Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Have you had problems with Buy.com? If so, tell the world about it here. You can do so anonymously, however if you ask a question an email address is necessary to get any responses. The only rule: no cursing.


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Anonymous said...

I feel ya. I also made the mistake of buying a DVD optical drive from Buy.com. My purchase went off without a hitch.. received item within 5 days of purchase; the problem was it was CRAP. Drive was DOA... now the fun began.. trying to process an RMA. Shipped item back.. now no one knows where it is

Anonymous said...

The exact same thing is happening to me right now. I refused the item I bought on delivery from fedex because they shipped it even after I got cancellation conformation from them. I now have been trying to get my money back for the package that is currently sitting in their warehouse.

Anonymous said...

I have bit diffrent problem. I buy a comapct flash card which has mail in reabate and they sent me without original packaging. So I can not send a reabte.
I have sent three emails no reply. I called on 949-389-2000, It will take 3 to 5 business days to process this request. It sucks. I will never buy from that web site.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Sandisk Ultra II FC card, but it stayed as "Sent to Warehouse" for more than one week, I decided to cancel, it then sit at "Cacellation requested" for another week. Then suddenly it was shipped, I refused the shippment and it has been more than two weeks and I still have not gotten credit to my account. Email and phone calls to buy.com has been no vail. Centainly will not buy from them again!

Anonymous said...

My husband purchased items from buy.com in July. Cancelled the order, but low and behold they shipped the items out 3 days after cancelling the order. It has been difficult at best working with them. First of all the package was left in our garage of all places, so we did not see it right away. Then buy.com is claiming we did not not the item back. Now they want to give us a parital refund in the name of customer service, they still claim they have not got their items back even though we have a tracking id showing it was delivered.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Buy.com's phone numbers...
I bought an iPod along with a few iPod accessories. Though all items appeared "in stock", they promptly shipped the accessories while the iPod player status remained as "processing". After a call to Buy.com, it was determined that the item was out of stock. The guy on the phone said I could cancel that item on my order, nevermind that I have no use for the accessories that are already on their way. They said that they update their online inventory every 24 hours - nevermind that the item still shows as in stock and I placed the order several days ago.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to deal with strong indian accents if ya do call the toll-free 877-780-2464 customer service number... as you will be speaking to a outsourced phone center in New Dehli India. This must be a relitively new feature. I have done business with buy.com several times over the past 3 years and have had no issues with them.. Just thought this was humorous. Oh and to place a order by phone cost an additional $2.95 Classic!

Anonymous said...

Ordered two items from the site. They said that I couldn't put in a PO Box, since they ship UPS. So I gave them my physical address, and they shipped US Postal Service instead. Problem is, USPS doesn't deliver to physical addresses in my area (rural mountain community.) So, of course my post office returns it, where it vanishes. I submitted a claim 3 weeks ago. I called the help desk today, and they will escalate it to the claims department (3-5 days.)

I've bought from them without issue before, but I will never buy from them again, even if this issue is resolved. I work in the tech sector, and I feel that my money would best be spent not supporting a company that ships their customer service jobs overseas. (It's bad enough that I'm forced to buy equipment made overseas.)

Anonymous said...

I purchased an HP 4200DN from Buy.com. Nowhere did it say "refurbished" on any documentation. It wasn't until the day that the printer arrived, that I received an email changing the order to reflect a refurbished machine. I refused it before it left the truck. The truck driver told me that happened a lot with Buy.com.

It took over 3 months to be credited by Bank of America. Buy.com refused to credit me. B of A said I had to prove that I did not receive the printer. Buy.com is a fruadulent company that should be shut down. A total rip off.

Mike Huskey San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

Guess what!? I put a bunch of items in my shopping cart and pushed the button to process the order. It messed up and then it said my order wasn't processed, please try again. So I did. I wake up the next morning and find out that both orders went through and now I have 2 shipments coming to my house. I call them back IMMEDIATELY and tell them that I wanted to cancel one of the orders. The man tells me he will try to cancel one but if it gets sent just write REFUSED RETURN TO SENDER on the package and you will get a refund. So it's been Almost 5 weeks since I returned it and they claim they didn't get it. They hide their customer service number, they don't have a fucking clue what's going on, and their support is in India. They keep asking me to provide a tracking number...why should I pay to ship and provide a tracking number to them just to get my money back when it was their fault in the first place? I just want my money back...saving a few bucks isn't worth shopping at buy.com.

Anonymous said...

