it and all its contents for "another inspection". After they were denying any and all claims (via email, voice mail, certified snail mail and Fedex overnight mail, signature required) for "not co-operating" by not wanting the evidence out of my possession.(verification available )

After the Dell rep., 2 insurance inspectors and 1 or 2 engineers removed the seat, the 2 gas tanks and sifted the ashes they said they had to have the batteries x-rayed and would return them with a full report in a couple days.
2 months later they have ignored all my request for their return and of course any "chain of evidence" has been broken.
Another typical case of the BIG GUYS STOMPING ON US LITTLE GUYS , to avoid their responsibilities with ignore, deny ,ignore deny, and now REMOVAL OF EVIDENCE.

As I said b/4 this DAVID AND GOLIATH THING WITHOUT A SLINGSHOT, SUCKS. The only stone I have left in my arsenal is the attached photo, I will be trailering my truck and sign to all the upcoming ROUTE 66 RUNS starting 4/26 - 29th with the annual Harley River run and classic auto and bike show. (we have 1/2 a doz. Each year with 3 to 500,000 visitors) Who knows maybe someone will notice.

Where is the MEDIA, protectors of the downtrodden, seekers of truth and justice ????
All of you who last August were outraged they hadn't even replaced my truck yet (they haven't even reimbursed me for my laptop yet.) and asked to be kept up to date on how they treated me. (like crap, with repeated acts of bad faith)
SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR HYPOCRISY now the flash has past.





Yonmei said...

I recently got a Dell computer with Microsoft Office 2003 pre-installed.

Except Outlook wouldn't run.

I kept trying, it kept crashing (it turned out I had to download a ton of updates from the Micro$oft site, too, so that was another bit of joy).

No matter what I did, it just kept saying there was a problem with outlookaddin.

Finally, I googled on outlookaddin, and found out (microsoft.forums:

In Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs, look for an app named "Outlookaddinsetup" and uninstall it. From what I understand, it's a remnant of the tools Dell uses to preinstall the software they include and it wasn't removed properly before shipment.

So, well, thank you Dell.

N Benedict said...

Service Tag: 6CLTSC1 Service Code: 138 229 49809

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9300 about a year ago on my company's account. We also ordered the "gold" customer service plan and ahve since purchased several other laptops for my company (I am President & CEO).

On March 25, 2007, the mousepad on my computer stopped working. Everything else was functional. I called the gold technical support and for two hours the woman on the other end of the phone clearly had no idea what she was doing (or was forced to follow a policy manual that was badly written). About 2 hours later, not only did my mousepad not work, but every time I booted the system, I got strange system errors that the representative on the other end of the phone had no idea how she made it worse.

On Tuesday, March 27, a dell representative showed up at our office. After tinkering with my computer for an hour, the mousepad still didn't work, the system errors still showed up at bootup, the computer started turning itself off at random intervals, and the wireless internet didn't work.

On Wednesday, March 28, a different dell representative called at 1pm saying he was on his way and would be there within an hour. By 5pm he had still not arrived. Later that afternoon, he called me and screamed at me on the phone for not waiting for him and yelled at me because he couldn't find out office address on mapquest. This is despite the fact that our address is 6464 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, in the center of Hollywood, and is easily findable. And Dell representatives have had no trouble finding this in the past. He was also incredibly rude to our receptionist. When I had him on the phone, he promised to call me the following morning at 9am to arrange a new time for that day. He did not call at 9am. He did not return persistent phone calls throughout the day. By 3pm, growing increasingly desperate with a non-working computer, I started calling his cell phone every 5 minutes. By 3:45 he answered and started screaming at me that there was too much traffic near our office and he would fix my computer when he was "good and ready". When I reminded him that he'd promised to call earlier that morning, he said he didn't feel like working on my system and that I'd have to restart the process with someone else.

So I called Dell again, and spoke with Austin Maddox, who said there was nothing he could do but would send me a new computer. I specifically asked whether the new computer would have the same functionality as the old computer. He said yes. This was very important to me, since I travel nearly every day with my laptop, and I am often out of broadband range, and rely on the PCMIA slot of my Inspiron 9300 to connect up to my cell phone's internet service.

About 10 days later (with still no working computer) the new computer came. There was no PCMIA slot. I've been in touch with Austin Maddox since, and he says there is nothing he can do. Oh, and by the way, the speakers don't work on the 9400, the system performance is terrible, and it usually takes about 6-8 emails and 5-10 phone calls before anyone at Dell returns my call or email. I can document this.


* I purchased a gold level warranty
* I have spent at least 8 cumulative hours on the phone with Dell or writing emails to Dell.
* I have been without a working computer for nearly a month, despite the promises of the gold warranty
* I spent over two full days transferring files and software from the 9300 to the 9400
* I spent over $1,000 on repurchasing software for the 9400 that I'd had for the 9300 AND THE 9400 IS USELESS TO ME BECAUSE I CAN'T TRAVEL WITH IT.


- I purchased the 9300 because I needed a computer with a PCMIA slot
- I purchased the gold warranty so I would be ensured of always having a working computer
- I was promised that the replacement for the 9300 would have the same functionality
- The new computer does not

Anonymous said...

I Bought my daughter A dell Laptock @ 3 years ago. No proble, at first. He works in Mexico and came home for a visit in Feb, 2007. SHe needed a new battery, so she ordered one and they said she would recive it on Feb 16th. SHe told them that she was leaving for MExico on Feb 19th. They said, no problem, you will have it on Friday. Sat..I called Dell, they said it should be there that Saturday. Saturday came and went, my daughter flew to Mexico, battery arrives on she's in MExico. Her freind takes the battery to the UPS office to mail back (with an authorization # from Dell. It was send back and received at Dell on 3/7/07 and signed by someone.

Well, it has taken them 2 months to find the battery at Dell, but to date, my daugters credit card has not been credited.

It took them really fast to charge her card, but to reimburse her. ha!!!! I am so angry with Dell that they pull this kind of #$%@$%##.

I have probbably exchanged at least 10 phone calls and at least 15 emails and just until this past Friday...did they ackowledge that they received the battery and will credit her account in 8-10 days.

I hate Dell and told them that I would forward all theose emails I exchanged with them to everyone on my contact list. You think someone would call me. Naw!!! SO i'm going to do just that. If anyone know how to get in touch with the CEO, prez or whomever at Dell...please post so I can forward all those emails to him or her. YIKES!!!

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted the comment about the Dell laptop with the screen that blinks intermittently-My Inspiron E1405 is doing the same thing! I just got it a month ago. It started a few weeks after I got it and I've noticed it happens mostly when I play a game. I contacted them via live chat and they had me check the monitor in the BIOS and it tested fine. I was going to contact them again and then I read your post about Microsoft Vista Home Premium not being compatible with my video card. I also noticed that every now and then the time on the computer is an hour behind and I have to keep fixing it. I don't know what that's all about!

Jerry said...

About two years ago I purchased a Dell Inspirion 6000 for my wife, which has been a very unfortunate decision and one I’ll not repeat again. Here’s the history of our “Dell experience”:
MARCH 3, 2005
Purchased Dell Inspirion 6000
JUNE 7, 2005
3 months later, the modem failed. It was replaced.
AUGUST 31, 2006
The original AC adapter failed. Because the warranty had expired March 7, 2006, I paid $59 for a replacement adapter, the second of four that failed.
NOVEMBER 6, 2006
The laptop was experiencing many problems. I was advised by a Dell technician, online, that a new hard-drive would be required to solve the problem. I paid $219. Hard drive was received; however, I was sent the wrong hard drive. A replacement hard drive was then sent at a cost of $125. It was then determined that I did not need a hard drive at all. But because I was told by the Dell technician that Dell hard drives usually fail after about a year, I decided to keep the hard drive for the time that it did fail. (Another bad decision)
JANUARY 24, 2007
The third of the four AC adapters failed. A new one was sent by Dell at no charge.
APRIL 28, 2007
The fourth of the four AC adapters failed. A new one was sent by Dell at no charge.
MAY 1, 2007
The laptop showed a "blue screen error" then shut down completely with an error message stating that it was an operating system error. Today I was advised by the local computer technician that the mother board had failed and that it was not financially prudent to pay the cost to have the computer repaired.

Thus, I have now a totally worthless Dell Inspirion 6000 computer (barely two years old) AND a hard drive that I purchased after being told Dell hard drives regularly fail after a year.

My wife is a retired school teacher. The laptop was used only in her study. It has not been over-worked or mistreated. We have always had Norton AntiVirus software on the computer. I attribute these problems simply to the lack of quality control that Dell is experiencing. This has been confirmed to me by reading some of the online chat groups who have had similar experiences with Dell equipment, including frequent failure of AC adapters.

To make matter more difficult, any phone conversation with Dell Customer Support is virtually useless since you must speak "Indian" for them to understand you or for you to understand them. Dell's Customer Support personnel should at least be able to speak and understand English clearly.

I sent an e-mail to Dell Customer Support describing the problem. Surprise! No help offered...not even a willingness to let us return the unused/unopened disk drive we purchased after Dell misdiagnosed the problem. So, that's our last Dell computer. Great job Michael Dell!

Anonymous said...

I had a Latitutude D800 that was near-indestructible until I had a fire in my apartment. The D800's Magnesium frame caused an intense flame which lasted only a few fractions of a second, but was so hot it instantly blew out all the windows and melted the aluminium stairs and balcony - all in a FLASH ! It also melted everything all through the apartment, inclding the stove ! So BAD IDEA using magnesium. I would pay an extra few hundred dollars for Titanium, or maybe even an aluminium alloy.
Anyways, I ordered a Precision M65 - even tougher and about 30 times faster than my D800 - and hundreds cheaper than a crapintosh - and it had a small scuff in the anti-glare coating. I called , got a replacement computer sent to me in a few days, and was told to take my time returning the old one. The replacemnt makes a weird buzzing noise, and the HDD is almost as noisy as a Thinkpad's !
So then I call to get both these beasts sent back, and get myself one good, properly working system. Anyways, after a huge runaround, and hours on the phone, I gave up ! I gave up trying to send back these two computers and settled for thinking of it as a 2 for 1 sale on imperfect models. I also got about 20% off when I ordered it so I guess I actually kinda like Dell now ... HAHAHA

Mike O. said...

I've owned three Dells, two desktops and a laptop, and I always buy the longest service contract. I've called well over a dozen times. Sometimes I've been annoyed at delays and at long, long phone conversations. On the other hand, they've made several housecalls (far out in the country) to replace parts. The service could be better, but I have to admit it's been OK. I'll probably buy another Dell.

Somdeb said...

My story is too long to post here. My own Dell gripe and some others collected from the web can be found at

"To Dell With It" is my own story.

Anonymous said...

I have been without my lap top now for 9 business day. It got hot and started to smell, so I call up tech support & was told that I would get a call within 3 day from their safety department. Still no call from anyone. When I call them which I have done several time, I just get the run around. No one seem to know what is going on, or for that matter could care less. I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and the response from their customer care and tech support departments is absolutely pathetic. I will never deal with them again once I get my situation shorted out, if I ever do.
I once thought that Dell was a good company, but boy are they ever screwed up, going down hill rapidly. What a mess. I purchased a three warrenty on my Inspiron 6000 laptop thinking that it was a good deal. Well I got nothing in return, but a lot of greif. What I load of crap.
Rick Boone

Anonymous said...

I purchased a hot new Dell XPS system and it ran great for about a week. While I was using it, it powered down, never to come on again. Support indicated a power supply problem or, outside chance, a motherboard. I had on-site, next day service. I was informed the next day after the service call that the part had arrived and a technician would be calling. It took several calls by me to both the techs and Dell to finally get a technician out... seven days later. Then we find out they've given the tech the wrong power supply. It's a 750 watt power supply instead of the 1000 watt power supply it should be. After sending two more incorrect power supplies, Dell finally gives in and indicates they'll ship me a new box. I hope it solves the problem, but I haven't received the new box yet.

Anonymous said...

well just found out yesterday that my son's e1405 screen that just cracked even though he used a targus bag and the crack obviously was not from abuse ( no marks or anything ) would not be covered under warranty, Dell said it is impossible for a screen to crack from normal use. LOL guess a Laptop is not supposed to be portable? They want over 500usd to fix a 599usd laptop LOL yeah so what good is a warranty?

Joan said...

Dell's DFS completely blew a recent payment I made and canceled my new computer order; no one would help me after three days on the phone and email with them. Additionally, their $9.95 charge for TODAY payment on line
is a lie. I have canceled my account and subscriptions with them and will never buy another Dell product. It's not the merchandise; it's the
deplorable "customer support"--the
worst in the industry. Dell lost a long-time customer and thousands of dollars. Now I'm crusading against them after being one of their most loyal customers.

Anonymous said...

Here's my situation with them. I built my pc online and came up with the perfect one for me. I applied for a Dell card. I was approved. I go to check out however the ammount I was approved for was 1500 but the computer I was buying is 2000. I had some major discounts as I was on a employee purchase plan (employee of a company that is partnered with dell). I though well I'll just pay with the dell account and then the difference with my other credit card(bank card). Dell's answer to this NOT POSSIBLE!!. They told me that If I was to use a dell card that I would have to pay for the full computer on it. No exceptions. I tried getting a credit increase and I was told they won't do credit increases untill the accounts been open for 6 months. I said what account, they said the 1500 credit account I opened. I didn't open a account I was just approved, guess they automatically open a account for you. I tried to see if I could even make a 600$ payment on the account that doesn't even have a balance on it to get it up to 2k+ to make purchase but that still wouldn't work. They said well lets see if we can get you some promotions to get the pc you want down to the credit line you were given. They come back to the phone with a completely different pc promotion they just removed the stuff I wanted from the pc to strip it down to meet the 1500. BULL!! Guess Dell doesn't really want my business. OH..this was all in a 3 1/2 hour time frame that I had been working with them on the phone.

Anonymous said...

We ordered two computers from Dell three weeks ago. We have yet to receive them, nobody calls us back, the people we do reach are completely incompetant and uncaring. We are trying to run a business. WORD OF CAUTION: NEVER CONSIDER DELL FOR YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS. THE COMPANY IS WORTHLESS.

Anonymous said...

I wait over a month for my computer, I received no explanation, it is delayed over 3 times. No response from customer service, from 2 requests. I have to look up my order to see it is bumped out once again. This is no way to conduct business. I am sure this will not be addressed, but it will be addressed by me as I tell anyone and everyone not to buy from Dell because of your horrible business practices. You have lost one good customer, and created one "anti-Dell" advocate for life.

Above is what I sent the folks at Dell. I had read in different places that if you get a great rebate or deal at Dell, they would drag their feet on your order hoping you would go away. I figured it was just a bunch of cranks. Maybe this is the case with me, but it sure seems like it, considering I got 500 dollars off on a 1400 dollar computer. No customer service feedback, the only way I knew that my computer ship date was bumped out was checking periodically, no notices, it was bumped out 3 times, I canceled my order. Horrible business practices, 'Dell Hell' indeed.

Dell Tech said...

I am a Dell onsite service tech. A lot of people complain about the warranty service; lets clear a few things up.

Warranty: A warranty is just that, a WARRANTY and NOT insurance. If your screen breaks (cracks), your software screws up, you bump the AC adapter and break the adapter port off the motherboard, a lightning strike blows your power supply, it is NOT Dell's responsibility to repair the machine. Warranty covers MANUFACTURER DEFECTS. That's it.

Software support: If your machine gets a virus, would you say "I never had these problems with my Gateway, Dell sucks'? Getting mad at Dell because Windows won't boot is like getting mad at Ford because Exxon sold you bad gas. In most cases, the only way to completely get rid of viruses is to reformat and reinstall Windows. Yes, Dell will charge you for Software Support.

I completely empathize with the fact that NO ONE (not even the Field Techs) likes the Indian tech support. Its simple economics, people. Dell can pay Joe Smith in Texas $30,000 a year to provide phone support, or "Joe Smith" in India 300 dinar a year (probably around $1,000).

When Dell comes out with a new product, they look at it and say "The consumer wants to pay $X for this machine. How can we produce it for them at that cost?"

You cannot custom build a computer for near the price Dell sells them for - and they use all Brand Name components (Intel/AMD Processors, Intel/AMD/Nvidia Motherboards, Phillips CD/DVD drives, Samsung memory). The cost of the components individually is probably twice what the computer cost you. Dell does not make "junk" computers. Comparable to the number of units Dell ships, the hardware failure rate is likely less than 5% of all systems.

Yes, there are a number of areas Dell needs to improve in. The Indian tech support is not likely to go away anytime soon. Dell is not the only company that outsources to overseas call centers. Call your credit card company sometime. Or your ISP's tech support number. Likely they're overseas in India or the Phillipines.

Some of the "horror stories" you're reading here are shocking, and unexcusable in some instances, but keep in mind they are not the typical experience.

Michael Horowitz said...

In response to the above posting, let me ask a question of Dell. If a customer pays Dell to pre-install software, such as Norton internet security 2006, webroot spysweeper, quickbooks premier 2007 or dragon naturally speaking preferred v9, what is the tech support situation? Doesn't seem like a hard question but finding an answer has been difficult. In fairness, the exact same gripe applies to all the computer hardware manufacturers that I've tried to get an answer from.

Specifically: who does the Dell customer call for tech support on paid, pre-installed software: Dell, the software vendor or a third party? How long is tech support for? How many incidents is tech support for? And, does the customer get a CD? Without one, how can the software be uninstalled and then re-installed when it acts up?

Dave said...

July 25, 2007
Dell Computer Corporation
Attn: Complaint Department
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Dear Sir or Madam,

Dell doesn’t want my money?

It took almost 3 hours of telephone conversation on three continents just to purchase a replacement motherboard for a Dell Dimension 2400 machine for one of my clients.

This machine was functioning normally, until it stopped booting, and would only show a blinking amber light instead of the normal green power light. A review of several Internet pages, including Dell’s own Technical Support website, indicated that this condition means either a bad power supply, or a bad motherboard. Since I had replaced the power supply about 3 months ago, it would be a natural assumption that the motherboard would require replacement. Just to make sure, I did take the steps necessary to ensure that the existing, new, power supply was functioning normally, and tested the machine with another new power supply, just to be certain that it was a motherboard issue.

I placed a call to the replacement parts department on 7/24/07 at approximately 4:30 PM (PDT) and spoke to a representative by the name of Ellen (in Panama). After collecting my name, address, phone number, email address, and providing her with the service tag and the registered owner’s name, I explained to Ellen why I believed a replacement motherboard was needed. Ellen provided me with a price plus tax and shipping, and I explained that I would have to contact my client to authorize the expenditure. Ellen gave me a quote, reference number: 316718477, and new phone number: 800-357-3355 extension 7244161, she even offered to call be back. I thanked her and indicated that I would call my client, and would most likely complete the order in the next 30 minutes or so.

I got my client’s approval, and called back and left a message on Dell’s answering service with the appropriate information.

Since I did not get a return call that evening, I placed a second call on the morning of 7/25/07. Shortly after I left a second message, I received a call from a Dell representative by the name of Andi (sp?). This call came in around 9:00 AM (PDT). I explained that I was ready to complete my order, however Andi wanted to know what happened to cause the problem, how I knew the motherboard needed replacement, and several other questions about my qualifications, and abilities to do my job. I explained that I had already gone over this the previous evening with Ellen, but Andi was insistent that she had to know EXACTLY what was wrong with the motherboard before she could sell me one. I replied that “there was a good possibility that since this was an inexpensive machine, perhaps the quality of the components in the machine were not of the highest grade, and as a result failed prematurely”. That didn’t seem to satisfy her, and told me she was not calling to discuss the quality of Dell, HP or any other machine) and she insisted that she had to call my client to find out what happened to cause the machine to fail.

I replied that I didn’t understand why that was necessary, and wondered why she was reluctant to just sell me a replacement motherboard. She indicated that she was required to know EXACTLY what went wrong with the machine, and proceeded to hang up on me and call my client directly.

I never appreciate being hung up on, especially when trying to spend my or my clients money to purchase something. It is my understanding that the Dell Corporation is a for-profit organization, and when a customer is offering to provide a corporation with additional income, it should be accepted willingly, and your potential customer should not have to provide superfluous information in order to complete a transaction, especially when that information has already been provided to a previous representative.

I decided to voice my distress to a Dell Customer Service representative, and called their listed customer service number. I spoke to a representative by the name of Chris (India), and summarized the above frustration, and asked why it was so difficult to purchase a replacement motherboard from Dell. Chris apologized for the inconvenience, went over the same information with me again (service tag, what’s wrong, etc.), and indicated that he could not help me, but would transfer me to Technical Support. He gave me a case number: 170280040.

I then spoke to a Technical Support representative by the name of Steve (India). I provided Steve with all of the information regarding the symptoms of the machine. Steve then told me what I already knew, either a bad power supply, or a bad motherboard, and that the machine was out of warranty. I told Steve that I was not surprised that it was out of warranty, which is why I wanted to purchase a replacement motherboard. I re-informed Steve of the steps I had taken to determine that it was not the power supply, which left only the bad motherboard option, and asked if I could please just buy a replacement motherboard. Steve gave me a new case number, 170282247, and tried to transfer me to parts sales. I was again disappointed when the call was answered by a representative named Jeff (USA) who welcomed me to “Dell sales and financing,” and asked “what he could build for me today?” Obviously, Steve had transferred me to the wrong department.

More than an hour and a half had now elapsed, and at 10:34 AM (PDT) Andi called me back on another line. I thanked Jeff, but told him he couldn’t help me, and proceeded to take Andi’s call.

Andi told me she was now ready to sell me a replacement motherboard. At this point I was pretty disgusted with the entire Dell experience, so I decided to ask some questions of my own.

First, I asked why we couldn’t complete this transaction an hour and a half ago. Andi’s response was that she had to get her supervisor’s approval to sell me a motherboard. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she told me she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) transfer me. Then I asked why it took so long to get back to me (my client informed me that she did get a call at about 9:15 AM from Dell, and told the Dell person that “It was working fine, and then it stopped working,” and informed the representative that I was her technician and she trusted my judgment as to what was needed). Andi’s reply was that “she had other customers to deal with”. I told Andi that based on our previous conversation, and the way this conversation was going, I did not wish to complete this transaction with her and asked that she transfer me to another representative. She replied that she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do that.

I was now well over an hour behind my day’s schedule, and told her I would not work with her to finish this transaction and hung up. I had decided that it was probably in my best interest to start the process of ordering this motherboard from the beginning, in hopes of finding someone at Dell who was willing to take my money and sell me a much needed replacement part.

At approximately 2:00 (PDT) I completed my service calls and was returning to my office, mentally planning my strategy for communicating my desire to just purchase a replacement motherboard, and avoid the hoops and wickets Dell seems to require. I received a call from yet another representative by the name of Richard (Panama). For reasons that are still unclear to me, Richard was ready willing and able to take my order, with only the need to confirm my address and get my credit card information. We completed the transaction in less than 10 minutes.

I know that the foregoing is probably more detail than you need or want, but I think it odd that Dell would require explanations as to why somebody wants to buy a part, and than hire a representative (Andi) who, in my opinion, is abusive, demeaning, wholly uncooperative, and is certainly not the type of person I would put in a position of dealing with customers. Were I in Dell’s position, I would take steps to ensure that this individual was terminated immediately, or that she was removed from any opportunity to deal with anyone that did not work directly for Dell, at least she could only abuse other Dell employees. Also, Ellen, Chris, and Steve all indicated that I would be receiving an email confirmation of our conversation(s) and case number(s). As of this writing, I have received no email from Dell or a Dell representative.