I can verify that the toll-free number for buy.com is 877-780-2464, and that it is in New Delhi. I just phoned about a book order that a placed a week ago and still has not shipped. All four books were "in stock" in the listings. Now I am told that they all are back-ordered and the date they will receive them back in stock is not known. For the record, I have been using buy.com for many years, and have been happy with their service until now.


Anonymous said...

Two words - NEW EGG

Buy.com used to be the place to shop. Over the last couple years they've gone down hill. Shop at newegg instead. Prices are better there anyway.

I have yet to receive a reply to my THREE emails I've sent them on one issue.

Another time their bad service worked to my advantage and I ended up with 40 free DDS backup tapes.

Anonymous said...

I bought an iPod from buy.com on 4/22/05 and received an empty box on 4/26/05!!! Even worse, there was so much paper stuffed in the box--that no iPod box could ever have been placed inside the shipping box. I called customer service and got a rep from New Dehli whom I could not understand. The supervisor said he would call the "appropriate department" and try to expedite the claim which usually takes 10 days to process. This is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've had it with buy.com as well. Up until this transaction, I had not had a problem. I ordered a CF card with a high rebate and it was "in stock" when I ordered. The next day, I got a thank you for my order. Four days later I was advised that my item was backordered. I went to the website to cancel my order and read that the processing of the cancellation would take one day. The next day I received an email telling me it would take many days to see if I was eligible for cancellation. Of course, I ultimately got an email saying I am uneligible for a cancellation (one week after placing the order) because the order is in the fullfillment process. What B.S.!! And by the way, that promise that they won't charge your credit card until your item ships, well that's b.s. too- mine was charged the day I placed the order. I hate these people after what I have been through. I tried calling the number and yes it is in India and they are like robots- nothing you say changes what they say and they use the same phrases repeatedly like they are programmed. They love to say that they "profusely apologize" both on the phone and in emails. The most think that "profusely" is a special word here. They are a bunch of scum sucking thieves. Folks, go somewhere else- don't mess with buy.com. They are liars and scam artists.

Anonymous said...

I've bought from Buy.com for many years.

It started with a $100 drive about 4 years ago. Then I bought a $50 thing and used it for a while, before returning it. It had been 3 months but they were very generous. Since then, I've purchased almost all my computer needs through Buy.com. I remember that those first purchases had very exceptional phone service. I got my refund very quickly. And they would help me select a product on the phone.

OK. NOW. I just purchased a $300 thing. Tasha Eastman emailed me and told me that I have to notify my credit card company of a different shipping address.

This is part of her email:
"Once you have added the alternate address on file with your credit card company, contact our Address Verification Department via email to notify us of this addition. Please include your credit card company's phone number. Your order will be released once we have confirmed the address and we will notify of this via email."

So what is the email address for the Address Verification Department?

So I replied to her. In 3 days, I have not gotten a reply. I also sent an email to the Help part of the website. They did not reply.

I couldn't find the phone number for the company on the website. Only after finding your site did I call them. It was a foreign connection. They said they would expedite the order. (I paid extra for 2-3 day shipping).

I hope there are no problems with my product. Like I said, I've always sang the praises of Buy.com. I miss good phone customer service.

Anonymous said...

In the process of an awfull experience with buy.com
Go to bizrate and see all the red marks yet they still hold %86 rating.
Thaey are riding on ratings from years ago when they must have been a different company.
The checkout did not allow me to choose a method of payment,it picked personal check. emailed them ,,no response. called them and was told that we had to cancel the order and resubmit it. No one there could fix it. (yes u can cancel an order 24 hours later!)
Items are then shipped from 4 different places some media mail some UPS ground. 8 days later I have the main item, a camera that was supposed to have a Macro mode and work down to 2",, but has no manual focus. Imediatly packed it back up and called BC where we are told they do not accept returns and we are told to call the manufacturer..BC does not have the number. So we call the manufacturer and are told this is an issue with BC,,call them they sold u the wrong camera . Called BC back and after much arguing we are told 3-5 business days to get an RMA number.

We offered to send it back Priority mail and they refused it.
Gonna give them 3 days and then call the charge card company .

Anonymous said...

Just had my horrible experience with Buy.com. I placed an order for an ADSL modem/router/switch. First I got an email that my billing address does not match their records, but I had it verified with my CC company and everything was in order. Buy.com took a WEEK to reverify the information, after which time they changed the status of my order to "ON ORDER" without any definite delivery date.

I kept calling them every day about this order, and the only thing I was being told was to wait another 24 hours. This went on for a WEEK, with the same answer every time I called, every day. Never again. Do not do business with this incompetent e-tailer because they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.

Anonymous said...

The buy.com 800 number does go to NEW DEHLI INDIA, where they DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR ORDER

Sirveaux said...

I feel your pain. I ordered a USB flash drive for my husband on 7/4/05 because it was on sale for $39.95 and had a $20 rebate (good deal, right?) It was "in stock" and would ship in "3 to 5 business days." Well, 9 days later I e-mailed Buy.com because I had not heard a peep from them. 2 days later, no response. I e-mailed them again ... finally I get a response, but one I don't like. Copied and pasted from their e-mail: wrote back on 7/13 and stated, and this is copied and pasted from the e-mail sent to me: "Our supplier recently informed us that item #10360527 on your order is no longer available. At this point of time, we do not have an estimated time of it's arrival." So I cancelled the order since it sounded like a lost cause. Well, my husband checks the website today (1 day after receiving their e-mail) and voila! It's in stock. I called the New Delhi number (HUGE mistake) to tell them I wanted the drive if it was available. He said he would put a "note" on my account so it wouldn't be cancelled. About 30 minutes ago I received an e-mail from Buy.com stating that my order had been cancelled. After this experience I'm through with Buy.com.

Jkhan said...

I bought a motorolla razor v3 phone at buy.com. I got the package with cingular service for 2 years as per the contract. But i got the area code starting with 312 though i asked them 847. With the help of this site i got the buy.com phone number and got the phone number 877-947-3537 to talk about the issues related to cell phones. I called them and got changed the are code. Thanks for the info...Note; After changing the are code with the help of the customer service in cingular(using the above number), I called the buy.com customer service and told them the new number.

Wallst6198 said...

I feel your pain. I too have purchased from Buy.com for years. It is not until something goes wrong that you realize that you need to know who you are buying from. I was duped into buying a computer with a monitor included. No monitor came. My problem fell on deaf ears somewhere in India. This is not the same company I dealt with for years. I never got the monitor and they will not ship one. They told me to send the computer back to them and they would ship a new one. One problem is, I gave this as a Father's Day gift. First they told me they were sending the monitor separately then they weren't. My father is using the new computer with his old monitor for now. I can't tell him to reformat his hard drive and send it back. It is a nightmare. I will buy him a monitor somewhere else. But it really bugs me that these guys can take my money and they are not accountable to deliver.

Anonymous said...

right now im on the phone with them for an order that i placed 4 weeks ago..a lovley lady picks up the phone and says buy dot com how may i assist you..you say what you need and please hold on...well let me tell you you hold..i will not buy anything again ...they said i did not have an order in the system,but they have my e-mail address name and phone #.how when this is the first time i ordered

Anonymous said...

Over five days for "next day shipping" what a joke.

Last time I buy from Buy.com. What a mess - had used them without a problem for years.

Short the stock if they're publicly traded.

Anonymous said...

Trying their "800" number... seems it's not "working" Will try again, and will update experience.

Anonymous said...

I made a purchase of a PDA from Buy.com at a advertised price of $219.99 with a $15 discount. When I completed the online information and clicked to finish the order stated that the price was $219.99 and without the advertised discount.

I tried to contact Buy.com online to clear the matter without success. I also called my credit card company to stop payment. When I tried to cancel the order I recieved a message stating that my cancelation was bing processed.

The next day the PDA arrived. In my telephonic converstion with the Buy.com representative I was advised that my request was denied. She informed me that Buy.com has a policy of only allowing cacelation of an order within a half hour of placement. I advised her that the policy was not not in plain site at the time of purchase. She then directed me to dig into the Buy.com web pages to locate the cancelation policy. (I still have not seen it)

I contacted Buy.com via telephone number (949) 389-2000 and tried to explain the problem of the false advertising and was told that I should have been more cautious in making my purchase.

My order was shipped (on the same day of my order) from Buy.com, 415 E. Lies, Carol Stream, IL 60188. The street name seems to be prophetic to the company. It appears that cancelation was never a viable option.

It seems that Buy.com is engaging in criminal activity as a course of business. I am refering this matter to my state's attorney general for investigation.

This may need a class action suit to have Buy.com change its business practice. This is a company that is cloaking itself in internet anonymity to facilitate fradulant transations with customers.

If all they care about it the bottom line then the bottom line is what must be atacked by the customer. Buy.com should have to pay for its deception.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to buy a PDA and figured I'd save $30 by getting their VISA card. I got it but it wouldn't give me the discount. I called their 800 number and was told that they would "like to inform me that I will have to wait 3 to 5 business days for this issue to be resolved" and I "will receive a welcoming email with a link to the discount." I call back 5 days later and was told that they don't count the day you call as a business day even though I called Monday morning and that I should wait just a little bit longer until next Monday. I got fed up and bought the PDA at Office Max on clearance. It has now been nearly 3 weeks and still no sign of their supposed "welcoming email"

Anonymous said...