In addition, I would appreciate some sort of explanation as to why anyone in the Dell parts sales department needs to know any of the technical information that I was required to provide (and more than once) in order to purchase a replacement motherboard. Shouldn’t my willingness to purchase be more than enough reason to sell to me? Why is there such a reluctance on their part to sell items? Why do they need anything more than the service tag number on the machine to ensure I get the correct part? Is there a special secret number that IT professionals can use to get the parts they want, when they want them? I certainly can not afford to spend the better part of a half day trying to purchase replacement parts.

My experience does not reflect well on Dell’s overall desire to support their products and customers, and will most certainly be a factor in choosing or recommending their products for any future purchases of new machines.

Based on today’s experience, I most certainly will be surprised if I hear from anyone who actually cares about how Dell’s customers are being treated

xZoeyx06 said...

My parents and I have all purchased dell computers. I got one in 2004 and they got theirs in 2005...we both found out quite quickly that the "after sale" customer service is non-existant and all of them have americanized names that you know by the accent they are fake...besides they can't understand you and you can't understand them...i hope everyone will STOP USING DELL..make sure everyone know how horrible of a company they are and maybe we can shut them down...that would be nice. I have chosen to go locally for all my computer might wanna try lexmark for some of the printer cartridges instead of dell...i found some compatable and they were a little cheaper. There's always other stores eager to please and help customers... Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Getting service from Dell is like pulling teeth! I'll never buy from them again and I will certainly discourage any friends or family from doing so.

I need to replace my laptop LCD screen and don't have extended warranty. I have talked to tech support, customer care and parts. I have spent countless hours on the phone to get a quote. Nobody seems to know how to help me and the one fellow who got as far as giving me a return-to-depot price of $499 and told me that he would set up the pickup with Purolator, disappeared of the radar screen when he put me through to warranty service and I once again got a recording that said "Sorry, we cannot continue processing your call".

My hope to get this resolved is fading quickly and I may just be better off buying a new laptop. I hope these guys get put out of business!

Anonymous said...

i purchased a computar with a check. they gave me 24 hours to get them the check.
i returned the computar and now they have been holding my check since 7-12-07. it is just sitting in round rock.
they say they only return money paid by check by check. they say they only use usps and only send checks to street addresses and not po boxes. i have offered to pay ups fees fed x fees i have offered my bank account routing information they have said no we will send it by us mail when you get us a street address. the us mail only delivers to po boxes where i live. they are holding my money. i have sent faxs-saying please mail it to... nothing. they give me phone numbers which people wont answer. my email is itssocial@yahoo any suggestions welcome. they are saying the same thing everyday and nothing gets resolved. another day older and deeper in..

Anonymous said...

I ordered two Lap Tops for my daughters both going to college. I received one and the other was back ordered. After four weeks of delays I called to cancel the order. I could barely understand the person in the customer care. I followed up with an email given on the order reference email. Five days later they shipped the computer and hit my debit card. I called and went through DELL _ _ _ _. I have shipped the laptop back and now I have to wait up to 31 days to be refunded my money. It is by far the most agrevating purchase I have ever made in my 47 years.

Anonymous said...

I was recently interviewed in Entrepreneur magazine where my dotcom sub-company was mentioned by name and city/state, and shortly after publication somebody went to Dell and applied for a credit account using my subsidiary company name, my name from the article and publicly available business address and phone number (found on my site and in Superpages/phone book) to order several thousand dollars worth of gear, which was shipped to a third party unknown to me in Wisconsin. Dell then sent me a bill. I called them immediately to inform them it was a fraud, tell them to send police to the address, and ask how they could allow somebody to setup an account under my dotcom-name (not even my corp business name), and not borhter to check for a social security number, employer ID, call to verify or anything. Now they are sending past due notices and two threatening calls to pay up or they will "ruin my business credit." Stupidly, they setup the account under a dotcom business name, which has no business entity (no employer ID, bank account, credit card, etc.). Basically it seems that anybody can setup an account with Dell (DFS) with any publicly available business info from a phone book and website, open an account, and then Dell goes after the company not the culprit when it's obviously fraud. They claim they were given personal data, which is impossible since the dotcom is not a business entity and my SSN was not used as Pres of the parent co of the dotcom. They refused to listen to the explanation on the two collection calls, and from the original call to report the fraud they gave me a case number but never followed up and the collection calls had no interest in the report/case number. This is gross negligence on Dell's part for not verifying the company was actually the actual company applying for credit, asking for a SSN or employer tax ID, etc; all they had was a street address, name of company Pres. and phone, easily obtained for ANY company in the Internet age. They never called to authorize or confirm the account or the order, but now they find it way to call to harass and make collection threats. What they don't know is that I run a 26 year old P.R. firm which can develop millions of dollars worth of negative publicity for them over this, as well as call for a class action lawsuit based on "gross negligence" in supporting the spread of business identity theft. I've also reported this to the NY State Attorney General's office and am now proceding with Illinois, Texas, and the BBB (their credit company uses two locales in both IL and TX). I am Christopher Simmons, and I authorized this notice! Look for notices about this during the week of Aug. 14-21 in Google News from my news network; it won't be pretty for Dell. Sadly, I was a happy small business customer under my proper corp. name, and have purchased web servers, a dozen LCD diaplsys, service contracts, software licenses, and never had seriously issues. Now, they've lost my business forever, and I'm using the power of my network to spread the word about their incompetence. Now I know, first hand, what Dell Hell is all about.

Anonymous said...

In the beginning of July 07 I ordered a new inspiron laptop for a new company I have just started work for, I went to the Dell Kiosk in 12 Oaks Mall, Novi Michigan to spec out the computer and give the guy a commission. He was helpful and we ordered it with the requirement that I needed it in 8-10 days as my new CEO from England was coming over and we needed it for a road trip. Well to cut a long story short, I was informed it had arrived at a DHL pickup pont 10 miles away 7 weeks late. I picked it up that evening before a morning business trip to California, Satrted it up and it went into self analysis mode. I went on trip and left it with neighbor who runs a whole IT dept for a big company, Got back in 2 days and he told me the hard drive was dead, broken. By this time I had spoke with all the Indian and Philipino employees I could take, I was cut off 3 times after waiting on line for 25 -35 minutes onn my cell phone. I returned it to the Del Kiosk at 12 Oaks, and told the sales guy (not the same one) that I needed service. He said I could call the Indian number again or he could send an email and he would get a response (not an answer) in 2 days. I asked him if this was the only way he could communicate with Dell, as it is obvious he has a telephone number to call. he refused to call this number or supply it to me 3 times. I pushed the computer onto the Kiosks table top, and pushed the box on top of it. I am now being prosocuted by Michigan Police and the employee alleging that I threw the box at him. How can a company like Dell take a mild mannered guy like me and frustrate him so completely that I now end up being prosocuted by the police for Dells inactions, and non-existant service ? They have my/companies $1400 and I have not heard anything from them.

Any advice ? - Ian Sharp

Anonymous said...

Why anonymous you ask...because Dell has yet to fix my problems.
I bought a desktop 5150 one year ago which was a super experience,
even after a problem caused by my 14 year old son. So I decide on another box this time top of the line 9200. Even better..i am a happy camper. friends and other relatives buy from problems. Then dell hell hits.
DFS does not want to get involved with their authorized 3rd party reseller,(that sold all the boxes to me, friends, and family). I got the box but the registration for some reason did not transfer. This is no guff..I spent over 7 hours on the phone, traded emails, talked to supervisors (their are alot of them, and none have email, or can access email). I got a call back 1am in the morning from overseas. Other tech guys asked how much snow we had this summer. I lost my patience when nobody will tell me who is the Director or VP of Marketing or customer service (notice no capital on cs!). All supervisors say they are the final sayer for cs. I am being denied warranty because their data base does not show me as the correct owner. I read the warranty and it doesn't say anything about Dell's database accuracy. Hell I even tried to change the ownership with their web site, but they keep saying they know nothing. DFS says they sold the box to a reseller. Not their problem. They almost said the reseller is responsible for the warranty. Now I need a replacement monitor and a multi card reader, and my new Vista machine runs like molasses and thinks alot by itself, and shuts itself down because it doesn't like other Microsoft licensed SW. As of this vent 3 wks have gone by and my 30 day exchange warranty is about to run out. Dell has no onsite service, as I have already had to open the box under instruction from dell. It seems any tech support I am getting is out of pity from their techs after I loose it with them over the ownership problem. Now I need the parts, so what I am going to do next is blog my brains out and call dell and email dell the links and tell them this will continue till the paint falls off the keyboard!!. Thanks for reading and decide for yourself if the risk is worth it dealing with dell.

whickey said...


I need some advice. Similarly to many of the other people who posted, I have a serious complaint about Dell computers, but most importantly about their customer service. I'm pasting a letter that I've drafted up, but want to know if you or anyone else knows of any Dell staff that I could send this to. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

And here is the good stuff:

To Any and All Dell Staff,
Please… I sincerely hope and pray anyone actually reads this from start to finish!! Dell has serious issues that need to be addressed and am sure my experience is not isolated!!
This is in reference to two issues that are going on regarding a purchase of a computer from Dell. Although Dell does not believe that these issues are related, I feel that until one issue is resolved the other can not be closed. The gist of the problem is that I received a new computer from Dell that did not function as advertised. In actuality, this new system functioned so poorly that I compare the speed and processing capacity to that of my mid-90’s Window 95 system! Because my numerous requests (roughly 20 total hours - wasted) and calls to the Dell Support Desk did fix or resolve a single one of my concerns, I decided it was not in my best interest to pay for something that serves no other purpose than a large paper weight. In early April, Dell Financial began calling to collect this debt, but did not care that I’ve had problems with the computer from day-1 and refused to coordinate a solution with the Dell Customer Support. And basically, the long and short is that I refuse to pay for trash and will not contact Dell Support and waste any more of my valuable time for no resolution.
My concern is that at this point I am delinquent with my Dell Financial account; this decision has significantly impacted my personal credit; I am still without a sufficiently functioning system; and to this I receive a surge of collection calls with no sympathy. According to the collection call I received yesterday (August 27, 2007), the collection agent suggested I contact this group to potentially help to resolve my issues and concerns. I want Dell to know that I do not refuse to pay for this computer; however, I will not do so unless my technical issues are resolved with this computer to my satisfaction AND Dell shows me that I am truly a valued customer instead of an extremely dissatisfied one forced to pay for junk that doesn’t work!
Below is a detailed timeline for my issues as best that I can recall. Through a detailed investigation, Dell should be able to correlate and validate everything that I’ve stated.
Late February:
Ordered an Inspiron 1501 with upgrades on nearly all components from the base capabilities. The cost of the system and all other components was approximately $1,200, and was purchased through the Dell Financial Services credit line. At this point, I had confidence that I would receive a state-of-the-art laptop with Microsoft Vista and all bells and whistles.
March 7 - 8:
Received order and set up/installed/updated all requirements for the system. By the end of this day, I came to the conclusion that something was seriously wrong with the system. Initially, I believed that there was a McAfee issue.
Between March 8 - End of March:
Contacted Dell Customer support between 10-20 times of which nothing was ever resolved or functionality ever improved. Like previously stated, I attempted to resolve the McAfee issue. With somewhere around 5 different technicians from India to Philippines (very difficult to understand!!), the only thing I was told was I have a corrupt installation. One tech told me to upgrade from website (didn’t work); one said he’d send re-installation disk (never received it); and one said there was nothing I could do. This alone was extremely frustrating and unsatisfying. From start to finish on this issue alone took nearly 8 or so hours.
My second major issue revolves around the fact that the system sold to me was not functionally able to efficiently support the new Windows Vista operating system. Considering I spent somewhere around $200 upgrading the “standard” 512M of RAM to 1 Gig RAM, I was told confidently that this would be an “amazing system” according to the Dell sales rep whom helped me “build” this system to my specifications. Only after working with an personal associate, who happened to be one of the first beta and pilot testers for Vista, did I learn that this operating systems was littered with bugs and flaws. According to this associate AND at least two other Dell Support technicians admitting this to me, the ONLY way for the Vista OS to function even close to adequately was to upgrade the RAM to 2 Gigs; OR to downgrade the OS to the Windows XP OS. After close to 10 to 12 hours worth of hang-ups, pass-offs, and “sorry’s” I lost hope. Time after time making the effort to call Dell technical support and customer support begging for some support to make me feel like a valued customer rather than a “hey screw you.. pay me!!” vendor. All I wanted was for Dell to provide me one of the two alternatives towards resolving the OS issue by either 1) providing upgrade RAM, or 2) providing a Windows XP downgrade (free of charge!!). Not only did they say that I would have to pay for the RAM upgrade, but if I downgraded the OS it would void my warranty. I really found this hard to swallow considering Dell wanted me to pay $1200 for a system that did work worth a dime!
Needless to say that after 20 hours of wasted time, no resolution and a satisfaction level of negative ten (-10) on a scale of 1 to 10, I decided that would no longer look to resolve the issue by making futile attempts to contact Dell Support! In addition, I decided that since the average citizen does not pay for trash, that until the system sold me was more than that, I would not pay a dime towards it!
Beginning of April - Present:
In early April, the Dell Financial collection calls began. By this time, I had already had enough hassle up to my eyeballs, and clearly did not want to deal with collection calls. Time and time again, I graciously received the calls; let them know the problems I was having; I suggested they reference the ticket numbers I offered them; and then informed them to contact Dell Support themselves to let them know that if the Financial side was going to get their money then the Support side needed to make things right. Well, the Dell Financial guys were not sympathetic what so ever, told ME to call Dell Support AGAIN, and simply pay what I owed because I was obligated. Again, this frustrated and still frustrates me to no end.
April 19, 2007:
On or before this date, Dell had an epiphany and decided to offer XP on this system. In one last attempt to see if Dell would graciously rectify this issue by providing me with a Windows XP downgrade, I was politely turned away, if you call hung up on polite? Just to note, here is the link to the CNET press page that caught my attention:
Just to let you know, my time is extremely valuable as is most people’s. To put things into perspective, my hourly rate is just over $60 and adjusted for the time spent on the phone with Dell Support and my own personal time trying to work through the technical issues on my own (let’s say 20 hours w/ Dell Support and 20+ on my own) this total equals $2400, which is more than twice the cost of the computer itself. From an economic standpoint, I have easily covered the bill for the computer and probably should actually take Dell to collection to pay me the additional $1200 worth of time spent over the value of the computer! Is any of this making sense? Does Dell understand that every collection phone call made by either Dell or a debt collector is costing money? Does Dell understand that beyond just the time I spent during the first month fruitlessly trying to get this system working proper, that every collection phone call I received and every time I regurgitated this story wasted at least 15 to 20 additional hours of my valuable time. Even having to write this letter is taking time away from my family, my work, my school, and any small amount of free time I have these days. I am sincerely upset, but would love to take care of this issue. However, I will NOT pay for this computer out of pure principal. So, unless Dell attempts to make amends with me by providing me with a system that lives up to the advertisement AND making me actually feel like a truly “valued” customer, I will NEVER pay for this piece of trash! I would rather go to jail! The only good news I can say is that there are so many avenues I can take to ensure that every person I can reach knows how they actually treat its customers. One thing I do know is that negative press and advertisement is a very powerful tool. Maybe I could make a really sweet YouTube anti-Dell commercial? Then maybe I could get you to spend a couple of tens of millions dollars to counter that? But what would that prove? It would prove to me that I didn’t pay for a $1200 computer, lost some of my time, but did make Dell spend a hell of a lot more money wasting their time and efforts over something that never needed to be done in the first place. Hell, I only asked for 1 Gig of RAM and a Windows XP downgrade. Was that too much to ask for? Now Dell has lost what might have been a Dell customer for life, but we’ll never know.

BTW, thanks for f’ing my credit. Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to Dave Post,

Sounds like too much of a headache to even bother, especially since the warranty to out of date. Wouldnt of it been easier to just go to EBAY or a close proximity computer store or go to Intel directly to get yourself a new motherboard for your client?

Anonymous said...

Dell few years ago (say 6 or so) was trying to provide good support and decent computers. This has changes since they increased market share/expanded too rapidly. Their systems are full of problems and customer support very weak. I have send one laptop to depot about 6 times within one month period and they supposedly replaced almost everything but no one re-installed OS and drivers so I had to do it myself. My system still comes with BSOD on a daily basis. I have 3 Dell PC, and trust me will not get another one for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Is there really a home office for Dell??????!!!!!! In the U.S.A.??? Or have they all moved to India, and hired people who DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR SPEAK ENGLISH! I was on the phone for an hour this a.m.. Transferred and lost in the system so many times I fixed dinner while waiting. One more " I am so sorry for your wait and I can help you." B.S. I will nor any of my family purchase a thing from Dell again. Someday in the future I will receive my refund check, for a printer I returned twicew. Any guess or bets on how long this will take? or odds if I get it. OH YEAH!! the guy from India says he will monitor my account everyday and send a e-mail when the check has been mailed!!Another BIG B.S.

Anonymous said...

Ordered a pink Inspiron 1520 on 8/29. Ship date was set for 10/9. I also had ordered a printer with it. During the wait, the printer price has dropped significantly. When I got an email about another delay on the printer asking me if I wanted to cancel, I decided to cancel the printer order. I made sure to tell the guy that I did NOT want to cancel my laptop order. GUESS WHAT? My laptop order was cancelled!! When I called to get the order reinstated, I was told that I would have to resubmit my order. The new ship date would be 10/31. SOOOOOO, I went online to eBay and found the SAME exact laptop (brand new) for $800 less and I will get it next week. I love eBay!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have read through post after post, and while not funny...I found myself laughing because I know I am not alone. The blue screen of death guy...hey I had that too after a memory stick upgrade...they ended up replacing the memory sticks with refurbished did take care of the problem and the really swell thing was the people who replaced were based in America (Yay!) spoke American english and knew what they were doing! Nice. The downside was...I bought two NEW memory sticks and they replaced them with two refurbished after only a few weeks of use. Isn't that a crime? But it took me...and I kid you not... 36 technicians to resolve the problem. The worst part of all was they had me do a full system restore. I lost everything because I couldn't get my PC booted long enough to back up my most recent projects. OMG...I could have spit tacks I was sooooo mad. BUT the last technician I spoke with had me do...of all things...a BLUE SCREEN TEST! Frickin DUH!!!!! WHY would they not run that test to begin with???? I will never buy Dell ever, ever, ever again!!! Or gateway for that matter...I am headed for a MAC next time around. To hell with these companies who outsource to countries we can't understand. I reserve the right, as an American, to be able to understand my tech support personnel. If I am spending 4K on a pc...then that had better be one of the perks I get with it. Now I am having trouble with my printer...the storm the other night knocked out the power...yes everything is hooked to a surge protector that also cost me 50 bucks from Dell.But now, the flashing light won't go off.... I am done with them. I logged on and tried to talk with tech support and they said it isn't covered under my extended warranty I bought for the extra two hundred bucks at the time of purchase. Nope...I can live with the blinking light... But every person I know will get my opinion of Dell...they obviously aren't familiar with the phrase bad news travels ten times faster than good news. I HATE DELL products and service...It SUX! But I won't EVER be guilty of making this mistake again. Good luck everyone. I feel for you... I hope you get it all resolved.

Anonymous said...

Last year I ordered a Dell Laptop to give my husband as a xmas gift. Three weeks alter, I call to get status of order and I was informed that it was cancell becuase I lived in Puerto Rico and they could not honored that price in PR. But no one ever called to informed this. This year, my niece wanted a DEll pink laptop and brought me the add (in english) for the computer. She does not speak Spanish. I order it and 2 weeks later I was told it will be sent in 3 weeks, 3 weeks later I called and they tell me the pink cover has not arrived so they needed 3 more weeks. I finally got tthe computer after waiting all this time. THE COMPUTER CAME IN SPANISH!!! because I live in Puerto Rico. The invoice and Order is in English. Part of the computer keyboard is English and some spanish symbols. After 19 calls to DELL customer, tech, etc. I get a person that tells me that they will send me a new computer to replace the spanish computer. That nigh at 1:00 am I was woked up to be informed that the replacement order was cancell, becauase I live in Puerto Rico and it is not reconized as USA territory (but they charged DOLLARS to my USA credit card). So be aware if you buy from Puerto Rico you are stuck!!
So if you speak English and live in another country make sure you get what you want.
Remember for Dell Puerto Rico, VI and Guam are "latinamerica customers". You will get spanish or from India if you shoose english, but they can not help you becuase this is Puerto Rico and they only take english speaking from USA.

Anonymous said...

I have just got off the phone to Dell whom are a bunch of unaccountable pricks! I ordered a Inspiron 1520 for over $2,000 with Windows Vista. On the day it arrived I was on the phone to tech support reinstalling the operating system. Ten more tech support calls, 2 visits from computer technicians (at my cost) and 5 hours of research on the web and I worked out that the problem stems largely from Vista. On explaining to Dell 'customer don't care' that I would like to reinstall XP she was so generous to give me 50% off the price of XP (the $100 I saved made me feel warm inside after the $2,000 I have wasted) and then proceeded to tell me that I would lose my entire warranty (plus the three year additonal I had paid for) on my six week old machine. Dell you are a pack of assholes and I will make sure everyone knows it!

Anonymous said...

An update from my previous post below. After many more call and transfers today, I was told by Dell that I could purchase a new laptop with XP and got a commitment that I would receive a credit when I returned the old computer. Whilst I will not be cheering until the money is in the bank, they have finally decided to be responsive at least. I feel I owed an update on my previous post based on this current change in their attitude. More to report soon.

I have just got off the phone to Dell whom are a bunch of unaccountable pricks! I ordered a Inspiron 1520 for over $2,000 with Windows Vista. On the day it arrived I was on the phone to tech support reinstalling the operating system. Ten more tech support calls, 2 visits from computer technicians (at my cost) and 5 hours of research on the web and I worked out that the problem stems largely from Vista. On explaining to Dell 'customer don't care' that I would like to reinstall XP she was so generous to give me 50% off the price of XP (the $100 I saved made me feel warm inside after the $2,000 I have wasted) and then proceeded to tell me that I would lose my entire warranty (plus the three year additonal I had paid for) on my six week old machine. Dell you are a pack of assholes and I will make sure everyone knows it!

loobabe said...

October 30, 2007

After much time spent looking at the specs for Dell I went down to the Dell Kiosk in Burnaby, Canada, to buy a Dell, almost $2000.00 for the set up. I wanted to pay by credit card but the rep said he could do a good deal for me if I paid by cheque. I agreed and took out a cheque to write out and was told I could wait to get my computer before paying. BUT he said in order to do that I needed to give him my information, DL etc.

The next day I got a Financial Agreement at 28.99% interest from Dell giving me 1 day after receipt of email to cancel. I got on the phone immediately to do so and can you believe it is not possible. After an hour of haggling and trying to sort it out, I was told the only easy way is to cancel the whole order and start again. Obviously I have cancelled the order, faxed a complaint letter to Dell Financial Services 1-888-438 1117. I guess I had better look elsewhere for a computer.

Anonymous said...

I had a Dell 1000 that within barely a year, it burnt up and died. They said it was the battery pack overheating. So at my cost (expensive!) I replaced it. It was not the problem. The laptop continued to go downhill. So I researched for a stronger, more powerful, "business" laptop for my needs, and opted for the most expensive at the time the 9300 Inspiron at $1800 on Jan. 5, 2006. Right about end of January 2007, I was also starting to show signs of hard-drive issues. After going around and around with them, asking them to send me a new laptop to replace this one, which they said they could not because it was past year warranty, I finally settled for having them send me a new hard-drive.
• About January-March 2007, I had a hard drive sent to me to replace in my laptop when first having problems. I continued to have same problems. All this time, losing time, money and income, besides starting all over each time with my laptop & files & programs.
• I sent that one back, around May and they sent another one. Same issues.
• Probably around July-August, then I asked for a NEW one, not a refurbished one, because my computer-man was telling me that the problem is they were not sending me anything "new" ever - always used (refurbished means "used"). They said they didn’t have any NEW ones, but only new “external” hard-drives. So they sent me an external harddrive. It didn’t even fit my computer. It was completely unusable/worthless to me.
• That’s why around September/October, I started to raise hell and said I was going to get a complete refund because I was fed up with this merry-go-round. That’s when they finally changed their tune and now said they’d send me a “brand new laptop” and therefore did, whereas all the previous times they said they absolutely could not do this. This supposedly new laptop also was refurbished and was even marked on the outside of the box that way! I sent back because I have been just plain tired of this time-wasting merry-go-round. I have since bought an HP and am going through my credit card company to refund me my original purchase price for FRAUDULENT PRACTICES AND PRODUCT NOT RECEIVED AS PAID FOR. Good luck with Dell. That company is run by a bunch of idiots and scam artists. And apparently they have compatibility issues with Microsoft. Buying a laptop every year because the hard-drives crash and die on you, is a joke. Janet in San Diego, CA.

pauliejoe said...