I bought a few things from buy.com about 18 moths ago and found the service to be OKAY. I was able to call the C/S to resolve the shipping issue (delay)

I had ordered another item in first week of the AUG2005. The web site said that the item will be shipped in 1 to 2 days. It has been 10 days and the item hasn't been shipped. no feed back from the company and there is no phone number to call.

To make matter worst I am going on vacation for a few weeks and I will be out of country. From others experience it takes about 5 to 6 weeks consistent effort even to cancell the order.

What a mess. This is my last order from buy.com.

I found newegg to be better.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting through on their cell phone 877 number - you hold for 20 minutes, and then get hung up on - you then get to speak to this lady who speaks monotone and never answers my questions...

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Where to begin! I placed an order for a stick of RAM. Later I realized I needed 2. Well.. with no way to edit the order at 1am, I sent e-mail asking that they cancel it...of course they don't know if they can cancel it so I don't place another order (not paying for next day shipping twice!). Mid morning I noticed the order was canceled at my request. So I placed the order again for 2 sticks. 1 hour later.. that order was canceled. They gave me some crap about my paypal address didn't match what I gave them...Look.. my address is 3 numbers, a directional... and a letter. Not hard to get right..especially after living here for 2 years. And here's the best part THEY TOOK MY FREAKING MONEY ON BOTH ORDERS FROM PAYPAL!!!!! I called them and of course got ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! I have family that lives in Orange County...time to go knock on someone's door! DON'T ORDER FROM BUY.COM --- EVER!!!!!!!

gjscott said...

Opened a Buy,com credit account that supposedly would count toward an immediate $30 credit on my first purchase. Nothing. Two weeks later was informed that we had sucessfully been granted a credit card. Shortly afterward, a $5 off any purchase arrived at our eMail box. So we picked a few books and placed the order, gave the cupon code for the five buck discount and added the $30 First purchase with new credit card discount which was acknowledged at that time. When it later generated an invoice, the $30 credit was nowhere to be found. Being a weekend, we left an inquiry about this and got the usual automated response.

Got this back: We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding your $30 off Visa coupon. We have checked our database and found that the $5 off coupon is already applied to your order. Please be assured that your order is processed with the coupon as indicated on your detailed billing. However, we won't be able to honor your request to apply the $30 Visa Coupon on the order. As per the coupon terms and conditions two promotions can not be clubbed together. You can apply the Visa Coupon in any of your future orders.

Well, as one offer was from Chase ($30) and the other from buy.com ($5), we protested that it was not clear that the two promotions could be "clubbed" (New Delhi for "grouped"?) and, as a matter of courtesy to new customers, would they add an additional $25 to the discount of the accepted and ageeed five bucks? Again this was answered by a "Sorry but no" and "we hope your buy.com buying experience has been wonderful" sig.

So my wife tried with a more forceful: OK. Since you apparently cannot or will not give me an additional
$25 off my order to give me the $30 discount instead of the $5 discount, I will refuse the package when it arrives and will cancel the credit card also.

The reply to the above is simply classic:
Hello Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Buy.com.
This is in reference to your email regarding the order #238xxxxxx.
We apologize for any problems you have encountered with your order from Buy.com. We are writing to inform you that please let us know know once you refuse the shpment and we will request for refund.
Thank you again for writing to Buy.com.
Buy.com Customer Care Team

WHAT a mangling of the English language!

Also we got a warm and fuzzy welcome to Buy.com from someone called "Scott Blum-Founder & CEO" who referred any reply to the above-named Customer Care Team, not himself.

Determined to get some satisfaction from a human, I did a Google on "Buy,com 800 number" and came up with this site. I called the 877 780-2464 and got one of those thick-accented reps from halfway around the world who called herself "Gina" (right!). I don't really care to communicate with someone whom I cannot understand, so I asked for her supervisor, hoping to get someone that i could decipher. No way: "Kerry, the Supervisor", as he identified himself, after a five minute wait on hold, was just as thick.

After relating my story and the events leading up to my prediciment (at times-when I asked him or mentioned something that would normally get a reply-there was heavy "dead air", like he had fallen asleep, or left the phone 'off the hook') all i got was the "nothing I can do" response. So I closed, telling him that the kind of service he was allowing new customers would wind up putting the company out of business and resulting in his unemployment. Dead air, again. I rang off.

I noticed another Buy.com number here. So I dialed 949 389-2000 on my dime, hoping to talk with someone Stateside about what was happening, perhaps even to the illustrious Mr. Blum himself (or one of his minions), who had so earnestly tried to win our favor in his earler eMail.

When the operator answered, she sounded native to the Western world, so I assumed that I had Corporate. I asked for someone associated with Quality Control, or perhaps some person associated with Mr. Blum, a person who could hear the customer's call. The operator told me that she wasn't aware of Mr. Blum's extension and there really wasn't a Quality Control area. When I pressed for her to do something to get me through to a person with authority, she put me on hold.

After a short wait, the phone goes live: "This is Kerry the Supervisor". I had the phone on speaker and didn't quite hear what was said. I asked "who?". When he repeated what I thought he had said initially, all I could do was hang up - just after muttering something involving the help from a Higher Power.


As a previous blogger posted, two words:

Both have EXCELLENT US-BASED customer Reps who will give credit to customers with problems. Amazon.com has even paid for returns for me.

Maybe somehow, the good Mr. Scott Blum will read this and take heed to his customers' satisfaction?


Anonymous said...

Well I wish I had read this blog before I purchased from them. I ordered an LCD television. Unfortunately they had an old shipping address on file (I have not lived there in two years) and even though I put in a new billing address and my correct shipping address they apparently shipped it to the old address.

The only reason I know this is because I went to check the status of the order and after getting all kinds of exceptions and error reports and no information I wrote customer service to find out the status. A day later they cheerily reported that my shipment had been delivered the day after I ordered it. But to where??

Now I am in some sort of limbo where they say they are going to put a "claim" with the shipping company. Well it is not the shipping companies fault that their system used the wrong address! But every time I send a new email to the support team I get a response that seems to be in a vacuum from all the other emails I have sent. Plus it takes 24 hours to get the response. I have no idea how this will work out -- but in the meantime I've paid for a TV that I don't have and that someone else may be enjoying!

I'm going to try calling the customer support numbers now -- though I'm not optimistic given the comments here. Next step if that doesn't work is to dispute the charge with my CC company and to never ever order from them again!!

Anonymous said...

I just had a bad experience with Buy.Com I have bought in the past without any issues. I placed an order on August 26, 2005 and used a free shipment coupon from Paypal. I received an email from Buy.Com confirming the order on that day. That same day, I received an email from them telling me that my order had been cancelled without any explanation. I sent an email to them asking the reason for the cancellation and never heard from them. On August 30, 2005, I sent another email and tried looking for their contact phone number on their website to no avail. That's when I ran into your blog and got their phone number. I called and spoke with two account reps, two supervisors and finally the manager. The reason for the cancellation, as they explained, is that their systems could not verify my paypal shipping or billing address (even though my paypal account is up to date). The bottom line is that they claim I used my free shipment coupon in their system and I can't use it a gain and they could not activate the old order or give me a coupon to use.... I was very frustrated. I told them that they don't care about loosing my business and all they could do was to say "we're sorry". So, I will take my business somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what has happened to Buy.com. I bought a nice color laser on a 2 for 1 deal along with 10+ other printers. All arrived except for my freebie printer. Almost 3 months later and it is still not resolved!!! This despite the fact that THEY show by their own records that only 1 printer was ever shipped. You only have 90 days to resolve disputes with them or return stuff so the clock is ticking on my complaint.

FYI, even if you call the non-toll free number, once you are transferred to customer support you get their agents in India. Every time I have called after the American operator answers I get shuffled off to India. At least the last lady spoke a version of English I could understand.

Anonymous said...

So I ordered a "boombox" for my XM adapter..price was right, and I tracked its progress..not bad ordered on 8/27, arrived today 9/6 (with Labor Day in between).

Opened the box and no AC adapter..OK, maybe it was an "option".. so I went back to the Buy.com site and it clearly states (as does the box) AC adapter included.. We are talking about a $5 part MAX...

I send them an e-mail, and another and then googled Buy.com phone numbers which got me to here... I called the LD #, and before I could say anything besides "Hello, I have a problem with an order I received..." I was switched to India.. I really don't mean to sound anti-Indian, BUT if you are going to outsource your most important part of your business CONTACT WITH YOUR CUSTOMER, doesn't it make good business sense to ensure they are qualified and understandable to anyone who calls..? Net of it is that after 3 levels of management, who wanted me to ship this back and ship me one back oh, and it could take 14 days or more, I hung up and called the Corporate office again..This time I BEGGED the young lady who answered to give me some one in America to speak to..She promised to do so, and took my number..No one has called me back yet (been an hour), but if they don't I'll do 2 things 1) Go to radio shack and buy the adapter.. 2) NEVER buy from buy.com, and in fact ask them to IMMEDIATELY stop sending me e-mails with their adverts...
Bye Buy...