I really, truly loathe my Dell Dimension E510...and consequently Dell as a whole. It has become nothing but a $1200 paperweight. I bought this computer back in Jan. of '06. Everyone at my school gave them such high praises: "Oh yeah, man, Dells are so awesome." I now know that is a complete load.

After owning the computer for only three weeks or so, the hard drive messed up and I had to use the Dell Restore utility after talking to some clueless Indian rep for an hour. It is a Seagate, which is supposed to be a good brand. I wouldn't doubt that Dell put a refurbished one in this PC.

The whole time I've owned this computer, it has been loud. Due to the acoustics inside the case, I can't tell where this noise is coming from, either. The noise also seems to quiet down as I pull the case off, as if the computer knows I'm looking for it. Now, the computer is three hours away from getting elbow dropped. It has now fallen victim to the infamous Blinking Amber Light problem. I have tried almost everything, including a new power supply, and the only other thing that it could be is the motherboard...which I am reluctant to buy because I am afraid what will happen if that doesn't fix the problem. For you Dell supporters out there, look around the internet...this is not an uncommon problem.

One thing is for sure...I am never, EVER, EVER buying a Dell computer or product of any kind again. I had a cheap little $600 HP before this computer (because I was young and poor) and that computer was a champ. I had it for more than 4 years and none of the physical parts ever broke...not once. I really had to restrain myself from cursing in this post. As soon as I get a new computer, this computer is going to get it...with a baseball bat. I will be an HP customer next's hoping the next HP does as well as the first.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought 2 Dells. A Inspiron 5305 Desktop for a second comp and a Inspiron 1521 laptop for writing. I bought these because I also have, and must admit I love, Dimension 2400. The only problem I ever had was software related on the Dimension.

I also bought Microsoft Office since I needed Word and of course Word did not come with it.

I put Office on the laptop and within weeks was getting a blue screen on startup if left off for more than 2 hours. I call Dell Tech Support.
After the runaround with the endless voice, as pleasent as it is, I was sent to several different departments. Of course I had to tell each and every person what the problem was along with an ever increasing amount of case numbers.
Tech was less than pleased that I was unable to get the information they needed from the blue screen. It only appeared for 3 seconds and I can't read that fast.
Long story short, after 2 days they agreed I needed a replacement.
The replacement worked for a month before the blue screen appeared again. The DHL driver said he sees them all the time. Same reason Office. The new desktop works fine. Its running Vista and I won't put Office on it.
Needless to say the laptop is going back for a refund.
Now I have to be honest and say all my problems with Dell have, I think, been software related.
Vista sucks. Vista can't talk to Office? I think alot of Dell's problems would clear up if they went back to XP. Vista has more holes than swiss cheese.
I spoke to a manager at Customer Rep. We talked for an hour and a half. It was productive and for the first time I felt that someone besides sale was listening.

Melissa Farley said...

I purchased a Dell Inspirion 1501 December 18,2006 for my son for college. We have had nothing but problems It take sometimes up to 10 minutes just to turn on. It will lock up in the middle of papers and lose all data. I have spoke with Dell support at least 5 times and they run test after test with no help at all. Has anyone had this problem? Please help thank you Melissa Farley

Anonymous said...

I ordered a Dell laptop on Nov.3,2007 with a Nov12 delivery date. By Nov 7 the Dell website showed it left production but no tracking info. I called and got a DHL number. The DHL number would not track and the story begins...So far over 7 calls and e-mails , no computer, I canceled the order after they admitted it was lost. There is always someone different at he middle eastern call center, and have been promised that my credit card would be refunded. They called agian on Nov 26 to tellme that it would take 10 more days to remove the charge. How can they place a charge instantaneously, but take 20 days or more to remove it? I am 5 days away from a lawyer. This company has changed. When I see a company ignore customer service needs and quality issues, it usually means they are in serious trouble. Dont be surprised to see this giant roll it's eyes and fall. If you own any Dell stock , you should be concerened.

New Jersey State Auto Auction said...

Screwed - I just bought an Inspiron desktop - the sound card doesn't work and the wireless card they installed "is not compatitble with the hard drive", as stated by the customer service rep. I spent over 3 hours on line with support - no resolutions - they suck - DELL HELL LIVES - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Anonymous said...

Dell has about $10k in my money over the years dating back to 1998. The challenges have been many over the years and have worsened since my first desktop. I have many stories to share but the most notable is one about finance and a support issue with a power supply that failed. The finance issue, in short, involves my 3rd desktop where they promised 24 months no interest financing. When I received my first invoice from Dell Financial Services, it said 90 days no interest. I called and spoke with no less than 4-6 people and supervisors. The stories from them varied but all said they would not give me the 24 month no interest. I said why? They said I wasn't qualified. I said what does it take to qualify. You have to love this response, "we can't tell you because it's proprietary." What!? I have a credit score of over 800 and I can't qualify. Oh well. The power supply in the same computer went out 2 months after the warranty ended. I asked them to cover it especially since the web was littered with complaints on failed power supplies, some within months of being purchased. I talked with 9 people and the escalating manager called me on Christmas to give me the disposition of my case. He said that since the warranty was out, they wouldn't cover it. I explained that with 9 reps over 2 weeks that they could have shipped one to me for less but I asked him if he had the power to authorize replacement despite the warranty expiration. I am sorry that we can't replace it...he says. I said, do you have the power to authorize it, he started again with the Dell speak. I said, look this is a yes or no answer. He starts with Dell speak again. I say once again, yes or no responses please. He finally acknowledges that he can authorize but won't due to Dell policy. I explain that Dell has about $10K of my money over the years and this power supply issue has sealed Dell's fate, I will not buy another Dell product, EVER. I don't use the free printer they sent anymore because (at one point) you could only get ink refills from them. My monitor is now broken and if it gets replaced, it will be with a non-Dell product. It's a wonder they have survived this long. I used to get so excited spec'ing out my own computer and waiting for that Dell box to arrive. No more Dell deliveries here!

Anonymous said...

I will make this short and sweet, I will never ever own another Dell. When you do have problems you are calling someone in a foriegn land (they are probably chained to the desk) and you can't understand what they are saying. It's about making sells and moving them out and they can care less about customer service!

Anonymous said...

I have talked to so many people from India I am putting in for duel citizenship. I get so tired of "OH, I AM SORRY SIR, I WILL HELP YOU WITH THIS PROBLEM". What a bunch of BS the only help I get or have very gotten is rederick. However, if you threaten them to contact the Federal Trade Commisson you get someone from the United States that will call you back. By the way, India states they do not have any numbers for the US. Press them on this someone will call you back. THREATS DO WORK.

Anonymous said...

Dell offered a camera at a great price for the day after thanksgiving. I purchased it online. They later, and by later I mean days before Christmas, said that I had to call them or email them because it was delayed and unless I heard from them, they would cancel it. I did send them an email, and assumed it would still be a valid order. They then said, oops it's delayed again, send us another email. I did, but then they said it's cancelled anyway. I tried to talk to a representative, but the guy said they have the right to cancel orders at any time.

It seems to me that they didn't want to honor the good discount, and wanted me to reorder at full price. This company is not one of their word, and I will NEVER ever use them again.

Anonymous said...

We've bought our last Dell computer. The power supply/adapter for our Inspiron laptop (bought in August 2005) suddenly failed on 21 December. I placed an online order at for a replacement on 22 December...and got a delivery date of 2 January. I sent an e-mail saying I only needed a simple part, not a "system" that needed to be "built from scratch" and could I get expedited delivery. Ultimately, I got a new delivery date of 4(!) January, with no possible way to expedite it. On top of that, the "carrier" Dell uses refuses to provide a delivery "window" (someone must be available at home 0900-1730, no exceptions) so either my wife or myself must take a full day off of work...just to receive the simplest of parts. Dell "customer service" is totally useless and provides nothing resembling "service." Now, if only Dell managers realized what damage their practices are doing to their sales! I saw that HP passed Dell in sales...probably for VERY GOOD reason.

Susie said...

Please help me find the proper venue for my complaints. I ordered a Dell Laptop to be delivered to my brother, who is disabled and extremely ill. This was to be delivered immediately to anotehr relative in Chicago, who would take it to his bed - so he could research treatment protocols. AFter three weeks of intense delivery snafus - during which Customer (NON)Support, located in India, was of NO HELP and DHL lied about delivery attempts, I finally cancelled my order today. My brother's condition continues to deterioriate - and I have lost almost a full month of precious time on this unsucessful caper. I will NEVER use a Dell product. I will discourage anyone - professionally and personally - from dealing with the company. And I will go to the purchasing department at my very large company and tell them about my experiences. But is there anything else anyone can suggest to hit Dell where it hurts? I'm not letting this one go!!!

Susie -

Anonymous said...

I have an inspiron 6000, have had over 10 service calls on it, finally on December 28 2007 they said they were going to replace the system and I should recieve it in 7-10 day's. It is now almost a month later and no computer, no tracking number they say it was shipped out on the 11'th of Jan. but they can not locate the tracking number or even the carrier they used!!! When I call they always say the same thing, we will forward a request to logistics department or some other dept. to track this and get back in 24-48 hours. LOL!!!! yea right! still waiting on a return call, when I call in the customer service agents still know nothing. so...I believe 1 of 2 things, 1.the computer was never built. 2. they lost it.. eiher way im stuck sitting here with a computer that keeps breaking and still NO straight answers! I purchased an extended warantee and complete care (accident protection) anyone know how to get a straight answer??

nessmuk said...

Well, I purchased my last Dell. Bought an Inspiron 1501 last April, went to turn it on Jan 1 and I get a moment of whirring fan and a blink of some lights. Call Dell.. Go through their steps and no go. They say they will send a box for Depot Repair. 5 days go by and no box.. On Jan 3 I did manage to get the laptop going and let it run for 5 hours, next day - see Jan 1. Well, I call Dell. Some genius placed a hold on the box.. Box arrives several days later.

Next thing you know I get a call from Bangalore. They will not repair under warranty and want $354 for a new Motherboard. They tell me there was a "liquid spill" on the motherboard.. Now I was the only person who used that laptop and only occasionally at that (work backup). As God is my judge there was never a liquid spilled on that computer.. Long story short, after 3 weeks of hell being handed back and forth in Bangalore they are sending my laptop back unrepaired. It was me against Dell and I feel like I was just held up. No way to prove that I did not spill something on it, I couldn't even see it for myself or talk to the depot.

One of the three managers I spoke to told me 80% of those who say they did not do something to their system did. That may be true, but as I told him it is not very good for customer retintion to start off calling your customers liers.. Last computer from them I buy.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, like a joke, only it's real. See my complaint, then see their reply!

My complaint:
"You have a new customer support program. It did not work on my machine. Please stop your annoying attempts to get me to use it. Can you understand that it does not work on my machine! Your nagging is making me unhappy with Dell!"

Their reply:
"In an effort to provide you with an answer to your question or concern as quickly as possible, our automated response system is sending this reply to your inquiry. If the system has interpreted your message correctly, you have requested help with fan noise in your Dell desktop computer. This response document offers information on finding the source of the noise and solving the problem. This response covers the topics listed below in the Table of Contents."

The rest of their message had to do with fan noise.

How do I even respond to something like this?

nessmuk said...

Update to my post: I received the laptop back yesterday from Memphis Depot. Took it out and noticed that the cord to my adapter was missing. No problem I have another. I put the hard drive and battery in and plugged it in. It took five tries with the Power Button, but the sixth time it sprang to life. It has been running nonstop since. After a careful look at the laptop I am thinking they never took it apart. Well, I call Dell.. I tell them that it took six tries, but I have the 'liquid spill' damaged laptop up and running with all functionality. At this point they tell me the motherboard was replaced. Mind you I am looking at the enclosed sheet that clearly states it was returned unrepaired.. Long wait for them to answer.. When they do I tell them I have made a video clip of the laptop running and placed it next to a TV screen with the date, time and a current event for the day being discussed on display for them to see (don't want to be told it was taken at an earlier date. Well long story short another box is on the way and I am including a CD with a short movie showing them that they are a bit on the inept side. I will keep one and all updated. This is almost getting to be fun.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a dell Laptop on 1/4/2008 and it was scheduled to ship overnight on 1/21/08 through DHL. Well on 1/29/08 I finally called DHL to find the status of my Laptop since it showed that it was in the local shipping center on 1/22/08. The first day I call I was told that they would track the package down and call me with the status but no call came. So the next day I call again and was told it was on their truck to be delivered to me on 1/29/08 but never came. So at this point I have gotten fed up with DHL and called Dell Costumer Service to have them recall the package and cancel the order. The first customer service agent I talked with could not speak english well enough for me to understand much of what he was saying except he couldn't help and I would be transfered. So the next customer service agent ask me my issue and I tell him that I have not received my computer and at this point no longer want it and I was promptly put on hold without warning. Fourty-Five minutes later the phone went dead as I was disconnect from their system. If this is an indication of what I have to look forward to if I purchase a Dell and have problems I want nothing to do with this Company. Dell Hell is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

UMMMM well I sit here typing this comment while I am on hold to speak to a supervisor at Dell. I have been on hold for about 10 mins---were are these supervisors--India!!!! I ordered two computers about 1 1/2 years ago and the battery charger died just a few months later, so after an hour on the phone ---- took so long because I could not understand him and he could not understand me. Well today I called again because the battery charger has died again. I get, obviously and Indian descent women who tells me I cannot have a new charger because I do not have a warranty. So they will sell you a product but won't back it up when it only last a short time. DELL HELL is right----MAYALSIA makes them INDIA supports and dumb ass Americans buy them. BOYCOTT DELL

Anonymous said...

1. Dell Inc. Case #

2. I am very unhappy with Dell technical support and service. This is quite surprising since up until this time, after many years, I have been able to receive the kind of support that I expect.

3. Over the past 2 days, I have been frustrated with the quality of the support. First, I cannot understand the accented English Second, the Dell tech rep is simply reading through a trouble-shooting checklist and ignoring the facts of the case. Third, both Dell support technicians have brought me to the same place as the ‘solution for all things Dell laptop’ – blow up your computer and start over with PC Restore. That will require hours of work to restore backup files (which the Dell technician dumped in my lap, ‘back up your files and call me when you are done). Unfortunately, the backup feature with Microsoft XP looks for a floppy disk and not the removable storage device to handle the magnitude of the software, let alone the image of the disk and its settings. Instead of putting the customer through hours of work, how about trying this: give the customer the benefit of the doubt. If he’s wrong, we can always go back to ‘blowing up the PC’ as the solution. If he’s right, you’ve gotten to the problem sooner and made one happy customer who comes back to Dell for future purchases and recommends Dell to his colleagues and friends.

4. I called Dell tech support days earlier regarding my laptop keyboard. The keys were ‘sticking’ and not registering certain letters, like the letter, ‘i.’ It’s difficult to write in English without that character. Just look at the prior sentence. While on the phone, he asked if there were any other problems, and since I have had a pitted display screen soon after purchase, I thought that given the long warranty that I had bought, it was finally time to get this fixed. Little parts of the screen had ‘bubbled up’ and formed black spots that looked like periods. It was annoying, but I was too busy to stop and get it fixed. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. One tech call with the keyboard and new screen.

5. The Dell technician with whom I initially spoke was very helpful. He understood my schedule and delayed the ticket until I returned from a week of travel. I called Dell tech support and they activated the ticket and shipped the parts the next day. The very next day in the morning (Friday, 2-1-08), the Dell technician made a ‘house call.’ He unscrewed the laptop cover and replaced the keyboard. He unscrewed the plasma display screen and replaced the thin material. He replaced both parts and then turned the computer on to ensure that it was working. The laptop booted up fine. He left after a minute or so. I went back to work. However, five minutes later, my laptop screen went ‘dark.’ I thought it was just black, but after observing this phenomenon happen many times since I re-contacted Dell tech support, I can tell that the computer is working. I can see the screen image as if it was behind a very dark and opaque glass. It’s just like it is not lit up at all.

6. The Dell technicians were hard to understand and moved through checklists without regard to the technical resources available at home. People don’t have extra monitors lying around or the time to unplug, move, and attach equipment. Sometime internet service goes down with the ISP and no amount of plugging wires into and out of the router will matter.

7. After hours of ‘checklist hell,’ we get to the same recommendation. Do a PC Restore. It will wipe out all your data. It will reset to factory settings. Backup up your data. Call us after backup. We’ll do the PC Restore.

8. My question is: why?

9. Why is the software involved when only the hardware was swapped out? You changed the keyboard. You changed the plasma display screen on the laptop. It’s not working now. It goes dark within 4 to 20 minutes after booting up normally. How does a hardware swap lead to me with only one alternative - ‘Blow up my PC’ and spend hours and days restoring the backup files and software – provided I can get XP to back up anything at all? I have the data backed up. That’s not the problem. The problem is re-installing all of the software and the settings. That will take at least a day if not more.

10. Whatever the technician did in swapping out the old parts, perhaps a connection to the video board got damaged in a subtle way that does not show up on the diagnostic reports. My first suspicion would be that changing the hardware damaged a connection or part on the video board. Why would changing a part lead to a catastrophic software failure on the display and now impose an expensive use of my time?

11. Swap out the video board. If that solves the problem, we both got to the solution faster and you have a happy customer.

12. If swapping out does not do it, I can always ‘blow up my pc.’ But now I have a GOOD REASON to do it. I’m a happy customer.

13. This is what is called ‘customer-oriented’ service.

14. I am so unhappy, that my next purchase will not be Dell.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Dell with the works in Nov. of 2005, adding an extended 4 year hardware warranty and 3 year software support warranty. For six months or so, it was okay. Then I started spending 12-20 hours a week problem-solving, often in the middle of the night with technicians who knew less about their product than I did. I had to show them which Microsoft or Dell pages to go to for help.
In Feb. of 07 they sent a replacement computer--with VISTA. So the past year has been spent as a Vista guinea pig, and paying for the privilege of being one. Now they're telling me that the additional year of on call support they insisted I buy in March of 07 to tack on to the warranty expiring in Nov. of 07 was not added to the previous contract but ran concurrently, and so they've done their worst to me again.
I had reached the point of spending only 4-5 hrs a week trying to fix this mess which I can't afford to replace instead of being productive. But the past week has been back up to 15 hours. The promised-panacea Service Pack seems to make Dell Hell only worse

My two-inch thick stack of notes will be sent to my local television consumer advocate and to the Federal Trade Commission. I invite you to join me.

Wasabi said...

Let me congratulate you with the worst customer service and product award for all of 2007 and 2008 from a customer!

I purchased a Dell 1520 in October 2007. Within a week I had a hard drive issue and two months later the hard drive crashed.

A replacement was sent and it also had a failure upon installation. Then I was “upgraded “ to a 1525. Upon arrival the 1525 had issues with the screen and did not have the 320 hard drive as my original purchase. So Dell sent replacement parts. The replacements parts arrived and the incorrect screen was shipped and the tech could not install it, also the Blue Ray CD drive was not sent. I called again to have the replacement sent back as it also had problems and was not what I ordered.
Upon receipt of my second replacement Dell 1525 it did not have the upgraded hard drive, Blue Ray and some misc programs and they are being shipped again. Thank you for the additional failure.
Missing on my second replacement:
320-5639 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
341-5453 320G 5400RPM SAMSUNG Hard Drive
313-5858 2X Blu-ray AND DVD+/-RW
313-5014 Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy

I have over 15 help tickets on my purchase and I cannot explain how bad this experience with Dell has been.
It has been beyond words. Multiple product failures, lack of customer service and a complete failure on Dell. I challenge you to place an order and try to speak with a customer service rep and understand them. Good Luck
I have had Mac’s, HP’s and IBM products and never had the multiple of issues and problems.

TEXAS said...


TEXAS said...

i hate dell
dont ever buy a dell
i have spent over 30 hours over the phone with dell trying to get a refund for an order that i cancelled the same day it was processed. dell still decided to send me the laptop and tried to convience me to keep the product with a 150 discount. i still havent been able to recieve my refund and their customer service reps overseas are no help........i hate dell....dont ever contact dell to purchase a product from them........please take my advise

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Groundhog Day and I am Bill Murray. Dell Tech Support, to continue the saga, asked me to send my Inspiron back to the Depot. They apologized for the first go around and sent me a new dispatch box. Well, I included the movie proving it worked along with a letter explaining the whole mess. The day after they get it they call me to tell me again about the "liquid spill" and tell me it is not under warranty.
I asked to speak to a manager and asked why they had me send it back in the first place? He had no answer. I then asked for more details. Apparently this "liquid spill" was on the bottom of the MotherBoard. Now I explained that this would require a good bit of liquid under the laptop or turning it over an pouring it on the computer. Neither of these happened. At least at my house they didn't. I cannot speak for the depot. (They never did send me the promised pics of the MB. I am not convinced they ever did remove the MB from the case)
Well next I ask what can be done, and I was insistent. He told me that he could conference call with Memphis and we could talk to a manager at the Depot. Fine: On comes the "manager" of the depot. Funny, sounds like all the other people at the Indian facility... Well I figure let's go with it and ask him if they had the bad weather we had yesterday. He hems and haws and I finally asked him, point blank, "You are not in Memphis are you?" He admitted he was in India.
I told them at this point that lying to me was the final straw, I would never buy Dell again and would advise everyone I ever meet to do the same.
I now await the return of the laptop. I can get it started and will just use it without ever powering it down. Have I ever learned a lesson :-(

Anonymous said...

Old Time Dell Customer and Prompted me to stop what Im doing and Start Typing,, Im Seeing this Company go from Bad to Worse to Ultimitley its true New Slogan Dell Hell!

a New finaicing Firm has taken over Customers from many of Dell's Key Sales People,, and Little did top manaegment know that instead of saving money by letting go of Key Sales people witrh Happy Customers only to replace them with Incompetent Kids in Suits, with no people or sales skills what so ever

Our Qoutes are coming back Higher than our Previous Sales Person, I Even specd it from and it was cheaper! not to mention they lost a sale of $2000 because all they could do is match it after I found a cheaper qoute,,

I feel this is the begenning of the End for Dell

and Im defnitly keeping my options open,

Sad Sad ,, good days are looong gone

Anonymous said...

Our company has been trying to work with Dell since last May on an order for a Flash Media Server; unfortunately when we received our disk, it didn’t contain any serial numbers, key codes, or certificates so it functioned as a trial version (this software cost our company $4800.00- among thousands we’ve spent purchasing from Dell). We had two account managers, both whom didn’t return phone calls or e-mails when we called to request the keys. The head of out IT department eventually contacted Dell’s customer service department for a refund instead of waiting on the keys we never received, and went round and round with them and was told Dell only has a 30 day refund policy. Had we been told this up front (instead of getting the run around from our account managers), we would have simply asked for a refund right from the start instead of waiting and waiting for them to call us back with the keys to the software (of which they never did).