Anonymous said...

A month and a half ago, I ordered my BENQ monitor off buy .com because they had a cheap price on this reasonable monitor. I have the receipts and everything that all say that I ordered the "E+". A few days later I received a "G+" monitor... clearly substandard to the one I paid for. I called India and they apologized and gave me an rma number and promised to send me the correct monitor. fast forward two weeks and I got the same incorrect monitor, again! I called India once more and they gave me another rma # and this time with the promise of my money back. 3.5 weeks later, $270 still missing from my account. I call India again and they say that they will send me the money after all this stuff has been cleared (after 2 more weeks) ARRRGH! We'll see if I get that now. Only plus side after wasting 1.5 months of my time is that I didn't have to pay for their mistakes in shipping.

Anonymous said...

Similarly bad experience with Buy.com. I ordered a phone, which arrived promptly, but the free headset I was also supposed to receive never arrived. After many hours of wading through their call center, I got nowhere, and called something approximating a corporate office. The first time that I begged not to be transfered back to India, the secretary transfered me right back there, but after calling back immediately after and demanding to speak to someone who could help me, I was transfered to 'Travis,' who actually had the power to help me.
So important phone numbers are:
877-780-2464 <-- DON'T USE, THEY CAN'T HELP YOU
949-389-2000 <-- _Insist_ that you not be transfered
877-780-2464 <-- Travis's number. He's a real person -- maybe he can help you =D Give him a call.

Anonymous said...

I made my first purchase ever with Buy.com and within 10 hours of placing my order, I see the item I had ordered on their homepage marked down 15%. It was too late to cancel my order so I sent an email through their customer service form (the only communication method available on their site) asking them to issue a credit for the difference or cancel and re-issue the order as it had not yet shipped. I waited for 2 days without a response before finding their customer service phone number on a site of complaints about their service. I called the number and received a customer service rep in India who I could barely understand and he told me that I would have to refuse the order and place a second order. He couldnt understand the logic of just issueing a credit to the existing order to avoid the return shipping fees as well as making me wait an additional 3-5 days to receive my order. He also explained that they do not have the authority to make any decisions regarding an order and basically just provide information regarding order details, status, tracking, etc. I decided to call their corporate office and spoke with a nice person who told me that their service departments were powerless to make decision regarding refunds, etc. and that I should just follow the reccomendation of the CSR in India. I would definitely think twice before ordering from this company again.

Anonymous said...

Purchased an IOMEGA external hard drive that was not only defective, but also USED... already had someone else's backup on it! Waiting for an RMA which is supposed to be mailed to me in 2-3 days. Spoke to customer service in New Delhi India. Now the fun begins.

hncai said...

I had bought many times from Buy.com, with happy endings. This is the first time I need to return an item (ordered the wrong thing). I can't wait for email correspondence so I decided to call them. After failing to find the phone nubmer on their website (maybe it
s there but hidden), I typed searched on Google with "buy.com phone number" and pull up your blog site. I called the 1-877 nubmer and was answered by people from New Deli. He spoke clearly. albeit with a little Indian accent, and handled everything speedly and professionally. I got my RMA number, return address, instructions for the return, and assurance that I would get a full refund -all this in less than 4 minutes. Of course I have not sent the item yet and don't know if I will get the check fine, but I am hopeful.

Nowadays, many service phone called (including banking, credit card, utility bills, etc) are routed and handled by people in south america or india. This is part of the trend, just like much of the programming/software design jobs that had gone to India and China. US simply can't compete with the price for highly qualified labors from these places .

Anonymous said...

I purchased two Sony memory stick pro duos from Buy.com, using a coupon from deals2buy.com. My order came quickly, but whatever careless knob packed my order only packed ONE card, yet the invoice even says two. I have filed a discrepancy on their website, it's been 4 days now with no answer, I can just imagine the hell I'm in for just to have gotten a $10 discount on each card. Right now, I'm sitting here stuck with one VERY expensive memory stick. I can just imagine the're gonna want proof that I didn't get two, which is of course impossible. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a printer and it was adverstised that there was a $100 rebate on the printer but when you click on the offer it brings up a $60 rebate form - FALSE ADVERTISING!! After reaching a human thanks to this website and the phone number listed and yes it is someone in India that I was connected with I cancelled my order!! They said they would fix the error!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ordered a Kingston FlashCard from Buy.com. A rebate was featured, but they delayed shipping just long enough that the final date for applying for the rebate had passed.