This issue was eventually turned over to myself a couple months ago and I finally got customer service to actually issue a case number (that was the first time anyone in our company ever knew one needed to be issued); however, the only answer I’ve received now (calling back every three days) is that there is some rouge sales department that will handle our case but there’s no way to actually speak to anyone unless they contact me (and I might point out that I’ve been hung up on a couple of times as well). And sure enough, a month has gone by and I’ve received no phone calls. I have, however, contacted Adobe directly (with whom Dell purchased the product from) and while Adobe couldn’t find the purchase since Dell was the one to purchase it, I was told all Dell had to do was use their pre-filled software destruction request form (a simple one page document) and Adobe would process the return to Dell; yet I’m still not able to get anyone on the phone with Dell that can handle this (I’m told that the computer system won’t allow them to do so- which is slightly humorous because I thought Dell made the computers). So months later, we still have almost $5K of software that we’ve never been able to use. At this point, I’m absolutely shocked that a company could treat its business customers this way and still stay in business.

Joe Barrett said...

My Dell pc has two usb sockets in the front of the Dimension5000 tower. The entire system freezes if they are used for memory sticks, camera chips etc. I was informed by a voice in India that as I bought it 2 years and one month ago it Dell was not responsible. I was using my HP office system until then so was unaware of how bad Dell really was. How in the name have you Yanks not got this Michael Dell's address so that the misery his crap inflicts on us can be brought to his own door. Joe Barrett Editor CBN (UK)

Tony said...

I am in Dell Hell too after buying a nice Inspiron 1521 for my daughter in August '07. As of today, it won't turn on after freezing up and basically will not work. I boutht eight (8) service & warranty coverages but Dell claims my issue is software and I did not buy coverage for that. Bull. Two hardware coverages are specified as such, the remaining 6 do not specify, therefore software is covered by exclusion but Indians don't understand that kind of reasoning. Everything on my P.O. and Packing Slip are all clear and in black & white but Dell Indians keep wanting to add words to the coverage as written.

This company is a mess, their "customer careless" doesn't care or help and there is no way to get this computer to work again without help I paid for and can't get from them. They actually insisted on selling me a $300 for "software coverage". Now that's pathetic and I cannot understand how we can be so stupid as to make this company so successful.

Don't do it. Buy a Mac where they know how to service what they sell. The rest of the PCs are all junk without support. It's called "OEM" software, and just gives Mike Dell another income stream on the backs of otherwise reliable software.

I hate Dell and will never, never do it again.

Nick. said...

I ordered a Dell XPS M1530 laptop on 03/04/08, specifying 2nd day delivery as I needed to collect it while I was in the US. I checked the build time was likely to be a week beforehand.

The build time was fine, and it shipped on 10/04 - but Dell didn't ship it 2nd day delivery - they sent it ground. It still said "2nd day delivery" on my Dell order, but DHL (the carrier) confirmed they hadn't shipped it 2nd day.

Not the end of the world, I thought, as DHL said they could change the shipping address on getting authorisation from Dell to do so, and some friends of mine are in New York until 20/04.

I spent three hours on the phone from London to the US trying to get Dell firstly to admit their mistake and secondly to authorise the change in shipping address - which was to the offices of an international law firm in NYC. They refused to, and constantly cut me off, put me on hold (at one point for 30 minutes+), told me they would have to let the call go because the line quality was so poor, told me the manager was on another call and I couldn't talk to them, etc.

Their initial mistake smacks of an attempt to cheat customers of delivery charges, and their subsequent customer service has been appalling. I will never use them again, and would strongly advise that no one else do so.

Stephen Kalstein said...

On March 25, 2008 I ordered a duplexer for a Dell 3100CN Color Laser Printer from Dell Computer Corporation, One Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas 78682. The cost of the product was $199.00. I belong to a congregation which has the VISA card (under my name) that this was ordered under. The part shipped was for a Dell 3110CN Color Laser Printer and is incompatible with the Dell 3100CN. I called to have the part returned and was told that Dell had a 21 day policy for returns and they could do nothing for me. I would like to dispute this charge.


I winter in AZ and ordered the part before I left to make sure that the part was available upon my return to MT as time was of the essence to get programs printed for the upcoming congregation fundraiser. The part was shipped on March 28, 2008. I arrived home on April 18, 2008 and picked up the part at its destination address on April 19, 2008. Upon opening the package, I realized that the part was not the one I ordered and immediately called Dell Customer Service. After speaking with the sales people and their management at length (Case Number 607450517 – Order No. 216690911), they reiterated that I had to have returned the part before 21 days or just be stuck with a $199.00 part that was unusable. It’s hard for me to believe that such a large corporation would be insensitive to a religious non-profit organization and not offer to send the part that was originally ordered. This is not the fault of the customer – but, of the Dell shipping department. There is no way that I would have ordered a part that was not made to fit the Dell 3100CN – I know which printer I own.

Anonymous said...

Several months ago I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1520 blue laptop through the Army Exchange directly from Dell. I paid upwards of $1700 for the computer. Three weeks ago I found the EXACT same computer with the SAME software and hardware configuration at Best Buy and Walmart from $1000 LESS than I paid! One-thousand dollars is significant.

O. Saunders

Anonymous said...

I hate DELL.
Saying that a zillion times over can not properly express my true feeling for them.
I can not even call myself a disgruntled customer as DELL refuses to recognize me as their customer. All because like any other innocent customer walked into a large shopping mall in Dubai and bought a DELL Inspiron 6000.
It is a different story that the laptop always gave me trouble and embarassed in fornt of large audiences and in midst of critical projects. Now my hard disc with lots of critical data crashed and service companies refuse to touh DELL laptops with a ten-foot pole. I have no alternative but to call DELL for repair/ replacement. On giving them the service code I was shocked to be told that according to them the laptop does not belong to me an d was not even sold in Dubai. I offered to show them evidence of payment to the dealer. But their mulishreply is always" Sorry, there is nothing wecan do about it. You did not buy it from DELL"
Does DELL not have any responsibility to find out how a leading vendor in Dubai can sell new DELL computers which are recorded as sold in the US. Who is the buyer in US? Does DELL not have a responsibilty to the general public? Is it a party to the grey market?
N. D. Rao

Anonymous said...

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, and it has been a good notebook, until. . .Recently My notebook spontaneously lost all power. I attempted to contact Dell's service line and the operator seemed very frustrated and impatient. She finally decided I needed to purchase a new charger. After purchasing the 60 dollar charger, I find my battery is giving an error indicator. I logged on to chat support (hoping to have a better experience than over the phone) Only to wait to talk to staff member that seemed reluctant to help me. Finally, they decide I should purchase a new battery (a steep expense for a college student) Saying that purchasing the charger was probably pointless. I've had issues with their service before with other issues in the past involving my keyboard. It's just becoming a headache, I wish I could go back and purchase the Mac that I picked the dell over. Apple seems more willing to help their consumers. After recommending dell to family and friend's, I recently helped my sister purchase a new Mac. I just might do the same, and I recommend you do the same!


destroyedwidow said...

I am a computer technician with much experience in hard drive recovery. One of my customers has a dell with a hard drive that wouldn't boot and was unreadable. I was able to repair the drive and recover the entire contents. The drive even booted! I ran some of my drive diagnostic software and the drive had over 250,000 read errors. No bad sectors. I call dell support. They will not replace the drive unless it receives an error code with the "dell diagnostics". Ok, I decide to humor them. I ran ONE specific test. After 5.5 hours it was only 46% complete so I stopped it rather than destroy the drive. The drive sounds like a popcorn popper. I call tech support again. They will not replace the drive unless it receives an error with the "dell diagnostics". They had the balls to suggest that I wipe the drive and reinstall. Like that's going to make it sound better and run faster. Diagnostics don't even run in windows. In my opinion, that's like putting new paint on rotten wood. They would just as soon have the drive burn up running their diagnostics than to be a little proactive and just replace the damn thing. One would think that 5.5 hours and only at 46% complete is a little excessive for one test on a 160GB drive and might indicate that a drive is failing.

I've ordered a replacement drive at my customer's expense. Once I get everything transferred over to the new drive I'm going to run the "dell diagnostics" until the drive smokes.

Unfortunately with all the time I have wasted with Dell, this will be a job I lose money on. At least I have the integrity to do the right thing for my customer, unlike dell.

Otter said...

I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot. So my mom suggested getting a Dell because they start at $800. This was much more appealing and so I agreed it was probably a better idea. So I started looking at the lap tops and looking at what I needed. It came out to about $1800 because unlike a Mac, you have to buy the software and pay for all of the things like wireless cards that just automatically come with a Mac. I also had to pay EXTRA to get Windows XP, the version before Vista. Let me say that again, I had to pay EXTRA to get the older version of Windows. I should have known after that not to buy a Dell but I did anyway. My mom actually had a credit card with them that would allow me to make monthly payments. So I thought ok this will be fine, I am not doing any photo work I really just need this for Internet and word processing. So the computer was ordered and delivered.

I started setting up the wireless network at my house with my Internet because whats the point of a lap top if you have to be plugged in?? So I got everything working with Netgear on the phone and set all my passwords etc but when we finished the computer wouldn't connect to the wireless network. It recognised the network but wouldn't connect. So we called Time Warner Cable and worked with them. They said the Internet was working and the wireless router was fine and that we needed to call Dell. So we called Dell. We were on the phone with them for over and hour and a half. They couldn't tell us what was wrong but said we could call their wireless specialists for a fee and they would fix it.

This was very upsetting - who wants to pay Dell to fix their brand new computer? So I took my computer to the studio where I work and tried to log onto the studio network. It didn't happen and when I asked the studio owner for help he said first "why did you buy a Dell?!" and second most PC's aren't compatible with the wireless networks in the studios we work in. OK, now I am really, really sorry I got a Dell. One more chance before giving up completely, I tried to log onto the free public network provided to the city - no dice! My computer asked for a network key to get onto every network I tried. You should need a pass word for a secure network that's it! And a free unlocked network is just that!

So I went home immediately and called Dell to return my computer. I got an operator and told him what was wrong and he asked me to tell him the date of my invoice. I did and he said I'm sorry ma'am your computer is 24 days old and we only return up to 21 days. Are you kidding me?!! You can return anything to Dell for up to 30 days - except the actual computer. I was PISSED! So I said I still wanted to talk to customer service so he connected me. 47 minutes later I was still on hold. So I hung up and called back and went to tech support. I figured one more shot..... they connected to my laptop through remote access and did the same stuff the Dell, Netgear and Time Warner people did the day before. When the Dell tech couldn't fix it after 45 minutes he said you have 2 options: "You can call Netgear and ask them to "hide" your network so you can turn off your security system" - um no security protection at all and you think a hacker can't "find" my unprotected network?? So I asked what the other option was. The Dell tech said "Well You can call our Dell network experts and they can help you but you have to pay them". I'm sorry, I am paying $1800 for this computer and you want me to PAY for network help?!! The guy on the phone said I'm sorry ma'am, we don't guarantee network compatibility, we only guarantee the computer and the wireless card are good. I shouldn't have to settle when it comes to my NEW lap top and security system. The security system, by the way, was the one Dell sent with the computer: Trend Micro. Which happens to be very good, but you would think that Dell would make sure their computer work with the security system they are recommending and sending to their customers.

So you can buy a Dell lap top to use wirelessly but if it doesn't work - figure it out yourself and make sure you do it in 21 days. Oh, but remember if you return a Dell you are going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I can understand this because I am sure people buy lap tops and change their mind. But this is not a simple "I changed my mind". This is: I bought a lap top to use while I travel around and work in different locations and it is not compatible for what ever reason with wireless networks. It doesn't do what I bought it to do and what Dell advertises it can do.

Moral of the story: Don't buy a Dell!

Otter said...

Dell seems to be screwing a lot of people with their poor customer service and even worse tech support!

Never buy a Dell!

I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot. So my mom suggested getting a Dell because they start at $800. This was much more appealing and so I agreed it was probably a better idea. So I started looking at the lap tops and looking at what I needed. It came out to about $1800 because unlike a Mac, you have to buy the software and pay for all of the things like wireless cards that just automatically come with a Mac. I also had to pay EXTRA to get Windows XP, the version before Vista. Let me say that again, I had to pay EXTRA to get the older version of Windows. I should have known after that not to buy a Dell but I did anyway. My mom actually had a credit card with them that would allow me to make monthly payments. So I thought ok this will be fine, I am not doing any photo work I really just need this for Internet and word processing. So the computer was ordered and delivered.

I started setting up the wireless network at my house with my Internet because whats the point of a lap top if you have to be plugged in?? So I got everything working with Netgear on the phone and set all my passwords etc but when we finished the computer wouldn't connect to the wireless network. It recognised the network but wouldn't connect. So we called Time Warner Cable and worked with them. They said the Internet was working and the wireless router was fine and that we needed to call Dell. So we called Dell. We were on the phone with them for over and hour and a half. They couldn't tell us what was wrong but said we could call their wireless specialists for a fee and they would fix it.

This was very upsetting - who wants to pay Dell to fix their brand new computer? So I took my computer to the studio where I work and tried to log onto the studio network. It didn't happen and when I asked the studio owner for help he said first "why did you buy a Dell?!" and second most PC's aren't compatible with the wireless networks in the studios we work in. OK, now I am really, really sorry I got a Dell. One more chance before giving up completely, I tried to log onto the free public network provided to the city - no dice! My computer asked for a network key to get onto every network I tried. You should need a pass word for a secure network that's it! And a free unlocked network is just that!

So I went home immediately and called Dell to return my computer. I got an operator and told him what was wrong and he asked me to tell him the date of my invoice. I did and he said I'm sorry ma'am your computer is 24 days old and we only return up to 21 days. Are you kidding me?!! You can return anything to Dell for up to 30 days - except the actual computer. I was PISSED! So I said I still wanted to talk to customer service so he connected me. 47 minutes later I was still on hold. So I hung up and called back and went to tech support. I figured one more shot..... they connected to my laptop through remote access and did the same stuff the Dell, Netgear and Time Warner people did the day before. When the Dell tech couldn't fix it after 45 minutes he said you have 2 options: "You can call Netgear and ask them to "hide" your network so you can turn off your security system" - um no security protection at all and you think a hacker can't "find" my unprotected network?? So I asked what the other option was. The Dell tech said "Well You can call our Dell network experts and they can help you but you have to pay them". I'm sorry, I am paying $1800 for this computer and you want me to PAY for network help?!! The guy on the phone said I'm sorry ma'am, we don't guarantee network compatibility, we only guarantee the computer and the wireless card are good. I shouldn't have to settle when it comes to my NEW lap top and security system. The security system, by the way, was the one Dell sent with the computer: Trend Micro. Which happens to be very good, but you would think that Dell would make sure their computer work with the security system they are recommending and sending to their customers.

So you can buy a Dell lap top to use wirelessly but if it doesn't work - figure it out yourself and make sure you do it in 21 days. Oh, but remember if you return a Dell you are going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I can understand this because I am sure people buy lap tops and change their mind. But this is not a simple "I changed my mind". This is: I bought a lap top to use while I travel around and work in different locations and it is not compatible for what ever reason with wireless networks. It doesn't do what I bought it to do and what Dell advertises it can do.

Moral of the story: Don't buy a Dell!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a new Inspirion 1525 in February, 2008 (3 months ago). Since day 1 it has been very slow and gets "hung up" several times a day. A few days ago I went to check my email through Outlook, and Outlook would not open. I assumed it was just a fluke that day. When I realized this wasn't just a "fluke" I called Dell to finally let them know all of my issues with this new computer (which I use for 2 businesses!). The first person I spoke to (a little hard to understand due to accent but was very nice) helped me do some diagnostics and then told me I needed more memory. O.K. - even though I just paid $1,250 3 months ago for this new laptop along with MS Office 2007 which they installed (and they didn't tell me then I would need more memory than I got) I went ahead and agreed to purchase more memory (another $120). He tried to help me resolve the MS Office problem but couldn't and then sent me over to the "software" people. Now keep in mind the reason I want them to resolve this issue is because I purchased the software through them 3 months ago and they installed it for me as well. I was told that I would have to purhcase (more money again) a service contract in order for them to help me. I went round and round with several people and told them I was not going to spend any more money with them and I needed them to backup what they sold. When I did not get anywhere here (and I asked for supervisors) I then asked them to please just refund my money for the computer, I would backup my computer and then delete all of my documents and send it back to them (also, I forgot to mention that we also purchased a desktop from them 2 months ago). I was told that they could not refund my money since it was past 21 days. Again, I asked to speak to someone higher up (a supervisor, manager, or better) and was told "we all abide by the same policy - no one will be able to do this for you. You must purchase the software contract in order to get help."
What a sad world we now live in where companies do not back the products they sell (even after 3 months)! Oh, and I asked for the address for the corporate office and was told she didn't know it!!!!! Can you imagine working for a company and you don't know where their corporate office is! Another lie! So I am now a member of "Dell Hell" I too will NEVER purchase or recommend another Dell product. As soon as I am able I will purchase a Sony, Gateway or some other laptop and take a sledgehammer to this one - afterall it is a piece of junk! I wish I had researched more before I purchased - I was not aware of the "Dell Hell" before today.

Anonymous said...

I was a former consumer sales rep at Dell. I have never worked for a company that taught me how to lie effectively to the customers. They goal is to put an outrageous deal in the paper to get the customers.
The specs in the computer are not equipped to handle the new Vista Operating System. We were told to ask customers what they are using it for and then told them that the low priced computer in the paper is not right for them. We "recommended" something that brings more profit to the company and also with a 4 yr service plan on Dell Peferred Account at a 29% interest.It was expected of sales reps who wanted to keep their jobs. We were also told to promise our customers that they will recieve American tech support immediately the next day if they can not fix it they will replace it. If you get someone that is not in India that instructs you open up your computer and take apart things I would be amazed.If that is you can get to tech support after you are transferred around so many times you just give up. They are closing down call centers in the they can continue to keep centers overseas Americans are once losing their jobs to overseas facilities. It is something I think everyone should know when they do buisness with Dell.

Anonymous said...

The accessories that Dell sales on their websites such as cameras, cases for laptops,camcorders,GPS systems routers are twice as much as in the store and only half the quality. You are better off to buy from a company that has sales ads and you can see the product you are purchasing and will probably recieve a much better deal. I speak from experience I am a former employee of Dell

Trish said...

I bought a DELL a few years ago and paid the minimum payment for most of those few years, but soon found out the balance wasn't going down except by the tiniest of margins. I found out too late the interest rate was soon hiked after buying the system. I had paid out, by the time I quit paying, more than I initially borrowed, but couldn't see paying for it several times over. Now DELL is hassling me with collection. Is there any recourse to get out of the so-called legal loan-sharking?!

John Lamerand said...

I just have to say that I love DELL precisely because they make such crap product. Anyone seen the latest Vostro 1310 and 1510 keyboards? I laughed so hard I peed. Poor customers. I own the DELL I am typing on now because its previous owner was so frustrated with DELL that he said "If you can get it to work it is yours." Of course, you should have a science or maths degree as a minimum to keep this pile of poop running, but it is free. Slow, poorly designed, but free. I am not inspiron-ed to depend on anything from DELL. Perhaps the best thing they could do is shut up shop and return all funds to their shareholders.

Anonymous said...

HELL Canada

After purchasing a Dell Vostro as a small business customer, I received a letter (paper, not e-mail) offering me 25% discount for selected accessories - these were not specified.

There's just one catch - the coupon doesn't work. I tried online purchase of a full-price item, a digital camera, to which no other discounts were applied.

The letter with the coupon advises me: "make your purchase online and enter your personal Special Offer Code". After doing so, the website tells me that there's a problem and the discount couldn't be applied. However, the coupon is recognized - 25% discount and the deadline are OK. So, the website tells me - click for details. The pop-up window informs me that I do qualify for the discount.

So, a call to DELL. Might as well call hell... 5 phonecalls, each about 45 minutes long, over two weeks. Each sent me through Small Business, Accessories, Customer Services, Purchase and Online Shopping departments. 3 phone calls ended by the Dell representative just hanging up on me. One promised to issue a new coupon which was suppossed to arrive a week ago.

Today, I was told, that such coupon code doesn't exist. That this coupon cannot be applied online. And finally, I was told that I don't exist, since according to a Dell guy, there's no record about my previous purchase and my customer ID doesn't exist. Which is strange, since it was checked by another Dell guy just five minutes earlier.

Only two representatives took care to confirm my identity, only one bothered to check out the discount code. Due to constant "I put you through to .... department", I talked to about 20 people. Only one person didn't have heavy south Asian accent. They were not able to spell properly, chose not to understand when they felt like it, and, as I said, three of them just hung up on me.

I've already talked to Competition Bureau Canada about the case and they confirmed that sending out a discount offer which cannot be applied is illegal. I'm filling an offical compliant with the government agency, with a copy of the aforementioned Dell discount letter and screenshot print-outs. I will also contact Ontario Ministry of Consumer & Business Service.

shuhta said...

Caught in DH

Am only writing this in the hope that SOMEONE from Dell monitors blogs and sees that they still have a long way to go with fixing support issues.

After being a LONG time Dell customer (and stockholder), I today experienced massive dell hell. Receiving a new Dell just before a vacation, I returned and this morning unpacked it to find that it was DOA. A call to "technical support" confirmed that it was DOA. Quotes were used above because in the middle of DH, the "service" rep informed me that the folks I spoke to were not (per the case number) really from Technical Support. Rather, they were from a technical group supporting Customer Care. Why is that relevent? Cuz, since I "didn't speak with technical support" the options available to me for a replacement were limited!!!!!

After 9 (yes, nine) calls to "Customer Care" I was finally able to connect with someone who could help me arrange the replacement of my DOA. In the other calls, I was constantly dropped when the transfer took place to the "right department." Or, I was informed that the customer database was "unavailable" and that I bneeded to call back in "two hours.) After two hours, i was told the same thing -- i.e., call back in two hours!!

Being dropped even occurred after I told the Dell rep my experiences and was promised that s/he would hold on until it was certain that the connection was made.
Whay can one say? The Dell service sucked!!

I will keep my XPS 420 but have already called my broker to sell the Dell stock!!

Michael, listen up! You still have major support problems!!

S. Huhta

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your site and would like to add to it.The most recent is an editorial I did that was sent to all Dell I can execs. and the tech they assigned me to in Texas. I am online with a New Delhi tech at the moment and will be making a few calls shortly. Will let you know the results.

Michael Dell: The Man Behind The Tragedy

A once thought to be reputable, innovative and efficient conglomerate, Dell has become vacuously uncaring. Reaching new heights, on the ladder of inadequacy, Dell has sunk into the black hole of irresponsibility.

As an editorialist, accurateness is essential. One should not assume otherwise. Dell did.

As a replacement for a tired Latitude an Insprion 1721 was purchased from Dell. Commencing the day the laptop birthed on 12/26/2007, to the present, Dell techs. have become my back pocket hankies. From online techs., to an assigned Texas tech., to onsite replacement part techs., Dell’s feigned efforts have failed miserably.

With over 60 hours of tech sessions, missed deadlines and rescheduled interviews Dell’s backseat efforts were worsened with the offering of continuance of non productive servicing. Dell’s quality control had become likened to Mad Cow Disease. Customer care has become a fossil in the corporate chain of command.

Dell techs have installed drivers and removed drivers, activated and de-activated firewalls, removed hardware and re-installed hardware, removed software and reinstalled software, removed keyboards and replaced keyboards, removed touch pads and replaced touch pads, removed motherboards and replaced motherboards and lastly a total removal and reinstall of the system. First name relationships have since been formed. Surya, Ravi, Manpreet, Lisa, Leo, Srinivas, Shriraam, Sridhar. The list goes on. Each promising an end, a fix and a final resolve to the issue at hand. Each failing.

An email to Dell executives resulted in an assignment of my case to Terry Blauser out of Texas. A US tech. and perhaps one that could comprehend, and resolve the issue. Our first conversation resulted in a reluctant agreement, on my part, to replace the keyboard and touch pad. Consideration was made, and offered, that if not an acceptable fix a replacement laptop would be made. Least Mr. Blauser forgot to mention Dell’s replacement policy. Three replacement part installations are required prior to a full system replacement. With the keyboard/touch pad replacement failure, Mr. Blauser decided we’d work on the system together. Two and a half hours into the job our results were a totally frozen, unworkable system. The catastrophe resulted in an initiated call, by me, to Dell techs. for help with a total system uninstall/reinstall. Mr. Blausers final analysis: “It’s the router. Call your router dealer.” Fortunately a, work at home, business laptop of my spouses failed to concur with Mr. Blauser's deduction.

Another offer is handed down from Mr. Blauser. A second replacement of the keyboard/touchpad should be tried. It was to our advantage that, Brad our non affiliated Dell tech, was honest. He informed me that the chances of the original systems keyboard/touch pad and the replacements, both, being bad were slim to none. The information resulted in another refusal to Mr. Blauser’s offer. A second email was sent to Dell execs. A final offer from Mr. Blauser arrived. The choices were, to replace the keyboard/touchpad a second time or to be the beneficiary of a refurbished laptop. With all due respect to Mr. Blauser, it was appearing I had purchased, and paid for, what was to be a new laptop which had, now, turned into a refurb. Would it not have been in the best interest of both parties to give quality customer care and send on a new laptop? Dell didn’t think so. In rejecting yet another unacceptable offer, Mr. Blauser closed the case. Our first conversation, my promise to work with Dell and Mr. Blauser, to make things right along with the promise of a system replacement after a first fix were all thrown into a pile of New Delhi cow dung. I was not closing the case.

Using my interview mode, Tech Brad was able to tell us the following, something Mr. Blauser failed to recall: The motherboard receives the signal that enables a total proper working system. A Dell online tech. confirmed the same. A replacement motherboard was being shipped. Three days later, Brad was back with motherboard in hand. A small test in notepad and Brad was off to Dells next fatality. In less than 5 minutes I was on the phone with Brad, stating my disapproval of Dell laptops, as the issues remained the same after the motherboard replacement. With an unsettled tone and an irresistible need to accommodate I listened as the tech informed me of Dells poor service practices. The laptop had no other components that could possibly be replaced that would rectify the ongoing issues. The motherboard should have been the first component to be replaced. With a failure, in that replacement, a new laptop should have been offered. Instead, there were five months of procrastination, lack of adequacy, inappropriate fixes, pretentious offers, missed deadline and a remaining laptop with little typing functionality.

What exactly is it that Michael Dell has to offer to his customers? You decide.

John Lamerand said...

To Dell with them.

At least it was just your computer that they could not fix. Countless Dell customers have been ruined financially when Dell's financing deals have gone sour and they applied the same degree of care and attention.

I know, $1400 is an expensive lesson. Sometimes the only outcome from dealing with inept companies is frustration, delay and further loss. You say you've spent 60 hours on this problem? Let's see... $1400/60 = $23.33/hour. My guess is that you would have been better off turning those hours into dollars and buying something else.

And you could do a good computer shop a favour in the meantime - donate the thing to them after you have put a sledgehammer through it. The shop could then use that as an illustration of why it is better to trust computer companies that know what they are doing.

Dell clearly doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I have bought four Dell Computers and to tell you the truth have never had any problems at all.....until, March 2008. I purchased an XPS 400 on the 18 month no interest plan. The month before the grace period expired I paid the amount off in full. The next month I see finance charges of $250 appear on the statement. I called and they said because I failed to send an additional $31 for the laptop I had purchase a year after the XPS that they had to apply $31 toward the monthly payment for it. This left me $31 shy of paying off the balance on the grace period and therefore they charged me $250 in finance charges. R U KIDDIN ME? Excuse my ignorance but I certainly would have sent an additional $31 to avoid $250. I called them and requested them to take off the finance charges and they said they could not do it. They could only credit me $80 and I had to send a letter to Dell Financial. I did this and two months later no response. So I called them today and I got some rude contact by the name of MELISSA. She said since I was aware of the policy they wouldn't take the charges off. I told her I was only aware after I called to find out why they charged me. I asked to talk to a Manager or Supervisor and she said NO. I repeat she said NO. I said fine I will never buy another computer and I will find every site and email address possible to warn people of DELLHELL. I hope the $250 takes the place of the $2- 3G's I will be spending with someone else in the next two years.

Anonymous said...

Attached are copies of some emails I have sent off to Dell tonight.
I fear I too am now in what is commonly known as "Dell Hell" and it's going to worse, much worse before it gets better.

I have gotten the dreaded Blue screen and re-installed Windows XP, which I thought was a stable system! But not on Dells, it appears.

I suppose I will have a few more trials by fire it seems if this is the norm for what the rest of Dell's customers must go through.
If anyone has any adivce to offer, I would appreciate it.

...rb in dell hell

Dear Sirs:
I finished running the drivers and utilities tests.
I rebooted the computer and logged in, but it froze and I had to reboot it again.

When I got to my desktop I received this error message...
This computer has finished recovering from a fatal error and sent these codes to Microsoft.

From the first day that I turned this computer on I could not get a sound from the audio and had to contact Dell. They re-installed a failed driver they said.
Afterwards, I started having problems with loading programs and everytime I added a new program, the computer would crash.
If I left on my external HD, it would crash the computer and the technician tried to get the computer NOT to re-boot from the external I could have it plugged in.

This action did not work, and I cannot have the portable HD plugged in. Later, I was told to eliminate and unplug any USB accessories from the computer. So I was at the point of NOT having ANY of my accessories plugged printer, scanner, Portable HD, flash drive, camera.
Nothing except the keyboard is plugged in.

In good conscience, you cannot tell me this is a normal occurance for a Brand new computer.
Something is very wrong with the computer and I am requesting you send it back to the company to have the system checked out to see what the prblem is. It is under warranty and I have had the same if not similar issues for the 3 months I have owned the computer.

I will not accept any other inane excuses such as software problems, for I know that is untrue.
One of your techs who spoke to me the other evening admitted, "This is not a software problem, something is definitely wrong with your Hard Drive."

Copy of message sent on 6/26/08 to which I have NOT YET RECEIVED a REPLY or PHONE CALL FROM EITHER TEAM MSU006 or NDS031.
Re: Dell Inc. Case #613168952 Team MSU006 Email #~68838160~# Confirmation
Re: Dell Inc. Case #613168952 Team NDS031 Email #~68802134~# Confirmation
Within an hour and a half after loading on the rest of my programs, the computer crashed again.

Blue screen (0x0000019) error message.

I called and left messages at least 3 times and waited from 6-9pm for a call Finally I called tech support again and someone else helped me to run a test on the hard drive. That is the point I'm at currently.

I am convinced there is something seriously wrong with the hard drive/computer as even before I talked to you this afternoon, I had worked with someone else in the morning and the computer kept on freezing...even in safe mode.
Who can I contact at Dell to resolve this issue? I tried calling customer service and the system was down.

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed with this computer. It has been nothing but trouble since the day I first hooked it up and immediately had difficulty with the sound/audio jack.
Please forward this message to upper level management and to your customer service dept.
I desire a quick resolution to this problem.

Anonymous said...

I have had the worst experience with Dell Tech Support. I have had the same problem with my Inspiron D530 since I bought it several weeks ago. I reported the error mssg to Tech Support and they attempted to correct the problem three times. Now they keep promising to call and help me over the phone. They schedule the call and lo and behold no call. I have bought 5 Dells in the past and I can gaurantee I will NEVER buy another one. Now I have a $1000 paper weight that I cannot view pics of my children and grandchildren on. Thanks Dell, for missed appointments, missing work, staying up late, and loads of frustration

kjfeathers said...

Using Dell's finance company "Dell Financial"...BEWARE...when you select your autopayment date...their software will allow a date prior to your monthly closing date, causing late fees. Also, depending on how long you finance it...the dates roll along and could at some point fall after your closing date. DELL does not care...The Indians cannot understand the issue...PA Atty Gen'l's office is working to resolve. Dell's legal office has a smooty attitude "Lauren Renfrew" does not return calls or answer her phone...AT ALL...they do not care. ALSO, if you opt to pay the whole thing off, they continue to withdraw payments, even though you call the Indians and complain. Four additional months of calling and getting upset, trying to explain the problem...I am afraid to try again. BEWARE!

Pia in Alabama said...

My problem is with Dell Financial Services....after much aggrevation and harassment over a two year period, my committment was finally over (last November)...and I could use the $1.00 purchase option and be done with this nightmare. When I asked how to go about using the $1.00 equipment purchase, I was told that I didn't have that agreement. They say I agreed to a FAIR MARKET VALUE plan. I'd never even heard the term from Dell before this news was delivered. It was never even mentioned as an option when the sales girl (actually) talked me into leasing in the first place. (This was my first and last "leasing" adventure.) I've asked for documentation, they can't produce. I've asked for any form of proof, they say my "electronic signature" served as your agreement...agreement to what? to the fair market value me the agreement.....and so it goes... I've asked to speak to a higher authority and they just ignore my requests. At this point I'll have to pay another $800., the computer is already 2.5 years old and I've already paid more than the computer sold for in the beginning...
I'm open to any suggestions anyone might have.

Anonymous said...

MAD AT DELL.. I am a California resident and am infuriated that my hard earned money invested in a Dell Laptop is now a hunk of junk. For anyone else that has had a problem with a defective computer in CA PLEASE e-mail me -- CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

This is, the only way.

braindrain said...

I have several Dell PCs. The service at Dell used to be good. I have been calling and chatting with agents over the past 2 weeks. This probelms is with my Inspiron 6000.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have had a number of chats and phone calls with Dell agents regarding a problem with the wireless signal on one of my Dell laptops (Inspiron 6000). The signal speed continually bounces around between 54mbs and 11mbs. None of my other PCs are having this problem. I purchased a 4 year in-home warranty and it was like pulling teeth to get support.

- The first agent had me reload the drivers and I was told that a follow-up call would be coming if we got disconnected; no call came;
- The second agent had me update the bios and I was told that a follow-up call would be coming if we got disconnected; no call came.
- I received a call a day later and explained that that solution did not fix my problem; I was told to expect another call - that call never came.
- Another agent ended the chat while I was typing my problem because I took to long to type it.
- Another agent had me open the PC and reseat the wireless card - that didn't resolve the problem. He then suggested that I find another laptop at home, remove the wireless card from that PC and try it in my Inspiron 6000. I explained that I was not about to start taking laptops apart.
- A fourth agent sent me a new wireless card to for me to install. Still the problem is not resolved.
- Another agent, after a telephone conversation, said that she would send a tech to my house to fix the problem.
- The tech came to my to fix the PC but the parts that Dell sent did not fix the problem. When the tech called Dell, he had the tech jump through hoops for another hour trying things that didn't fix the problem.

Then the Dell phone agent said "Let's try reinstalling the operating system and see if that helps. We'll reformat your hard drive and then reinstall the Windows". Give me a break, we're going to try it to see if it fixes the problem. I don't think so. That's like using a cannon to kill a fly.

Do these Dell agents have any idea as to what they are doing? I am tired of this.

This level of support is totally unacceptable and, I would hink, this is not the type of service that Dell wants to provide to its customers.

Has anyone else experienced this type of wireless problem?

Garth Voigt said...



My name is Garth Voigt and I have owned a Dell Dimension C521 for the past two years.

The problem I had was not with the computer. The problem was with the Dell 926 color printer which spontaneously ignited in late March and did many thousands of dollars worth of damage to my apartment. I also received burns on my face and arms putting out the fire and had to miss days of work to heal and deal with cleanning up the damage

I had hired both an electrician to determine the source of the problem and testing through Global Engineering Services paid for by State Farm Insurance (they insure the building-I rent). Both sources came to the same conclusion. The fire was the result of a Manufacturers Defect in the printer.

I was contacted by Dell's Insurance company AIG (contact John Bicker at 1-800-242-2418 claim #683-199964) After Dell's executive team in Round Rock, TX ignored all of the documentation of damage and a request for a response - and I was told that additional testing needed to be done (hence the testing from Global Engineering Services). As I mentioned, the testing came back PROVING manufacturers defect.

After not hearing from Dell and AIG, I contacted them and was told that Dell is now putting the onus on the manufacturer of the printer, Lexmark (funny, but Dell branded the printer with THEIR name. I really wonder what the DEll/Lexmark quality agreements looks like).

I've tried contacting customer service with the details (I thought I had an in, as my mom's company buys a lot of Dell Computers-when she mentioned that she nearly went to another vendor because of my experience- Customer service, namely the following: Edwin Ligutan responded in this manner:

"Dear Ms. Nancy Slanger

Thank you for your e-mail.

I apologize if I just replied today with the e-mail you sent me yesterday.

I am glad though that finally your multiple issues with the system were resolved
to your satisfaction. I appreciate your efforts in keeping me informed of
what's going on as it gives me a sense of focus on when I need to step in.
Fortunately, it did not require such action from me.

As to the what happened to your son, I was shocked to hear that and at the same
time relieved that he was not hurt. From my stand point as Customer Service, it
would be best to address these concerns directly with our Legal Department. I
can give you their postal address and fax number. Our legal department can be
reached only by correspondence:

Dell Legal Department
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682
Fax Number: 512-728-7100"

When I responded to Mr. Ligutan detailing the damage to me and my property, here's the much less convivial response I got:

"Dear Mr. Garth Voigt

Thank you for your e-mail.

When I received your e-mail yesterday, I had to consult my manager and my
manager's manager on what to do. Both of them concurred that we cannot comment
on this issue and the best resolution is to escalate this directly to our legal

The contact details of our legal department:

Dell Legal Department
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682
Fax Number: 512-728-7100

Please note that they can only be contacted thru correspondence by postal mail
or fax.

Edwin "Bong" Ligutan
Dell Inc. | Americas Customer Care
Work Days: Monday - Friday
Work Hours: 8:30AM to 5:30PM CST
Office: (800) 284-3355 X ext # 612-5104"

When I tried to contact AIG about reimbursement, here is what I got:

"Mr. Voight:

This is to confirm receipt of your August 2, 2008 correspondence which
included the July 22, 2008 letter from State Farm and the Global Engineering
report. This will be forwarded to Dell and along to the manufacturer of the
printer, Lexmark.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain that the State Farm payment
to the landlord was a first party payment, meaning that the landlord was
being reimbursed by his insurance carrier for coverage they have with State
Farm. For this type of payment a liability investigation is not necessary
and payment is almost always made rather quickly.

Your claim and the claim of State Farm against Dell and Lexmark is a third
party action, therefore a detailed liability investigation is necessary.

"Also Dell has demanded that Lexmark defend and indemnify Dell in this
matter, this will also delay any resolution to any claim.

I apologize for these delays. If I receive any information regarding the
position of Lexmark I will pass this along to you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Bicker | Casualty Claims Specialist | AIG Domestic Claims, Inc. |
Eastern Zone
Mailing Address: PO Box 2970, Alpharetta, GA 30023>>

Get that? Even though my printer was branded with a Dell Name AND design by DEll (and produced in assembly plants from a CMO which no doubt Dell fully validated (I assume) per ISO standards before any Quality or Business agreement was made ( I work in the high tech field, biotech, not hardware/softawre, but I know how these processes go) they're going to try and get Lexmark to take full responsibility for all this. Based on what I just described above, Lexmark will balk, then site the business arrangements I described above and refuse to take responsibility or pay. This will then go round and round until the statute of limitations runs out and I'm F*cked.

Personally I think I'm going to get screwed if I do nothing, so I've consulted a Lawyer who suggests Small Claims Court. as the damage done was ~$8000 this sounds appropriate, but Small Claim court only awards up to $7500, so I'll just right off the rest (unless I can get 'complicated' and break this out into two court sessions: One for my property damage and another for the value of my missed time at work.).

Personally, I'm highly PO'd at the treatment I've received (both from my Improvised Explosive Device DEll Printer and Dell legal/customer service and insurance carrier.

Anyhow, apart from my need to vent, has anyone run into a similar situation or have suggestions? Should now go bother Michael Dell? Much appreciated,

Garth Voigt

jan said...

Dell is the worst-they sent me an incorrect cartridge-and ruined my printer. This was several months ago-and in spite of 500 messages asking them to correct the situation-they have done nothing except sent my request to Eqypt-a place well known for not allowing women a place. They are horrid-and Dell-needs to be deballed-as he allows women to be treated this way. His Eqypt conection has "informed" me where I am to be-when I am suppossed to be there to tell me they will not send a new printer-I never asked for one-and I determine where I will be-and when--how dare Dell do this-not only deny a real claim but abuse a 66 year old widow--Dell sucks said...

Michael Dell cares nothing for the customer-he outsources jobs-such as customer satisfaction-and cares nothing about anyone's needs except his own-and his hig money life style-he hurts widows and children by his self serving attigtude

Anonymous said...

I finally got all of my late fees back with a cold-hearted letter from Lauren Renfrew in Legal. I had to call the PA Attorney Generals Office....TRY YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE TO GET ACTION.

Anonymous said...

I have contacted Dell many times-they have continually denyed my request for service-they send me to India-I have now contacted the Attourney General stating that Dell cares nothing and does not care for the customers-and is a company that only cares about the stock holders-and it hurts it's customers by not giving them the repair they need--and by using their company name to defile old people! And deny them recourse

Jon said...

Don't buy a Dell.
Their customer service is a Joke. They will lose to other companies that are willing to work with their customers.

Dear Michael Dell,

Your company's executive support advisor Tejus Raju ensured me of some simple answers to my order status on 8/19. Once again your company has failed me since I was advised that the PC's have no new status.

I was told by one rep that there was no delay, no component issue. (Maurice Rep ID 99994)
Then I am told by Tejus that there is a componet issue. To be frank here I do not think anyone knows what the issue is here. It's a standard, robotic response given to the customer if it's under "production" status.

Tejus is advising that no Rep has ID 99994, funny because Todd advises that everyone has an Employee ID#, Todd I guess Maurice made that # up in his head.

Well the good news I do not have to deal with your horrible company. I will be sure to advise all never to buy a Dell no matter how cheap it is because the Company's Customer Service is the worst known to man.

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 13:40:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: Dell is no Longer Customer Oriented.

Dear Michael Dell,

On July 24th, 2008 I ordered 2 notebook computers from your company with a total of over $2800.

What I had originally hoped would be a simple, pleasant transaction, is becoming a nightmare that is making me seriously consider never buying another Dell machine ever again.

I was given a Ship Date 8/13/08 on 7/24. Then on 8/13/08 I was told the order will be postponed due to lack of equipment. The order was postponed to 9/5/08.

I was repeatedly promised very specific dates, and though I was skeptical I gave the benefit of the doubt. The consistent failure of the Help Desk to do anything resembling actual help, and the near open contempt I have been shown as a customer has been insulting; specifically the insinuation from Karan that I should cancel my orders. I asked for a Customer ID# and he refused it. I spoke to her manager Richa Rep ID 11921 and she was incrediibly rude to me as well. I asked to speak to an American Rep or Rep that could understand my questions and I was told to keep calling the 1-800# maybe you will get lucky. What kind of service is that? I am being told the day of shipping that the order is delayed due to components.

I called back and spoke with Maurice Rep ID 99994 and I am told there is no issue with components he will have the order expedited. I am advised that there is no issue with my order being delayed it will ship very shortly.

I recheck my status and I sent multiple e-mails to the customer service team and I get the same generic response:
"I apologize you are experiencing this delay. Dell is making every
effort to ship your order as soon as possible. The most current
we have is that your order number should ship on or before
the Estimated Delivery Date of September 15, 2008.

I would like to inform you that the delay is due to a high demand of
the product. This is just an estimated date; the order can be shipped
you even earlier. You will also receive an email with the shipping
information as soon as the order is shipped out of Dell."

They don't even answer your questions. They give a generic, standardized, Robotic, answer.

I just need to know what the status is of my order. I do not think anyone in your entire company can provide me with a response.

Should you not be able to show that I misrepresented my claims, I will be expecting a formal apology from Karan, Richa, and Dell, as well as the notebooks in a timely fashion, not 2 months after they are ordered.

I am certain that whoever ends up dealing with this letter can understand that as a customer I merely wanted a simple and effortless buying process, and can empathize with the difficulty I have had in this situation. I am certain you wouldn't want to be treated with the disrespect I feel as has been shown to me, if you were making a similar purchase. Would you recommend a company that acted in this was to you after all these problems? Would you buy from them again? I think not!

Ask yourself if this is the right way to bring Dell back into the top position as a computer manufacturer. It's not.

I hope this e-mail really reaches Michael Dell and does not get buried by someone trying to cover up the very real problem Dell has with Customer Service.


Anonymous said...

I have purchased more than one Dell Laptop. I thought that customer service was ok in the past. However, it is becoming progressively worse despite my purchasing an extended warranty.Now I am totally absolutely disgusted with the Vista OS sham. I HATE VISTA!!!! and I asked it be replaced with XP. Of course they want money to send a cd, but I argued that VISTA malfunctions, it is defective and it should be replaced at no cost to me. Dell offers to do so to whoever did not purchase vista home version (the more expensive versions I guess). So only those who paid more, and possibly can afford to spend more, should get a freebie not us the common users (the majority possibly). Now i read that they also switch cards and other elements that are cheaper (who would go inside to check after all?). I think consumers should get together and do something about this company which is being sued already in more than one state and for more than one reason. For now all I wanted is to go back to XP a functional OS.

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit India-it has such charm, such history--but--having a customer care advisor who cannot speak anything but broken English since Dell decided that we-their customers deserve no respect--will be sent to India--to a different culture where they will feel rich if they get 100$ a month--is abysmal. I hope India gets some status-but not by hurting me-DELL-is the worst--all I asked for is repair-Ashanti asks for a phone number to "discuss"--I say YOU BROKE IT YOU FIX IT--I refuse to pay 85$ to fix the printer they ruined

Fred said...

I noticed that the Latest comment was on Microsoft XP, being wanted, & Vista being shoved down everyones throat, this is as much a Microsoft issue as a Dell one.Ive had my own share of Microsoft problems, & found that Microsoft was available. The site is just up, & a blog should be added in days, if not this weekend. Also Dell is a WEIRD relationship with Microsoft. As an ex employee at Dell I got to see a LOT of what goes on there, & even at dell, as an employee I was unable to get the version of windows that I wanted ,loaded on my machine due to "Lisencing issues" in the deal that they had with Microsquash. Apparently they are not very good at negotiating windows liscences with Bill Gates.WORSE as dell is printing THEIR OWN copied of windows, under lisence from gates, you are cut off from Rrgular Microsquash OS support & have to rely on on Dell "Support" for windoze....

Anonymous said...

Recently I purchased a Dell desktop, the somewhat new Studio Hybrid. The initial insatllation went smoothly until I attempted to print and was given the message, "computer can not communicate with printer". After several attempts to remedy the situation I called Dell, on August 28th, to inform them of the problem and receive help. The first,"Customer Care", representative I spoke with did everything but care. She insisted that I should purchase North American Technical Support for $150dollars and that they would solve my problem. Because I had already spent two thousand dollars I was not willing to spend any money. I was then transfered to Dell's Technical Support Team. Here began my rapid decent into Dell Hell. After being shuffled back and forth between operators who asked for my order number and name at least 10 frustratiing times I finally was connected with a tech who took control of my computer for two hours and thirty seven minutes and was unable to fix the printer. He instructed me to wait and he would call back in a day. This never happened. I called again on the 29th and after another frustrating round of calls reached another tech who was unable to answer any questions, I asked for and was connected to a supervisor who after hearing my rant put me on hold and the line went dead. I am certain everyone on this site can relate so I have no doubt that you are all very aware of my frustration. The next day, after claming down, I called again, went throught the same process, and had a tech take charge of my computer and unistall and reinstall my printer driver. The process took three hours and before complete the tech told me he would call me the next day to make certain the printer was working and assured me he had fixed the problem. He never called, and the printer still does not work. Once again I called, at this point I wanted the whole system gone, and was told by, "Customer Care", that if I sent the printer back I would not receive credit and that the printer would not be replaced. The mantra of Customer Care was "only tech support can replace a printer", so I was transfered again to tech support. Somewhere in between all of this I had to work, and using a friends printer, was able to meet my printer needs. I still do not have a working printer, and my last call to the Dell unresolved problems number instructed me that a representative would call me on the 10th. This is why people lose control, pack a lunch, and hit a bell tower. I will never again buy anything from Dell and if I could I would send the whole system back, but of course the representative, "Steve", told me I was past my 21 days. Steve was obviously not aware that this all began on the 28th or maybe he was and just did not "Care".