Ordered an IOGear 320 GB external drive. Unit arrived missing special screws to hold on base plate. The included Dantz software was missing its activation code. Other software would not install properly, and fancy button system for backups is totally nonfunctional. The Buy.com return policy makes it virtually impossible to get credit for a returned item, so I am trying to work through IOGear to get problems resolved, but no one there seems to know their own equipment.

I checked the Buy.com site to view the current listing for the drive I have purchased, and read the reviews. All were glowing, and praised Buy.com. My critical review was never posted. The item is shown with an almost perfect rating. Conclusion: Their review system is fraudulent.

I am beginning to suspect that my unit was used, as perhaps indicated by the missing screws, missing activation code, and the fact that the drive was already formatted.

Bye-bye, Buy.com!

Anonymous said...

I had an experience like the other poster that titled "An Order Where EVERYTHING Went Wrong".

Basically I have ben watching an item daily at BUY.COM for 3 months. It has said daily it is "On Order". Early on 10-06-05.. the item showed to FINALLY be in stock and "Usually ships in 1 or 2 days.". I placed the order and was shortly after sent an email that a problem has occurred and to go to "My Account". I went to "My Account" and it said "Sent to Warehouse"... which to me means it is probably about to ship. I emailed BUY.COM and asked what the problem was. Hodgie (India Indiot) replied with some hogwash about how there site does not get updated frequently enough and sometimes items get out of stock but the web site does not reflect it and orders are still taken. This is a lie. I had watched the item for months and it was "On Order"... the first day it showed "In stock", I ordered it. The bad part is 10 hours later the item still showed "In Stock".

I am wondering if BUY.COM has gone so low as to say items are "In Stock" when they are not so people will pre-order them and BUY.COM just "hopes" they will not cancel the order afterwards. This almost fits in this scenario because it seems EVERYONE online has this item but BUY.COM... so maybe BUY.COM is doing this. What a SCAM !! If anyone is wondering why I dod not buy the item elsewhere... BUY's price was good and also had $30.00 more dollars off if the BUY.COM VISA was reqested.

Like you guys... I will be moving on from BUY.COM.

Mikey Likesit said...

It all seemed innocent enough when checking out at buy.com. "Are you interested in getting $25 cash back on this purchase?" "Well yeah." But, by clicking "yes", you aren't answering that question. Then the welcome email shows up to tell you about wonderful discount programs your membership entitles you to. Surprise! You just signed up for a membership which has a monthly membership fee. "But they didn't even ask for a credit card?" Surprise again! buy.com supplies them with the one you just used to make a purchase. Screwed? Only if you don't realize something is fishy and go to the GreatFun (front name for Trilegiant) website and start reading the fine-print about how to cancel your membership. You wouldn't know a thing until the charges started showing up on the card. So, I canceled my Great Fun membership. Trilegiant, the big credit-card scam company, pays buy.com for access to their customer's credit card numbers. Put another way, Buy.com helps them run their scam on it's own customers and then they split the money. Trilegiant has been sued by several states already and is being investigated for class action law suits. Apparently, Trilegiant has its sticky fingers everywhere, including some large banks. And everywhere they go, they seem to be playing the same game with unwanted memberships.

I'm very careful about who gets my card numbers and would have never given them the number without finding out why they wanted it. "Hey, are you offering a rebate or what?" The way buy.com is just handing over information to this third party under false pretense just has to be illegal. I'm sure there was a link to some fine-print somewhere before I clicked "yes" but damn, I trusted buy.com. When I give a website a credit-card number to make a purchase, I trust them to keep that number confidential and not to turn around and hand it to some banner ad scammers that happen to be also on their site. WTF? Am I naive? I say this should be stopped! I'm sure there are thousands that don't even notice for months if ever. Good luck getting your money back. Anyone have similar experiences or ideas on how to shut these scumbags down?

jmoorse said...

Frustrated with their mail-rebate. Ironic story though.


Abhi said...

One of the worst websites u can think of buying ur items from.
Placed an order for laptop chillmat on sep 23 2005.
October 14 2005-still havent received the package. No phone number listings on the website, had really look hard for the customer service support. Found a link to file claims on the site. Mailed them twice about order, but both times i got a message saying that

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


Searched for number of buy.com through google and found a link at blogger.com(thanks michael)

Called up the toll free number-877-780-2464, and was forwarded to India.
Well the lady on the phone said, the ware house has shipped the order-so did the website showed in my account on buy.com. they gave a fed ex number i called fedex and asked for the order and they replied that they just received

Package data transmitted to FedEx

but no package was sent to them for delivery.
i tolf the lady that, thats what fed ex told me about the shipment and she said , her records show that the order has been shipped and she has no further record.

what a customes service? they trying to rob people.
I have already informed about this to my friends and family and relatives about this.
many of my friends were going to order but now after hearing this they did not order anything and would not order anything from buy.com in the future.