David said...

1. This past July I ordered a Dell XPS with all the bells and whistles. I spent $2650 on this system. One of the reasons that I bought when I did was because I was told that I would not have to pay for it in one year with no interest. Everything was fine until Sept 5 I received a call from Dell Financial demanding to know why I had not made a payment. I was put through directly to I would guess was with the collections department. I explained why I had not made a payment, and the guy laughed in my face saying that was absurd. To make a long story short I was treated like the biggest deadbeat on earth and if I didn’t make a payment immediately I would probably be on the next issue of America’s Most Wanted. After a few minutes of trying to deal with this jerk, I decided to just pay it off in full. After telling the guy this, he went on with insults wanting to get my checking account number so he could get his money faster. In addition to this insult they are sticking me with a $39 interest fee. Obviously, the problem had to do the initial order I made with Dell, and after numerous attempts to get through I had absolutely no luck. I am watching my checking account and as soon as I see that the check has cleared I am going to call Dell Financial and cancel my account. I have personally bought three dell computers and because I used to teach computer education there is not telling how many people I recommended to buy a dell. I will never again do any business whatsoever with Dell Computer.

Anonymous said...

Dell is the last name in computers that a person should use. This company is very poor both in quality of hardware and in customer service. I purchased a Dimension E520 along with a laser printer 1320c. The printer stopped working after only of one year of use. I still have the toner that the printer had when it was shipped. I did not buy a three year warranty so I was “out of luck”. The young guy in India laughed when he told me this.
The PC unit itself must have been used before I bought it as it stops working every few months. After a three hour call to India each time being passed around to three staff members laughing, the unit starts working. “Are you happy that we can help you so much” they say. These bastards are the same as auto mechanics that rip old ladies off when all they need is a bolt tightened. I guess this is the best that this world has to offer. Go to hell Dell!!! At least may your stock drop and you go bankrupt!!!!.

Anonymous said...

I have a Dell XPS M1710. I bought it new from Dell and it's about my fifth (and last) Dell purchase. The cd player crapped out on day two. I spent four hours on the phone and we resolved the problem- until the next day when it reoccurred. I had my employee on the phone for three hours and they concluded I should reload Windows and everything else. I did not buy this thing to have another project on my hands. I waited a week and called myself (round3)- the person was useless and unable to help so his parting shot was reload everything. I said how about I send it to them to let them fix it-They said "No" they only work on software problems - I'm on my own for the hardware issue- I am done with Dell. I will not buy another Dell product ever- I am in the market for two new laptops and they will not be Dell.

Anonymous said...

Peeved Parents

My daughter has had her laptop since 2005 and had a full 4 year warranty - here we are less than 1 year from the warranty expiring and they are denying that her problem is a warranty problem and they won't cover.

We spoke to 7 people in India none of which I can understand or spell their name. They promised to transfer us twice to a Supervisor -once we were left on hold indefinitly and the other time we were transferred to another department. Dell's Customer Service is horrible and very unprofessional. We are a 3 time owner of Dell Computers but never again. Dell does not care about their consumers. One of the representatives tried to sell us a package so that our future representatives would be from North America because we could get better Customer Service - no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan said...

I have a Dell desk top which I am re-installing the operating system and the programs that came with the computer. I purchased the system directly from Dell so I had a hardware warranty, which has expired, but I also have " free lifetime phone support", which must mean emotional support, because I have become quite emotional. I have reinstalled the operating system and all of the programs myself, but there are a few glitches that affect a couple of the programs. I talked to 5 different people for a couple hours including most of which was time on hold. Each emotional support technician told me about my "free lifeime phone support", but none of them would help me. Although they told me they could connect me to another department where the technician would help me. Each technician said they would transfer my information to the next department so I wouldn't have to, but of course each time I had to. Each technician told me why they couldn't help me, but I cant remember the reasons because they were all different. Finally I asked why they helped me with the exact same issue in April, five months earlier. A support technician completely restored the same computer to its original settings free of charge. Apparently they changed their policy in June. Their "free lifetime phone support" would now cost me a minimum of $129, fantastic! The cost of free is on the rise.
I would hope that every one who reads this avoids Dell. Just don't do it. Support your local computer tech, get a custom built machine.

David Kirk, APR, Fellow PRSA said...

My Dell 32 inch TV developed an audio hardware problem within my extended warranty period. Bt since I use it as a monitor on my computer, I didn't get around to calling tech support until two weeks (!) after the warranty expired. This monitor has now been replaced under warranty three times. This has been Dell Hell year for me: my Inspiron has had hard drives replaced twice and I have had to reformat hard drives twice because of other blue screen of death errors. My calm messages at the technical support call back number I was given get no response. Is there some uber customer service operation where reason prevails?

Warren said...

All these stories sound sadly familiar. We lease 12 Dell computers and have been trying to get Dell Financial Services to fix a billing error THEY made back in February 2006. We’ve spent countless hours on the phone to countless customer service representatives who pay lip service to addressing the problem. The accounting is still wrong and they have sent us to collections twice! If you live in California and are interested in joining a class action law suit against Dell (similar to the one recently one in New York), please e-mail me at or visit I am one little guy fighting the monster that is Dell and Dell Financial Services.

Carla said...

I recently had a problem with my fax suddenly not working. I called Dell and got a support tech. I allowed him access to my computer. He wanted another number after several minutes so he could see if it was my phone line causing the problem. He kept trying to send me a fax. I told him if he sent me one he would have to tell me how to receive it. He did not seem to understand what I was telling him. Well he later told me that my fax could not receive faxes, after spending time on my cell using my minutes about an hour and a half. Lie 1, my fax can receive faxes. Lie 2, it did not matter what line the phone line was plugged into in the back of my computer. By the way it does and that appeared to be the problem, I plugged into a different plug in when I moved the computer. Both of these issues were discussed in the first ten minutes.
Well during this nightmare He deleted several things off my computer and re-installed several things. I have no idea why he needed in my MCI card files or my sound blaster files, but these were two of the files I watched him access. In his deleting files he deleted my fax log showing what numbers faxes had been sent to, when and that they went through. I needed the information in that file for a court case. To prove faxes were sent in a timely manner, and to what number and that they went through. When I got upset I saw him go to my trash and click on it, I did not see what happened with it as he seemed to be on to some other file quickly. I got the feeling he was wasting time until the end of his shift, besides not knowing what he was doing. After over two hours of this he told me he would have a supervisor call me back the next day at noon my time. After getting off the phone I tried switching the phone line to the other port and guess what I could send faxes. The next day at 1:30 a female called me back and she actually was able to set my computer up to receive faxes and showed me how to operate it. She also attempted to find the files. She suggested I call the phone company and get those records. When I explained that I would need a subpoena to get those records even though they were for my own records. She told me she would have a supervisor call me back to discuss the problem within 48 hours. So today four days later I was called back by Sunderraman 122109, who said she was a supervisor when asked. Now this person seemed to be just checking to see if my problem was resolved and my fax was working. When I asked about the files she seemed to just want to waste my cell minutes and not resolve anything. She disconnected the line once in the middle of me answering a question. She did call back and went on to something else and then told me it was not a Dell file so she could not help me. I asked her several time to call me on my land line and she refused stating I had caller ID and she would not. Funny both of the prior techs called me on my land line and so have techs in the past. This is not the first time I have gotten the line about not a dell product I can 't help you. I was even offered once for them to sell me the exact same router, so they could help me. In that case I bought a laptop to use wireless and could not get it to connect. Since my router was not one I bought from dell they would not tell me what settings I need to enter into my dell to make the connection. Thank god the router company did not feel the same way.
There is a big difference in speaking and language and understanding a lauguage. I would like to think that this is a lauguage problem however I think it is people just wasting time and not knowing what to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear administrator. Please remove the contact information of the Dell employee in this blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dell is great! I went a-surfin' on their website looking for an mp3player for a Christmas present. Low and behold, I found not only an mp3 player, but also a Philips 32" HD LCD flatscreen for $748 with a limited time offer expiring 112408 of $600.00 off. Since I have never had a problem with Dell, I figured this was wrong I was. Not only did they set up my order for shipping, but they gave me a ship date and debited my Peferred Account. Then, two days later they cancelled the order stating it was a pricing error and they could cancel the order without notice! Save yourself, don't go to Dell!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a refurbished Dell Studio laptop on Nov. 12, 2008. Three weeks later it crashed three times, which were recoverable, and then another crash on Dec. 12 that appears fatal. I spent more than 1.5 hours on chat sessions with two different reps. The second rep said they have problems with a lot of their refurbished computers, gave me a case number and told me he was transferring me to Customer Service so I could request an exchange or refund. That's when I got disconnected and haven't been able to reach a live person since. I work full-time so I can't spend every waking moment on hold trying to reach a Dell rep. I finally found a spot on their site where I could submit an e-mail so I did today (Dec. 15) with all my case numbers, etc., asking for someone to contact me. I'm not encouraged by the run around and the blogs I've been reading on your site. I should have bought a Mac.

Anonymous said...

Ordered an xbox for my son last month in the hope it would arrive for Christmas. Called "customer care" several times and was told each time that the order was cancelled because Dell does not ship to FPO addresses. Sent over 20 emails but responses from Dell have been unintelligible. Please warn all Americans serving overseas at military/diplomatic posts that Dell will not ship to FPO addresses and will not accept collect calls.

Update: just learned that Dell actually shipped the order in duplicate! And to the wrong address without authorization. An email said this was done due to "confidential reasons", but the English grammar was so poor the rest is incomprehensible.

What a horrible example of U.S. business practice.

jon a. said...

Had the same problem - Apparently they are using a call center in India these days. I also was transferred to a person who claimed she was in Manila. She could not complete a single sentence in English and refused to transfer me to her supervisor.

I warned my military friends at USAN KOREA to avoid Dell like the plague. Apparently they do not want to deal with US servicemen anymore.

Anonymous said...

i received a dead computer from dell. i called and once they were aware i wouldn't be willing to keep an expensive paperweight around my call was routed to india. this is a black hole. i was put on non-ending hold, sent from person to person and disconnected many times. this took hours. i was stunned. it's called the run around. after logging hours i asked for a supervisor and that was refused. finally told one of them i'd be disputing the charge on my ax since they weren't interested in providing any customer service. they said go ahead. i did. funny how there was lots of customer service when they were trying to sell their junk. the agent at ax tried calling for me and she got the same treatment. now i'm going through more time wasted disputing the charge. i'm having to pay out my pocket to ship the piece of junk back. also, the bar code on the bottom of the dead computer had been rubbed off with an eraser. it was pre-owned and sold as new. the hard drive was bad as it made the chinking sounds of a failing hard drive as soon as i turned it on. save yourself some grief and buy from compaq, hp, ibm, or apple. funny but i help people by fixing their screwed up computers. i don't charge them as i feel sorry for them. when a computer is unsalvagable i help them buy a new one. i use to use dell. ha. not anymore. i have a 90's era cheap little HP laptop that's still working great. i got it for $25 at a thrift store. just needed a little work. guess i'll be recommending them from now on.

Brett Hart said...

I ordered a new dell vostro on December 19th, 2008 for an employee who started work on January 5th, 2009. It is now January 10th, and they have yet to ship it. This is the 2nd time the order has been postponed. Currently, it is set to ship on the 16th of January. Nearly a month after ordering. I will seriously reconsider ever buying a Dell again.

Anonymous said...

We have a warranty with Dell for a laptop - the first time we used it, it took over 2 weeks before we could get them to agree to send someone - they stated that the LCD screen going bad was due to negligence. The tech they sent said it was not an unusual problem - so of course, no negligence.

We need to use our warranty again, a couple of months after they replaced the LCD screen. Now the casing on the new screen is coming apart. Again, the runaround with Dell - it is due to negligence.

I so look forward to the next couple of weeks, getting the runaround with Dell, spending my days on the phone argueing with them. Someone will always call you back (not in my experience)and no one has any contact information to give you - you just have to wait for a Manager.

Please, please, DO NOT WASTE your money on a Dell. They might be cheaper in the beginning, but experience shows the hassle and frustration are not worth it. Especially if you don't have the time or ability to fight back when something goes wrong. Then out of pocket you pay to fix something that should have been fixed under warranty for free!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was ordering an XPS 1530 and got a coupon code on another website and tried to get a work discount on top of it and I was informed it was stacking coupons NOT ALLOWED but on thier website it stated 7% discount plus any promotion on dell home was good to combine. After phone calls from a manager in TN who informed me that you can't stack discounts, and then I got one in TX like she was going to do something other than what he told me, but she added that what I used was not a Dell home promotion. In order for a discount code to be valid to use it has to be authorized by dell because they where limiting how many times it could be used and posted an expiration date. The best part was after the phone call on Jan 21 with TN the computer that was supposed to be shipped on the 27th of Jan was produced early and in shipment on Jan 22 with no notification by email of shipment. The best part is what has been stated many times before customer service, transfer, transfer, and tranfer and to where it is completely unknown and I told them I was buying. that's if they understood cause I sure couldn't. Todays market you would think they would honor what they print. Guess what when computer arrives it will not be accepted, return to sender.

Kitana said...

people - just so you know who your dealing with ... Dell has in several different cases filed bug sightings with Intel against processors claiming hardware design bugs in the processor. After several weeks of debug these issues have been traced to poor board design in the motherboards - typically related to marginal power supply lines.

These types of issues are common when dealing with a computer manufacturer who constantly cuts corner is their designs to raise profit margin in the system. This is known as the "Big Lots" effect, or Kmart, Wal-mart whichever applies.

Anonymous said...

Be aware. Dell Service Center is downloading a "self-extrancting" BIOS update. After noticing several suspicious things about the name and publisher of the update I stopped it. Too Late...the self extracting file was already on my cpu. All I needed to know was the destination folder for the download and I could have handled the issue myself or at a minimum with a little help from my friend the programmer! NOOOoooo. I don;t have "KEYCODE" with an active warrantee to I get sent to the guy in India who says his name is Sam and tells me to "delete the Dell Service Center from the Control Panel". Now I have been at it for almost 14 hours. 3 or 4 of those hours spent on hold and trying to communicate with people who were either not qualified for the job they had, or simply refuse to help. I have NEVER HAD A PROBLEM until now. I run regular maintenance, and I have had many attempts made on my security and it always held firm. Since your technical support is either unwilling or unable to address a simple concern caused by YOUR proprietary software, this will be the last Dell purchase from me and as many people as I can convince not to buy Dell products

Michael E,
Lawrence, Ks

John in Canada said...

I'm so happy to find someplace to vent about Dell. I recently bought an Inspiron for my daughter and had 2 simple questions before I closed the deal - whether I could get XP instead of Vista (Ya, OK, I expected a "no" but MS does not object if you replace Vista Ultimate with XP Pro until Win 7 comes out at least) - and a ballpark estimate on how long it would take to ship. The first woman to answer the Customer Service call spoke with a thick Indian accent SO FAST that I could barely understand her. I asked the timing question and she said "Wait a moment and I will connect you with someone who can get you an Internet Service Provider." HUH? She was clearly reading and did not understand my question - and I couldn't understand her. The next (thick Indian accent) man was little better. At least he was reading the right script, but he kept asking those stupid security questions as if the world would end if he gave a rough shipping estimate to an unqualified caller! After the 4th or 5th question I just hung up - it was getting me nowhere. I bought the Inspiron because it was pink and my daughter had seen a picture of it. Otherwise I would have turned my back on Dell. I am now shopping for my own next computer, and will not repeat this experience. I have had Dells for the past 6 years and except for a baffling design issue where they hid the single USB port at a weird angle close to the floor and then hidden by a flap, I was content. No more. Dell, use English speakers for English callers. Let customers ask the questions before you cut them off with your script. Thanks, I feel slightly better.

Mary S said...

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 and a mini 9" with Ubuntu. Several months ago my problems started. I got a blue screen error. That error led to additional errors and video problems. I logged more than 9 hours on the phone with techs with no answers. Finally I took my computer to work and showed it to an IT guy. He told me I had a video problem. He was right... But Dell wouldn't hear of it. After a few more hours, they agreed. I was charged $15.99 for start-up discs I didn't need, and another $15.99 for a box to send my computer for repairs in.. nearly 30 days later... I still have no computer. The computer was returned to me with 2 letters of ./. correspondence. Both were dated 02/05/09 The first letter said "please find your repaired dell portable" it said it had been extensively tested by certified techs to ensure the problem had been corrected. The second letter also dated 02/05/09 said that after extensive testing that my system required a new hard drive. Can you believe it?? Trhe computer was returned to me without a hard drive replacement. It actually said they didn't have a replacement at the repair center, so they will dispatch one to me within 2-3 business days. I was going to have to install it myself. I have never heard of something so ridiculous. I am not a tech and do not even have a philips screwdriver small enough to open the computer up. I asked to a Manager and was put on hold for ages. I called from my other phone, and was again put on hold. Finally I got a hold of a fella that gave me his ext. #... What a joke. They will not answer my questions. I was hung up on 3 times, and on the 4th time, the cowards wouldn't answer the phone. Could someone advise me where to write or email? I can't take any more.

Robert Minniti said...

Here is a link to an article I posted on Dell attempting to charge a nonexistent sales tax on top of the fee it charges to speak to a technical service representative - If you paid this nonexistent tax to Dell, or know anyone who has, please leave a comment on this article.

Anonymous said...

Its difficult to understand how Dell get away with their terrible customer service and the way they treat people. Why are they not bankrupt or a dead corporate fish? Why do they keep growing and expanding? I have no idea but what I do know is they made me angry enough to make my own site and blog about them -! Thanks for letting me post and get it out of my system!

Anonymous said...

This is the letter that I sent to Dell this morning:

I just need SOMEONE to listen and act like they care.

I bought a Dell laptop in October 2008. The product was decent for the price I paid for it. When it STOPPED working (would not even turn on), I called Dell's Tech support. I was dissapointed, although not too surprised, that I was not transfered to speak to someone that lives in THIS country (I am a born and raised American). I was told to send the computer in, which I did. I received a phone call stating that my computer had stopped working because there had been some kind of liquid spilled on it. I was quoted $358 to fix a $550 computer. I told them not to do it, and just send it back to me.

I received a phone call a few days later from an automated message stating that my computer had the repairs made to it, and was being shipped back to me. I called Dell's customer service, and explained to them that I had not authorized any repairs, and asked WHAT had been done to the computer. After being transfered I'm estimating 5 times before speaking to someone that actually looked it up, I was informed that there had been no repairs done to the computer and that I should be receiving it that day.

I explained to the woman that I spoke with that I was going to have the motherboard in it replaced independantly, and that if that fixed my problems with it, I would be VERY upset that I was told it needed SO much more than that. She gave me this offer: If I were to purchase the complete care service pack, it would cover ALL existing problems with the computer. EVEN (as I asked, probably 4 times... with witnesses to it, to make sure that I understood correctly) the problems that had ALREADY been documented in their system. She REASSURED me, that it would be covered. I was a bit skeptical, but figured that she was working with me, to get a problem I had resolved, and I was ELATED. I bought the product (the complete care warranty) for $89.50, and she sent me the box to return the computer, directly after the purchase of the warranty. I received the box the next day, and mailed the computer back.

I got a phone call yesterday, from the same "service technician" that I had delt with the first time. Saying that I was still going to be charged for the repairs, because they had already been documented. I explained to him the conversation, and the reassurance that I had recieved from the lady that sold me the warranty. He didn't care. I asked for his manager. I was transfered to the manager (we'll call him X since I was so angry that I didn't even hear his name). I explained to "X" the situation that I have now typed above this paragraph. He said "I understand that, but in order for your warranty to be valid, you need to pay us another $200, and we're being nice by discounting it". He would not budge. I asked to speak to his manager, and he REFUSED. Said that his manager would not deal with such trivial issues, and wouldn't speak to me. I asked him again for his manager, and he said "no, he will tell you the same thing I have told you already. It will be $200 more". I got so frusterated that I finally hung up. He was not hearing me, and his refusal to let me speak to someone higher than him was VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

I decided to try my hand with customer service. I was transfered 6 times to different people all saying "I need some information to transfer you to the right person"... telling my story to each of them. Finally, I got a woman that offered to refund my money for the warranty. I explained that I was not looking for a refund. I wanted what had been told I would get by purchasing the warranty. She said the woman that sold it to me didn't know what she was talking about, and if I wanted that warranty to be vaild, I would have to pay another $200.

I want to speak to an AMERICAN, that will stand behind what they tell me I am buying. I am SO dissatisfied with the service that I have received. And I want SOMEONE to care enough to do something about it.

April G.


Anonymous said...

I ordered a Dell Studio Laptop on 9-Mar-09 and also purchased another laptop for my friend on 12-Mar-09. Everything seemed fine till I ordered and made the payment to them. After ordering, I received a mail from dell stating that my laptop's delivery has been delayed and I'll receive my laptop around 23-Mar-09. When I tried to find the reason for delay I also found out that the names on the invoices has been changed without my authorization and no one was sure whose fault was that and my laptop has been delayed further and the customer service associate did not even had an estimated delivery date. Moreover, when I tried to cancel the order the customer service associate disconnected the call. I really had a tough time finding out the delivery date for my laptop and was left with no choice but just to wait and expect that I'll receive the laptop some or the other date. I asked one of my frined to order from Dell instead of some other company but I probably will not suggest this to anyone. The website for Dell also provides a column to file a complaint and informs that a customer service associate will contact within 1 businees day. I have filed a complaint twice and I am still awaiting for a reply. Though I have recieved my laptop but I had a tough time dealing with the customer service and the sales team rep and that too after ordering 2 laptops.

AChanning said...

I purchased a Dell XPS420 at the end of January 2008. On 4th June 2008 the operating system disappeared.Being unable to find the OS discs that should have been delivered with the machine I telephoned Dell on 6th June and was promised duplicate discs would be posted. They were not sent until 16th June and arrived on 24th June. The Vista Home Premium would not load. A local repair shop had the machine for a week and diagnosed one of the hard discs was faulty which I had replaced, but they still could not succeed in loading the operating system. On 15th July I spoke with Dell and was promised that the machine would be collected the following day for repair. I was even given a reference number for the collection. No collection. I notified Dell the machine was not fit for purpose and requested a refund of my money. Dell relied on their terms and conditions - which of course were irrelevant since they were supposed to supply a machine that worked and had singularly failed to do. A series of emails were the response to my recorded delivery letters until finally they agreed to send an engineer to my home to sort out the problem. I pointed out that the machine had been packed for collection since 15th July and finally a new date for collection was set for 9th September.They advised me to back up all my data doh I had no operating system! Just look at that - three months to do what they said they would do in July. It was agreed the machine would be returned no later than 15th September. Needless to say it was still not back by 22nd September and again I had to send recorded delivery letter to Dell. When it did eventually come back it was still not functioning properly :

It does not recover from sleep mode

Shut down frequently does not complete

The 500GB hard drive I installed is not recognised by the OS even though the BIOS shows it clearly

No one will be surprised to learn that they have not reimbursed me for the cost of the 320GB hard drive I had replaced nor have they compensated me for the three plus month I did not have use of the machine.

Adding insult to injury they asked me to purchase an extended warranty one year after the date of purchse. My reply cannot be published in polite circles.

Thank God I am able to stop my family buying any more Dell products - both my sosn have replaced their machines since this saga started and Dell did not receive their orders. When I buy next Dell will not be on my list of possible suppliers.

Antony Channing 3rd April 2009

Dianne Riswold said...

I too have found Dell tech support to be incompetent. I had and continue to have a problem with my Inspirion just turning itself off and any. Since I teach college, this is a major problem. I waited until I had a block of time to call as I hear the nightmare of long conversations. Well mine lasted 2 and a half hours. I also ordered some ink and they managed to screw that up too. I would like to have a company think about their customers, not their bottom line. The Indians are pleasant, but a language barrier exists. I do not plan on buying a Dell again.

Springer Kneeblood said...

I ordered a Dell Inspiron notebook computer in March. I received email confirmation of the order and an estimated date of receipt. The receipt date came and went while I was away at a client conference. Yesterday, after I returned, I logged into my account online to find that the order had been cancelled. This is the second time Dell did this to me; the first one was for a flat-screen monitor that was cancelled for reasons still unknown. I called Dell support and was told it was cancelled because it was going to be delayed and that Dell had informed me by email and telephone. I have not record of either; I have plenty of other Dell email, but nothing about the cancellation. After at least an hour on the phone with their India-based "customer care" team, I was told that the only way the order could be re-instituted was for me to call Dell sales on Monday. I suggested it would be appropriate for them to call me, since Dell was the one who screwed up this order; no, they said, I must institute the is policy. After convulsively losing my temper for the umpteenth time, I explained that was not going to happen and I would happily buy from Sony or some other company that behaves as if customers matter. Dell needs to get the message; its customer service is the most abysmal I have ever encountered.

The Gonzo Journalist said...

Inspiron 1520, DELL:

Spilled saline solution on mousepad and mouse buttons. Right button works fine, left button does not work.

Is there a way I can fix the problem myself or do I have to send in my laptop for two weeks?

Anonymous said...

Dell refuses to honor purchased extended warranty. For 1 year Dell has avoided repairing my computer.

I have 4 dell computers, 2 desk tops, 2 lap tops. My 1705 Inspiron cost $1995 with extended warranty. The computer had small blemish in the screen. It was for my daughter who was leaving to live in Europe. Over a year she notified me that the blemish was enlarging. The whole screen is now unreadable. I contacted Dell when she returned to the USA with the manufacturer defected computer. Of course they routed my call to India. The man from India put in my case file my daughter dropped the computer, which was a total lie. Where he got this information is beyond me. Dell refuses to honor the extended warranty I purchased, they won't even give me a phone number inside the USA. Our sencond laptop has the same type of blemish in the screen. I will never buy Dell ever again.

Anonymous said...

Dell is able to charge your account fradulent amounts--

I purchased a Studio 15" laptop for my wife this past Saturday. The total in that purchase came to 1948 less shipping and taxes. Memorial day my phone starts blowing up with the same 800 number on it, so finally I answer it. To my surprise it is Dell saying my original order has been cancelled because I did not call Dell Financial to approve the amount. I was told that my purchase would be re-submitted and for my trouble a reduction in price of the entire unit to 1780.00 less shipping and tax.
Today I checked to be safe and again to my surprise I was charged the initial amount of 1948.00 which would be a charge in fraud since it was not the amount I agreed to at all. After spending 7 hours on the phone talking to 27 incompetent people at Dell I did what I do best and researched. I found the site to be awesome at finding executive contacts in Dell. I placed calls and left messages for Peter Botelho, VP of Credit, and Eric Sommer. Maybe I will hear from them possibly not, but I will continue to blog this until it is fixed or my account is closed.

William Dewalt

alisaterry said...

I have been a Dell Customer for 15 years. I'm on my 3rd Dell, a lap top. It cost me only %650 after I added a few things to the $499 base price. Basic.

I called about some needed repairs - a screw came out of the right side of the screen so that part has become completely unhinged and the screen won't close. The cord has cracked where it plugs into the side and the battery won't recharge. I have a few missing buttons. They said it falls under warranty and sent me a box to mail it.

The just called today and said that a liquid spill means none of the repairs are covered ad they want to charge me $350 for the repairs, including replacing the motherboard???

I asked them how a liquid spill unhinged my computer screen, but the person didn't understand me, or didn't care, and just kept repeating the same sentence over and over again. I asked to speak with someone else but that person didn't understand me, either, and repeated the same sentence. "The liquid spill is not an accident so your repairs don't fall under warranty."

They said they are going to send it back to me unrepaired, and then before I said goodbye, said I have to speak with someone who will be calling me tomorrow to confirm I don't want the repairs done.


I was going to blog about this. I think I'm just going to cut and paste this whole thing onto my blog....

Anonymous said...

My dell hell has already started and I don't even HAVE my new computer yet. I ordered online and discovered AFTER I placed the order that the estimated delivery date would be while I was out of town. Not having any information to know that you may only change your order in any way ON THE DAY you place it, I called later to ask that they delay (not make earlier, delay!) my delivery date to a time when I would actually be in town. Since they cannot leave the computer at my door (has to be signed for, I live in AZ and it's summer, etc), I wanted to avoid the problems that would absolutely arise when nobody was there to sign for the delivery on any of the 3 consecutive days there would be a delivery attempt. Same for the 5 day "hold" period. So...the computer will go back to Dell where I will have to pay at least $151 "restocking" fee. WHY is all this happening? Because Dell's policy (written in stone) is that the ordering process is entirely automated, no human being can make any change for any reason after the day the order has been completed. You cannot ask for a later delivery date b/c you are out of town, you can't change the delivery address to someone in town who actually WILL be there to sign, you cannot cancel the order even though the computer hasn't been created yet. There is literally NOTHING that can be done to fix the situation or prevent the computer from being returned in my circumstance. To make matters worse, I learned that a dispute with my credit card company won't even reverse the restocking charge b/c Dell notes there will be a charge for returned items even though they didn't put any notice that you cannot change a date or address once the order has been placed! NICE!

Oh, and I also learned that there is NO SUCH THING as customer support within the US for home users. ALL customer support and return team specialists will be from another country where English is a second language, no exceptions. The only US based Dell employees you can find are those selling you things but not any who would help you once you have been stupid enough to make a Dell purchase. BUYER BEWARE. Stay away from Dell at all costs. At this point perhaps the $151 is money well spent to avoid the inevitable problems I'd have once I actually owned a Dell. NEVER AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

I ordered Dell studio computer. The Microsoft word proceesor would not print. I spent hours and hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem. It would work for a little while and then stop. I was told to buy the insurance so that the service calls would not be as expensive. I did so. Today I tried to print a paper and it failed. I called tech support and they told me that I did not purchase the insurance for this computer but for my other computer and 2 printers. I tried to explain that this was the only computer that I ever had this problem with and why would I purchase insurance on my old computer that I was not having a problem with. He asked me how many times I had called for this computer since purchasing the insurance. I told him 3 or 4 times. He said, "See there you used up all of your service calls on this computer. I told him, "Yes, but all the calls were for the same issue. It never was resolved for any length of time. I told them I hadn't tried to print anything in a while so I wasn't aware that it had stopped
responding again. He told me that it was my fault for not using the processor for awhile and that it was not an ongoing issue. I was so angry that I threatened to send the thing back. I think Dell has the stupidest people on the face of the earth in tech support. By the way, I was more than polite about being kept on the phone for hours at a time because I believed that they were trying to resolve the problem. Today I was talked to as if I were an idiot. Once they told me that it was the Webroot Spyware interfering with my program and that I shouldn't be using it. I told them that they were the ones who sold me the spyware. Yeah, butthey said that they weren't responcible if it was incompatible. I asked them why did they sell it to me then. Just as a footnote: THIS WAS NOT A CHEAP COMPUTER AND IT IS LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD.

kevinjhn said...

This has been a very frustrating experience right from the start after all the problems getting Dell to let me have XP on only some of their computers I finally picked one I was sort of excited about.
Then aAfter waiting a whole month of delays on my order and receiving NO email about possible cancellation of original order (I even checked SPAM folder). My order was canceled!
The last Email was on the 21st stating there was going to be yet another delay. Oh yes I did receive a message on my answering machine (I saved for the record) at 4:20 PM the same day stating I had to call and request not to cancel or it would be! Assuming I would be able to respond in that 3 and 1/2 hour window!
As it turned out I did not return home till 9:00 AM the following morning and called immediately (around 10:00 AM). I was informed that my order had NOT been canceled and NOT TO WORRY.
For some reason in the past few years that ominous quote when uttered from India is less than settling.
And sure enough about 6 hours later I received an Email around 4:00 PM stating my order HAD BEEN CANCELLED!
So I wait all this time week after week dealing with a dying computer and having to finally rent one only to find out it was al for nothing!
I called and after one hour and 20 minutes of arguing and all sorts of manor or BS I finally got my order re-entered but only as a new order. Back on track your thinking? Not so lucky. Dell sends me a confirmation Email where I find 2 feature errors and one total omission in the replacement order promised to be a direct copy of the original order. Now how hard is it to cut and paste the same order over again? So now I have to wait until 8:00 AM the following morning to try to resolve these errors only to be told by a very defiant service agent that my order has already been started on and no way no how and that her manager will tell me the same.
Hmmm you tell be there are backordered parts for a month and then in actually no working hours since the re-order that I can figure the computer is already out the door! How dumb do I look/sound.
I finally insist and after a learning all the new songs on the hold station I finally get a manager who I have to start from scratch with and of course he can not deny (after looking at my history on his screen) that I am absolutely right it was there errors and yes I can re-order.
By now I have missed my breakfast and my mind. But wait now I am sent back to financial and have to do another song and dance to try to get the now duplicate charges off my bill and after enduring that I am sent back again for some reason. The agent kept asking what I wanted? Actually, I want to hang up. She had no clue why or what to do with me and then I was abruptly disconnected.
Sadly after being treated so badly, I will not be doing business with Dell in the future.
There is more but I am to exhausted and annoyed to recite any more of it. I have never had to work so hard to give $1,500.00 away in my life. Back to HP for me. I learned my lesson, should have never left.
I would appreciate it if some one would follow up on the cancellation and credit of order #827872882.
Thank you for passing this on to anyone left at Dell that may care about how the customer is being treated.
Very Sincerely,
Kevin McLaughlin

Anonymous said...

Save Yourself! DON'T BUY A DELL COMPUTER........... (edit/delete)


I remember when Dell Computers were wonderful....I remember way back when their service was as well. As some of you know, my computer recently became ill. It was time, I thought, to get a brand new computer and put an end (at least temporarily) to computer issues.

I called Dell Computers-A HUGE mistake. The sales people were quite friendly but it seemed that their offers were only good for ONE DAY. "If you don't purchase by 9pm EST, this price is subject to change."

I don't LIKE being rushed. When I mentioned it to my son, he told me to go elsewhere. Of course I should have listened. Instead I bought a new high end Dell Computer that cost almost Two THOUSAND dollars.

It arrived, Adam came home to set it up and things seemed fine. It certainly LOOKED nice. It also had a DVD re-write which I had wanted. After putting it together, installing Norton and AOL, I had an old High School friend coming to visit from Florida. He was bringing a special DVD with him and I assured him I'd make copies.

Wrong. Although it seemed easy enough to do, it wouldn't work. I kept thinking it was me...but it wasn't. It was a brand new DEFECTIVE computer from Dell Computers.

I called Tech Support while Adam was here. Between my son and I and Mohammad at Dell, we spent an hour and 45 minutes working on it. - Official Site

Mohammad finally said he have to call back. He did...45 minutes later and needed at LEAST another 40 minutes to work on it. I didn't have the time and he said he'd call back the following day (today) at 10am.

He also told me it was a software issue....he would not send someone to the house and he would not put me through to returns. I called DELL COMPUTERS this morning and I have never, EVER received such terrible treatment in my life (really...not EVER!). I was passed from one person to another, put on hold for endless amounts of time, I got disconnected more then once and had to start all over again.

If you type in Dell Computer Complaints in GOOGLE, they literally fill the page.
Consumer complaints about Dell Computers

In that time just a few of the people I spoke with: Ranjan, Mahp, Kris, Kyra...not a one of these Dell Customer Service Reps could help me-or WOULD assist me. I got on the phone with Dell at 9AM......I got off at 11:45. Since they would not send someone here to repair my BRAND NEW DELL COMPUTER (did I mention it cost almost Two THOUSAND dollars?), they are getting it back.
Dell Computer Complaints

If this helps ONE person NOT to purchase a DELL computer, it will have been worth the time. Dell needs to learn what CUSTOMER SERVICE IS and not just pass us along. I did ask for a name or address to make a formal complaint; they would not respond to that request either. If you want to write about Dell Computers to file a Complaint, you must register and you get to leave a note---Which I wished I had seen before the purchase. Here's my Formal Complaint.


*And I rarely rant....I hope this saves ONE person from an experience with a company that just doesn't CARE.

**Carole Provenzale has been a New York Feng Shui Consultant since 1997 and is the Founder of Feng Shui Long Island & New York.

Anonymous said...

I spent over two hours personally building this computer, component by component with a Dell sales representative. I was then advised that since I was spending approximately $4,000 I would receive priority next day shipping. Three days later, the computer arrived. The computer I was purchasing was the Dell Latitude XT2 computer. For the next five hours I was on the telephone with so many different Dell employees I felt that I worked for your HR department. I was transferred time and time again. Finally, because I paid extra I got a prop support technician. He name was William he of all your personnel, he was the ONLY one that was helpful. Here are the problems that were identified by William.
1. The Sales rep told me that a CD/DVD read drive would be included in the computer. It was not. The external CD/DVD did not work with the computer. William tried a number of different methods and all failed.
2. The special 9 cell battery I purchased was not included. The sales rep assured me that this battery would provide up to 14 hours of use. William stated this would never happen. I am not sure what battery was included but the one I paid for was not the one I received.
3. The media docking station that I ordered and the whatever item I received in its place was totally the wrong item. All I received was a piece of metal that the computer sat on and had nothing of what I paid for. There were not connections for a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, power source. And I was told by the sales rep that there would be a CD/DVD writable drive included. There was none.
4. I specifically requested a keyboard and mouse that was connected by wire not a remote or wireless. I received a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.
5. I am still waiting for the monitor.
6. When I built this computer, the sales rep suggested and I purchased your finest wireless WI-FI connection card. The day before I received this mess of a computer, ATT responded to my house and created a wireless system throughout my residence. We have two high end MAC computers, two Toshibas laptops, and three printers. All were working perfectly. When I attempted to connect this Dell, first it would not identify the wireless network. The sales rep stated that this was your finest card and it would identify every different type of WI-FI anywhere. Next while attempting to connect, it stated that I needed a USB Flash drive to connect. This is unheard of. The only way I could connect and William did a remote access was by using a hard wire from the internet source to the computer. This is exactly what I did not want. A further check revealed that this extra special wireless item your provided failed to do anything.

I am not sure of what I ordered, what I paid for is what I received. In addition, I spent five hours of my time on your mistakes and would like to be compensated for my time wasted on your failure to provide a service paid for. William tried for 45 minutes to connect me to your customer service rep so we could conference call so someone at Dell would understand that you created this nightmare but he was unable to so.

How are you going to make this right? I needed this computer by yesterday and all I got was an expensive door stop. To make matters worst, there was not one manual included. You will print and send me all the manuals you say you have one line so if I decided to fix your mess; I will at least have something to help me understand what I spent $4,000 on. Based on your response will determine how I proceed.

Anonymous said...

I have just finished talking with the :manager" of the customer service department for Dell. Like many parents. I purchased the extended warrenty for my daughter's Inspiron laptop. When she began to have problems with her screen she was assured that the repair could be done and she would be without her computer for no more thatn 14 days. 30 days later she is still withour a computer. Although I was assuredd that Dell was very concerned about the inconvenience she had experienced, the extent of their concern is to log my complaint for future reference. (also known as letting my complaint go in one ear and out the other.)


Dave said...

I recently ordered a Sandisk memory card from Dell. Actually I ordered it almost a month before it arrived. When I placed my order the web site claimed to have stock but immediately the order was placed the estimated delivery date was a few days away, and each time the delivery date approached I received another email to tell me that the estimated delivery date had moved a few days further away. Why couldn't they have been honest about their lack of stock from the outset.

When the memory card finally arrived it turned out to be the wrong type. I checked my order confirmation and sadly it would appear that I ordered the wrong type... yes it was my mistake, but mistakes happen.

I tried to telephone Dell on three separate occasions and each time I was put on hold for more than half an hour, and gave up waiting before my call was answered. I eventually sent them an email since this was the only option left. I explained what had happened and asked them if they would allow me to exchange the card for the one I require. The memory was still in its original sealed package. I fully expected to pay any difference in price and any additional delivery charges.

Dell took almost a week to answer my email and when their response finally arrived they simply told me that they were not prepared to exchange the memory card.

I will now be doing everything I can to inform and warn others of my experience in the hope that they can avoid a similar situation.

Given the current state of recession around the globe I am surprised that Dell can afford to treat their customers this way. I have no intention of purchasing Dell products or services again.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Dell 1545 six months later the computer stop working, the bad thing it happen in Iraq. Stay way from dell the d should be replace for h hell not dell.

Susanne Cerruto said...

I ordered a Dell laptop XPS 1530 thru QVC in May 2009. My desktop died and I was excited to receive a laptop. In October Windows crashed. I called customer service and because of the length of time it took to run diagnostics and re-install, I went thru 5 different reps staying up until the wee hours of the night. I finally brought my laptop to work and called a customer service rep who said she was in corporate headquarters? but her accent told me something different. I spent 2 days with her re-stalling software which worked - it didn't seem the same, but at least it worked. I took it home from work and, gee whiz, three days later it crashed again. Lucky for me, or so I thought, I had her email address and told her I was tired of all this, obviously this laptop is defective and I want to return this thing. I went onto ask for the address of the return department in Texas along with the name of the returns dept. manager and the name of the credit manager (just to make sure I would get a credit). She came back and told me that my 21 days has expired, I could not return it and it was a hardware problem (diagnostics was run on the hardware 6 times and it passed). I also contacted QVC and they said returns are only good for 30 days. My company buys Dell for their employees and I will make sure that the next 20 computers they buy will not be DELL!! Not sure what my options are at this point but I will keep pushing this return. Susanne

Anonymous said...

I ordered an Inspiron 545 from Dell Canada in November. It was supposed to be delivered on or before 7 Dec 09. It's 10 Dec 09 and I can't get any answer from Dell about if or when I'll get it from them. I tried to e-mail the agent who confirmed my order as well as his supervisor and neither responded. The Canadian Customer service is just awful. You get put on hold and then passed from person to person and put on hold some more. I could swear this customer service is not being run from anywhere near Canada unless they only hire people with East Indian accents. Anyway when I finally did get someone willing to check on the order it seemed as though the original order had been botched and that I might now be waiting until sometime in Jan 10 to receive my computer. The speakers that go with the computer came from another company and I received them in November. I have no idea if they work since I have no computer at my home to conect them to. They are however on my credit card bill. I'm very tempted to return the speakers since I don't know if they work, buy a computer from Best Buy and refuse delivery if Dell ever does get around to shipping my order.

Anonymous said...

Following is an e-mail that I sent to today:

I am writing to complain about an experience that I have recently had with Dell: on December 22nd, I called to order a camera as a Christmas gift. The customer representative that I spoke with told me that if I placed the order with him instead of using the website, it would be guaranteed to arrive no later than December 24th. On December 24th, I looked for the package, but it did not arrive. I called Dell, received the tracking number, and called FedEx to find out what had happened to my order. I was told that the item had been shipped on December 23rd via 2-day shpping, and that it would not arrive until December 28th. I immediately called Dell to indicate that I had not received what was promised, and that I wanted a refund for the cost of the shipping. The manager that I spoke with said that was not possible, since I had been charged for 2-day shipping, and that was what was used. My point, however, is that I didn't specify a shipping mechanism to the customer service representative. I emphasized only that I wanted to receive the package on the 24th. I was guaranteed that this would be the case, and charged (in my mind) whatever shipping price would ensure the package's arrival on time. In short, I did not get what I paid for, and I believe it is a fair request to ask that my card be credited with the cost of the shipping.

I am extremely disappointed with Dell because of this experience. I was lied to by the customer service representative - obviously to make a sale - and now I am stuck with the cost of shipment for a gift that I specifically ordered as a Christmas gift, but that will not arrive in time to celebrate the holiday. This, in my mind, is out and out fraud. I insist that the situation be remedied.

Anonymous said...

Dell should consider outsourcing their support web site to a computer company. Seriously, what a uselessly slow slight. Must be run on dell servers.

Bob said...

Dell is still at it. Received a discount coupon in my Discover card bill offering a Dell discount on a Studio Desktop or a XPS laptop.
Guess what the code for the Studio Desktop could not be validated by Dell and I have spent more than a month to date trying to resolve the issue.
Dell Hell is alive and going strong.
They have the perfect stonewall!!!

Bob said...

Dell Hell is the perfect stonewall.
Try to verify a coupon code for a discount!
Discover enclosed a coupon that showed a 200 dollar discount for a Studio Desktop and a 400 dollar discount for a XPS laptop.
I tried to use the 200 dollar discount and did order the Desktop before the expiration date, but have spent over a month trying to find out why the code for the Desktop could not be validated.

The code for the XPS was valid....SMELL BAIT AND SWITCH.... with the perfect stonewall from Dell looks like it to me!!!

Anonymous said...

12/05/10, ordered Dell Studio XPS 8000 PC, Monitor and Speakers. Sales rep said he would have my order expedited to arrive in ten days. Order arrived twenty five days later, 12/30/10. Products were toy like in appearance (tower was white plastics). However, functionality mattered more. Going new all the way, bought new HP printer too. Upon installing all new items I discovered HP printer was not compatible with Operation System Windows 7. Spent total of 8 hours on phone with HP techs. They were able to get printer to work, but not fax. Figured, I'd contact Dell expecting courteous "First Time Installation" type customer service since my set up was with their PC. Dell rep told me there was a fee. Shocked, I said, "This is a first time installation." Curious, I asked what the cost of tech support was, he said minimum of $79. I said what about my two year tech support promised by Sales Rep? Reply was that that was for hardware manufacturer’s defects. At that point I knew I would be paying for the cheap PC many times over if I kept it. Told them I wanted to return the PC, and was then told I'd have to pay a 15% restocking fee. Then the guy countered and said he’d give me fifty dollar discount on Dell products if I kept the system. I said no, the then offered seventy five dollars. I told him not to insult me.
Shocked by the restocking fee, I asked that my issue be escalated for a waiver. I was transferred seven times until disconnected. Took new HP printer back to Costco. Next day HP tech phoned and said she had a solution to get my printer’s fax working with Dell's system. I told her that I returned the printer; she then offered to help me hook up my older HP printer. All this was at no cost. At that point I knew I was going to buy a HP computer system (using it now and love it!).
Eventually reached Dell again, they said they would send me labels by e-mail all I needed to do was print them out. Told them that was my problem, I couldn't print due to system compatibility issues. They then said they would mail labels. Waited a week, labels never came, just the one’s in e-mail. Therefore, I phoned Dell’s product return division once more, and was told they don't mail labels through regular U.S. mail, they’re only sent via e-mail. Then I stated the clock was ticking and I was running out of time according to their return policy statue. The Dell rep told me I had just five days from the time the labels were e-mailed to me to use them. I told him the e-mail said ten days. The guy then said, "Are you going to read me your e-mails or do you want to return the computer?" He then started yelling at me uncontrollably. I don't think he liked Americans. I calmly asked them to stop yelling at me several times. I then asked him not to disconnect my call but rather let me speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for a while, then someone (could have been the same guy), got back on the phone and stated they would mail me labels. The labels did arrive by mail and they scheduled UPS to pick up their stuff. The very next day I received an e-mail stating Dell received their merchandise. Yet, it's been two weeks now and I still have not been refunded. Two month saga so far. I ordered my HP system late Fri-01/08/10 night, received the monitor, new printer (with $65 savings) on Tue-01/12/10 and had complete order by Sat-01/16/10 morning. Just eight days. Set up was perfect, no tech support required. Amazing difference in quality of product (tower is metal and black like face of system), functionality, and most importantly HP Customer Service is excellent! Interestingly a week ago, I received a call from Dell Customer Service asking how I liked my Dell system. When I told her I was completely dissatisfied with their system and customer service, she said "Okay, good bye."

Anonymous said...

message at Dell's bulletin board:

I ordered two computers in december 2009. I had transferred the money, but Dell cancelled my order without notification because one of the computers was out of production. Their e-mail said they would refund me within 2 days. That was on januari 22th 2010.

19 days later I still haven't received my money. I tried to call them, but needless to say, nobody took the phone. I wrote a letter that wasn't answered, but a few days later my husband received a call from a Dell-lady from Holland who asked if it was true we really wanted a refund !

" O Yes ", my husband answered. " Our money has been in your custody since december 22th, you waited one month to tell us that one of the computers that you advertised on the internet is out of production and now you ask if we want our money back? You must be daft ..."

Again silence ... Nothing happened. February 8th I sent an e-mail - no answer. My husband sent an e-mail via the website and got an utter crap answer from a mister prasad chintamaneni from India, who said Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Services. We are sorry that we could not process your order and it was cancelled as one of the components is no longer available with the suppliers. We apologize if you have not been notified of the same. We request you to provide us with your direct contact number and the best time to reach you so that we can contact you to arrange a refund from our end. > Regards, > Prasad Chintamaneni > Dell Online Customer Services. >

My answer: Dear sir, I've already written a letter with all information necessary for a refund and yesterday I sent a second e-mail, with the same information. And my husband has contacted a sales lady from Dell. So don't pretend Idon't know what's going on. I know it very well: Dell is sitting on my money and that money is generating interests, an that's very well for Dell. I informed Dell Belgium that I would contact a lawyer if the money wasn't returned before the end of the week, and I'm serious. And I will contact the FOD Economic Affairs and present the case to them. I'm really pissed off and it is the last time I will EVER buy something with the name Dell. The money (2.770,73 €) has to be transferred ASAP at Deutsche Bank (...)

Now I have made a file and will consult a lawyer, first thing next week.And here in Belgium we have something called "economic inspection" where you can complain about malicious internet firms.

I'm typing this on my old Dell. In the meantime I bought a HP. I'm finished with Dell.

Angry Diana Antwerp, Belgium to be continued in next message)

Anonymous said...

(see previous message)
I just received the following e-mail from Dell:

Your post was deleted by TOS20.

Subject: Re: Refund

Reason: Hello Angry Diana,

We are writing in reference to your post in the DELL COMMUNITY.

While we value your participation in the Dell Community, we have removed the post described above because it violates the Dell Community Terms of Service. You may remember that you agreed to abide by these Terms of Service when you registered with our website. If you would like to review the Terms of Service, you can find them at the following link:

We encourage you to edit your post to comply with the Terms of Service, and resubmit it. In order to assist you in reposting your message, we note that your post violates our Terms of Service for the following reason:

Your post contains language that we believe to be harassing, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable. Use of such language violates the Terms of Service, and must be deleted in order to allow your post. Prohibited words and phrases include those in which certain letters have been replaced with alternate characters. Unlawful language may include any statements that might reasonably be interpreted as a violation of the intellectual property rights of any person, including a trademark, copyright or patent.

For your convenience, a copy of the original post also appears at the end of this message. Please keep in mind that continued violations of the Terms of Service may cause you to lose your posting privileges.

Thanks for cooperating and participating in the Dell Community.


Dell Community Administration Services
This message is a private communication between the Dell Community and you and should not be posted to the message boards. Public posting of this message may result in immediate banning of your Dell Community account.

Can you believe it???

Anonymous said...

Guess what?

I am waiting to resolve an issue with Dell Coupon that offered a 200 dollar discount. Mailed to me in my Discover Card statement in late November or early December 2009.
The coupon code would not be recognized for the Studio Desktop, but was recognized for the more EXPENSIVE laptop.
I did not want the laptop, and finally ordered the Desktop before the coupon expired.
To date I have not been able to get an explaination for why the error in the coupon code.
The Desktop works fine, but Dell has a stinking policy re: public relations!
Most of the contacts made sent me in a circle or stonewall.


Anonymous said...

I am still waiting to resolve the issue of the coupon code on a discount coupon received in my Discover Card bill.
Having pursued this problem since December 2009 and having ordered the Desktop computer as described on the coupon before the expiration date of the coupon. I have not been able to get an answer for the code mixup to this date.

I have written twice to Dell Corp Headquarters, and they apparently will not answer any correspondence. Also have contacted Discover Card, and did receiver an email promising to investigate the issue.

Still smell a bait and switch, which I believe is illegal. Guess the next step will be the Attorney Generals Office, Better Business Bureau or the Television Stations.

I don't think the publicity would be appreciated by either Dell or Discover Card.

At this time it is still the PERFECT STONEWALL!!

Anonymous said...

Dell was advertising, on Feb. 15, 2010, Vizio 32" HD televisions for $80ea. with free shipping. I ordered two of the units and transferred the funds via PayPal. I just got an email from Dell stating the total for the order is now over $900. What gives? Does Dell do this intentionally?

Anonymous said...

I hate dell computers. Have 2 not working for months. Inspiron laptop - harddrive went caput ie it would not find it (all computers have HD's do they not!) So bought another on, put it in and Bios actually found it! what could go wrong... the Vista disk need to reinstall OS is not being read by the disk drive... brilliant ... one useless computer!!!! Oh the disk drive can read W.XP disk but cannot install on the sata hard drive!!! don't you just hate DELL. bloody useless.

I hate dell computers even morenow as I have 2 not working as sons windows Xp kept on looping at set up. SO had to re-install W.XP Home. That did reinstall. a miracle one might think. except it cannoy access the interner.. server not found alert. plus no LAN icon in network. noe of internet suggestion work. dell drivers suggested to get are not on dell site. DELL are RUBBISH. what a wast of monet . time and effort.

It just prooves GET AN APPLE MAC none of these problems with those and they work...

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to resolve the 200 dollar discount code. Damn Dell just will not communicate as to why the coupon code was not in their vocabulary. Guess it still must be a BAIT and SWITCH.
Wonder what the small claims Judge will think of this if I go to court?

Certainly hasn't been worth the time, but I just like to be a thorn in the side of Dell if that is possible. Think skin seems to be immune to any problems comming their way.

So.... all i can say is keep trying, go to court if possible.

Good Luck Guys

Anonymous said...

I've read many of the comments about Dell with interest. I ordered my last Dell Inspiron Laptop with the infamous VISTA OS directly from Dell in July 2008. We have high speed wireless in our home. When I booted the Dell up it took over 20 minutes to get on the internet. When I left the Dell in sleep mode it took a bit over 10 minutes to get on the internet. It took 4 minutes to open a hearts game if I was lucky! There were other problems with it and I tried communicating with Dell within a month of the purchase to no avail so I accepted it and lived with the machine's quirks until two weeks ago and the latest problem. The hard drive gave out. There were other issues with the computer and the blame I squarely place on Dell's shoulders for how they packaged it. For example the computer had the bare bones minimum RAM for it to even operate the VISTA system but little else. I'm 60. Noone touched that Dell except me(my husband has his own). This computer was neither overused or misused. It was our fifth Dell and our last Dell. They provide no customer support at all and the quality control is grossly lacking. This wasn't a cheap computer. I have now purchased a moderately priced HP ($800.) and, once again, I'm enjoying the internet experience with no thanks to Dell.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Inspirion 1545 12/2009, and 2/2010 call Dell, was on the phone for 45 minutes, my computer had a white speck inside the LED, and a problem with the hard drive. They set a appointment up, a guy came out, I notice the part's he was putting in were Toshibia hard drive REFURBISHED PARTS on a computer bought in 12/18/2009.The computer was a month and a half old.The repair man left, the white speck was still in the screen, was on hold for 55 minutes 3/1/2010. Their Customer Service is very hard to understand, but she told me she would send me out a Brand New Computer, and I'd have to send the other back. Great, so I thought.
I get on the computer, and the Computer I bought was $737.23 & Dell Computer is sending me a New Laptop totaling $598.90.There's $138.33 difference to the good for Dell. So I called Dell Computer 3/2/2010, Customer Service is horrible, I was transfered 5 time, on the phone for 2 hours 25 minutes wanting the $138.33 put back on my Dell's Credit Card.
The option's I picked out on the Inspirion 1545,some were up graded, not on the new one. She explained my computer I paid for was $455 and the McAfee was over $800, I told her I didn't buy McAfee, it came up free, it was a bigger hard drive, etc. She told me, no refund's, or credit's then she went on to ask,"Ma'exactley what do you want?" This is my 4th Dell computer, and will be my last.I ask her if they had a complaint dept. and she said, she couldn't help me with that. So anyone thinking about buying a Dell Computer, think twice, the Customer Service is horrible, they got me for a extra $138.33, no matter what excuse the lady gave me, I ordered a Pacific Blue, and they are sending out another color, and I paid $40 extra for it.I will tell everyone I know, do your research before buying a Dell Computer, service you will not understand, hours on the phone, and no good result's at the end.

Bob said...

Still waiting to resolve the 200/400 dollar discount coupon fiasco.
I now plan to file consumer complaints with the attorney generals office in both Texas and New Mexico.
It won't get me any monetary relief, but what the hell, it won't hurt.
I think everyone with problems with false advertising or misrepresentation should file a complaint.
Dell has had to defend it's position in the past for such policies, and should do so in the future.
Together we should make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Spoke with Dell-Corporate 3/5/2010
My issue maybe resolved, I should receive a computer my 3/11/2010.
The new one will be a little more expensive. I thought they were sending me $138 cheaper one, my mistake 89.90.
Here's the Dell - Corporate Office
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX

I also called the BBB. So hopefully Dell will once make me a happy customer, this is the 4th Dell we've bought, and never had any problems until now.
Keep your finger's crossed no more promises and not keeping them
I appreciate Dell making it right.

USU Aggie said...

I recently ordered and received (not in a timely manner) a computer from Dell for an individual I occasionally help out who does all his work on the machine. As part of the order I made sure to check whether or not the graphics cards supported DVI. They even had a "Help Me Choose" page that I looked at and could see that my chosen card, although integrated, did support DVI. I have snapshots of the website showing it and the actual URL to the page that shows it also. Anyways I got the machine and low and behold there was only VGA connections to be found. I contacted Dell and was told that integrated cards don't support DVI. So I pointed Dell's website out to him that said it was supported. He agreed that Dell was in the wrong. All I wanted was for Dell to send me a free graphics card. Not a big deal for such a small company. At first he basically told me there was nothing he could do for me and to take a hike. But after some persistence he now wants to sell me a graphics card and they will pay half of the cost. I want to know why I have to pay for their admitted mistake? Sounds like false advertising to me. I can imagine the ad, come buy this graphics card with all these features including DVI support, and then sending you something that does not support what they just advertised. I think Dell doesn't care about their service quality any more or their small customers.

You can see the page at

Find the column that show the Intel X4500HD Adapter and then scroll down to the row that says DVI Support to see the check mark for indicated support.

Frustrated dell customer said...

I ordered a Dell Inspiron under the "preferred(right!)account". I was under the impression that when I bought the laptop, that it would be set up as a 6 months interest free account. This never occurred! I have had NOTHING but problems with the financial end (which "conveniently" is in INDIA or who knows where else. I have spend more money in interest (even though I have paid more towards the minimum pmts and sending my pmts certified so that I can prove it got there on time!
I have literally been harassed with calls from their out of states call center all day long! At this point, I just want to burn the damn thing! I wish there was some vindication!

Bonnie said...

After a year of hassling with hours of tech support on the phone, four tech visits, my Studio XPS still does not work right. i am mailing it certified to Michael Dell. Over the years I have purchased 6 laptops from Dell. I'm done with Dell. I refuse to spend another penny with the company and am willing to risk my credit rating to send the message.Replace or refund my money, which the company has refused to do.

Douglas Manning said...

So, there I was, typing along on my 3 month old Dell Inspiron at 5 am this morning and the "E" suddenly starts floating over the keyboard. No problem, my Dell is only three months old and still under "warranty" right? Well, not so fast. It seems that the "warranty" does not cover hardware unless you purchase it separately. At least, that's what Kevin from Bollywood told me when he upsold me the hardware and accidental breakage warranty. So, after $139 warranty upgrade and $39 to send a Dell tech to my office sometime this week, my "E" key will be fixed. Just for sh!ts and giggles, I tried to fix it with superglue and, bam, it worked.

Love doing business with a company that makes you pay extra for them to guarantee that it will not fall apart.

Linda said...

I paid to have AV Security Suite virus removed from my Inspiron 1501 Laptop and it came right back. In order to get the hard drive cleared and the os loaded again, I would have to pay some more money. I already own the darn OS when I bought the machine. Why do I have to pay for it again? I really dislike Dell's customer service. Their PC's are ok but don't ever have anything go wrong with them. You pay and pay. I am going to stick with HP. At least now and then I get an English speaking person that is truly an American. I don't care where they happen to live. Support the USA!!!

Oliver said...


Our firm owns several Dell Optiplex computers, which have suffered capacitor failures. We’re currently investigating complaints regarding Dell’s capacitor failures.

We’d like to hear from anyone who owns, or previously owned, a Dell Optiplex computer. In addition, if you’re interested in pursuing legal action against Dell, please contact us.

Oliver Beatty
The Simon Law Firm, P.C.

[Please disregard this solicitation if you have already engaged a lawyer in connection with the legal matter referred to in this solicitation. You may wish to consult your lawyer or another lawyer instead of me (us). The exact nature of your legal situation will depend on many facts not known to me (us) at this time. You should understand that the advice and information in this solicitation is general and that your own situation may vary. This statement is required by the rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri.]

Michael said...

Michael H. from Alamo, CA
I have a Dell Inspiron 530 which began having trouble from the second day I turned it on. Dell Customer Service (oxymoron?) is a joke. All they do is place you on hold and transfer you all over the place to people who see to not know what the heck they are doing.

So I bought an iMac and have been using that for 2 years without a single problem- the machine just works and works with everything.

I kept the Dell in my office just to have and also to keep my book keeping backed up on it. I went to print a document yesterday and it would not print. I called Dell (spit on the ground) and they charged me $59 to talk to me. They did not try to resolve my issue at all, not a single mouse click or key stroke. After 40 minutes of nothing they transferred me to software where they tried to charge me another $59. I told RANU, the woman in software support that I had already paid $59 and though another charge was not fair. She hung up on me. (I would have fired her for that if she worked for me.) I call Dell back and tell them I want a $59 credit issued to my CC as they did nothing to help me and in fact hung up on me. Here is the best part, Dell tells me their computer system is down and they can't process credit card credits and to call back in two hours. I call back in two hours and they are CLOSED, call back in the morning. I call this morning for the purpose of getting my refund and it took them 45 minutes to get me to the correct department to issue a credit, which will of course take 2 weeks to process.

I hate Dell and will never ever give them another penny. I don't give a crap how cheap their computers are I will never buy one again.

I hope Dell goes bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

I purchases a laptop on July and returned the laptop for an upgrade. I got the upgrade, returned the previous purchased laptop and go a notification (8/4/2010) that I would receive my refund. Its been a month now since I heard from them. So I called today and they gave me a transaction number confirming the account. I then had to contact my bank to confirm the transaction at which point I was not surprised to learn that the transaction never took place and the number Dell gave me was not an actual CC transaction. Therefore, I processed a claim with my bank, which they currently gave me my credit back while they deal with Dell. So if you are stupid enough to do business with Dell, like I did, contact your bank for a refund and put a claim so that your bank deals with Dell, and you don't have to get old waiting on Dell. DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!!!!!

KATHLEEN said...

I ordered a Dell in 2007 and bought the extended warranty until 2010. I fought the DVD drive constantly and the service people just gave me temp fix after temp fix. It took them over a year to finally get the drivers to work properly. Then the hard drive started acting up until in early 2010(still under warranty) the drive fried. They told me it was a software problem and I would have to pay for it. Both the hard drive and the DVD Drive fried and they refused to honor the warranty. No MORE DELLS FOR ME. I am done, I complained and I might as well have blown smoke up their behinds for all the good it did.

Jerry Davis said...

Here I set with a borrowed Lap top not able to work. I payed extra for a in home repair warrinty. My hard drive and other problums. After tow dayes rying to get dell to under stand my problums they say that they will send out a teck. I have wasted all day and whating for the tech. Called dell again. And was told someone would call with in two hrs. Tech called an said he will be out on Tue..... Now a i'll be a week out of work and have payed $100's extra so this would NOT happen. DO NOT BUT a dell. An never waste your money on extra warrinty. I could have payed my inhoust teck and be back to work

Jerry Davis said...

I have lost a week of work...Payed for extra warrinty... What a waste... the Dell call desk is a joke. I was told not to waste my money on Dell... But I said "but I have a in Office Warrinty!" What could go wrong ?? well Dell can go wrong.. No wounder they are closing the Wiston Plant. Dell will not back the warrinty..

USU Aggie said...

For those that are having problems with Dell here is my suggestion. You need to climb the ladder. What I mean is find out corporate head honchos names and emails and then send an email to each and everyone and explain your whole situation. Don't try to pick just the head honchos that you think will be able to help, send to all you can find, including Micheal Dell. Be nice in your emails though. Wait a few days and see if you get a response. If no response send it again. Wait a few days more send a new email this time saying that if
you don't get some help you are going to report Dell to the Better Business Bureau, State's Attorney General and file complaints on any and all forums you can possibly find. This has worked for me in the past. Make sure you write down all names, dates, times and results of all interactions with Dell so that you can quote those in the emails if needed. Good luck.

Cras said...

Please understand all the below is my personal opinion, and may not be correct in any legal sense. But it should be.

Ok. So we all know Micheal Dell is a career criminal. Same as that piece of dog shit Billy (I've got your money and you've just paid us to become our unwilling, unsatisfied, and if we can just figure out a way to extract all your money, broke customer forever and ever.) Gates.

These two are public enemies and should both be on the most wanted list. Between them they have caused more pain and suffering than all the wars, famine and floods, storms, nuclear accidents, and other natural and unnatural events in history. Neither of these beasts has any regrets they are mentioning. Both have been rewarded with wealth beyond that of most counties, and even some US states.

But again of course, that's only my opinion.

The details of my time in Dell Hell? Who cares. It's all the same. No doubt others have posted details similar or exact. I've been in MS Hell even longer. Let me count the versions. 1,2,3, more! Only one close to having ANY value has been XP. But of course that is no longer available to the unwashed masses. I actually paid extra for the "privilege" of having the last Dell computer I will ever buy (only 4 Dell's left in this business! Hurrah!) "downgraded" to XP from Win 7. This because of the extortion of aforementioned criminal suspect Bill Gates. How extortion you may well ask? Ok then. Win 7 requires new versions of MS Office, etc. Oh! Lest I forget! Even our two year old HP printers won't work with ver. 7. Of course it IS possible to purchase, for another extorted 90 bucks or so, plus tax, another MS "product" which will allow win 7 to "emulate" XP! Now that's a good one! MS will force everyone into OS "upgrade" they don't want or need, and probably can't even use without spending another kazillion $'s to replace all the software and hardware in the office, then force everyone who wants only to keep working, just as they have been, to PAY MORE to keep working just as they have been. Folks, the is the RICO act personified! And, again, just my opinion, I have no doubt ALL other IT companies, from Intel to Motorola, to HP, to (fill in the blanks) are a part of this cartel.

Hope this has not been too far off the topic here.

Please, if anyone knows how, kindly cut and paste the above to a MS blog somewhere/everywhere. I have to go bang my head against some rocks so I'll feel better.

Edit my rantings as you see fit blog author. At least I know you will have read it! said...

I am a student in Singapore and I bought a Dell laptop on friend's recommendations and was attracted by the good prices and excellent service/support team.

My harddisk crashed randomly last month and I was told my hard disk would be replaced. I spent a few 100 dollars recovering data. Two weeks later, my NEW hard disk crashes again. I've lost all my data AGAIN and I'm extremely upset because I can't afford to recover it again. I am extremely mad and disappointed in Dell and it's complacent service support team.

On being asked what if this happens again, i was told Dell couldn't help me in any way!

500 dollars recovering data the first time - i could only afford to recover partially.

Data lost the second time.

skooter said...

Dell - the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Could never speak with someone in the US. After sending email to Michael Dell - still a call from India and they refused to connect me to someone in the U.S. Hung up on me, lied to me and continually put me off - finally cancelled the order - then they didn't refund the $$$ for three days. Stay AWAY!

RicHar said...

I've been to hell and back dealing with Dell and their many incompetent salespeople.
I ordered a $3300 Alienware computer on Sept 20, 2010. I was told I had to wait a month for it to be delivered. I waited. On the day it was to be shipped out, my order was canceled. Dell never informed me, I found out because I checked my status and nothing else.
No one knew why my order was cancelled although I kept calling and trying to find out. Finally, I was told they had stopped making the computer I had ordered. It took them 30 days to figure this out?
I again, made another order for a different computer. Again, I had to wait an entire month. And again, the day they were suppose to ship out my computer, they added another 7 days to the delivery date. I wait the 7 days, when the day came to deliver the computer, they again added another 7 days. Finally, I cancelled my order.
All thru' this time I dealt with idiots as many times, they had me playing musical phone calls. They kept switching me from salesperson to salesperson because they didn't know what to do.
This company is a company made in hell by idiots. I will never, ever deal with Dell again. Not in this lifetime, not in any other.

7h3 Wh173 R4bb17 said...

I bought an Alienware M18x from the outlet center, upon receiving the item I noticed that the graphics cards were not crossfiring properly, I called Dell who sent out an engineer.

The engineer tried to replace the primary graphics card and in doing so damaged the motherboard resulting in the computer being completely unusable and just showing a flickering black screen. The engineer said i would be offered a refund or replacement.

I then got in touch with Dell who told me that due to the system being a refurbishment they would only be prepared to offer me a refund and would pick up the laptop from me. I did not think this was fair as all I wanted was a working laptop and felt that Dell owe it to me for a replacement (seeing as their engineer broke my laptop!).

I argued my case to the complaints department who basically couldn't give two shits about the situation.

After numerous E-mails and complaints, I lost the will to live and just accepted the refund, to further rub salt into the wound Dell retracted their postage statement and said I would have to pay to post the laptop back to them that they broke in the first place!.

Thanks Dell, you have made me feel like a piece of excrement you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe. I hope others heed this warning and choose a different supplier to avoid months of frustration and mistreatment.

From my experience I have learned that I will NEVER, EVER, buy a computer from Dell again.

If you require any more info on my experience then feel free to E-mail me at

dellhell said...

A year and one month after buying a Inpiron M5010 (once the warranty expired) the motherboard, a very important and expensive part of the computer broke. I spent $1000 on this computer and it is really terrible to have to buy a new computer or spend even more money on a poorly built computer a YEAR after I bought it with no apology or assistance from the Dell. I will never buy a Dell again and I DO NOT RECOMMEND that anyone buys a Dell unless they like throwing money at a crappy company. NEVER BUY DELL!