So i recommend u folks to think before u order anything from "BUY.COM" -- well i would say "WE-ROB.COM"


Anonymous said...

Until recently, I've had no problems with buy.com. Indeed, I always referred my friends there as the first place to look when you wanted just about anything. And when their customer service was in the US, it was absolutely outstanding -- friendly, intelligent people who wanted to help.

This has changed with the move to India. All they do is make excuses -- and offer gift certificates if you pester them enough. I don't want gift certificates. I want my shipment released from the erroneous hold that occurred when they treated my money order as a personal check.

Thanks for supplying the US number. Perhaps I'll get better help.

Anonymous said...

I dialled the toll free number and also got the call center in India. The person on the other end told me in broken English that the order was sent to the warehouse. I told her that I knew that, that I had sent an email asking why it had been sent to the warehouse three days ago and wanted to know when it would be shipped and that the response I got by email (probably also from India) was that the order had been sent to the warehouse. The Indian telephone agent then told me that the order had benn sent to the warehouse! So I asked to speak with a supervisor. She told me that I had already called once today and that I had been told the same thing. Of course I had never called buy.com in my life and in fact, it was very hard to even get a telephone number; useless as it was. I kept arguing with her demanding to speak with a supervisor until she finally gave up and connected me with a supervisor. The supervisor's english was even worse than her's. The supervisor told me that the order would ship tonight and that the item was in stock. So then I gave up and will wait to see if this will happen or uf it was just a stall. Then I found this useful BLOG. So I called the US number and used the dial by name directory and found that Mr. Pearce does sitll exist and that he will take voicemail messages. I just wanted to pass this on to the rest of the readers. I didn't leave a message for him becaue I decided to wait it out one more day, but I wanted to confirm his existance.

By the way, I have placed dozens of orders and bought many thousands of dollars of items from buy.com in the past and never once had an incident like this one. Moving their support to India has made this my last buy.com order. I am done. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

2 days and buy.com still hasn't shipped my package after I paid $15 to send it sent next day air. They say computer parts go out the same day . I placed the order around 9am. Unbelievable. And no reply to my message of yesterday. (And no phone number on their web site to call).

Anonymous said...

you know, i thought i was loosing my mind with the frickin' company until i found this blog! i ordered an ipod charger from them 4 weeks ago and it languished in "sent to warehouse". finally after 3 weeks of waiting i cancelled the order and they went ahead and shipped it anyway! now that i received it, it's a piece of garbage so i sent it back at the end of october. now the fun begins. they claim they never got it. they claim the tracking number i'm giving them from UPS is incorrect, even tho it is a valid tracking number. i may have lost $75 on a transaction with them...UPS tells me they delivered the return on oct 31, now it is nov 9 and these jokers are saying they never got it and the tracking number is invalid! I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Anonymous said...

We previously had good experiences with this company. Now it has made a turn for the worse. Since all we get is people in India not interested in straightening out problems, we are going to the better business bureau and reporting them. Maybe if enough of us complain, they will shut this joke of a company down. Please take a minute and go to www.bbb.com and file a complaint. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and get some satisfaction going this route, and if not, maybe we can help to get rid of this company.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a FujiFilm E-510 camera. It included free shippping and two $15 rebates. The camera was "in stock", however it took 11 days to ship.
They would not honor the rebates and in addition they charged ne for shipping. I am presently in the process of trying to get my rebates and credit for shipping but they make you jump through hoops. will NEVER purchase from them again. They are outright thieves.

Anonymous said...

I have never been so frustrated! I pre-ordered an X-Box 360 Platinum bundle for $1000. It shipped Nov. 23 and I received the shipment today, Nov. 25. The amazing part is that the bundle was missing a rechargable battery pack and 5 of the 8 games!!! THIS IS ROBBERY AND FRAUD!!! All customer support reps in New Dehli insist that I return the entire package and they will reorder the item for me. They obviously don't realize how difficult it is to get your hands on an X-Box 360! I have insisted that they ship the missing items, but they keep insisting that I send everything back. I have no faith in buy.com that I will ever get the order filled to my satisfaction. It totally blows my mind that a business can operate this way. Buy.com was a good online retailer years ago. I WILL DEFINITELY NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. Buy.com should be shut down.

Anonymous said...

I feel much better that I am not alone in thinking that Buy.com's business dealings are reproachable.

Until now I have been happy with my purchases, but I never have had to get help with a problem before. I purchased a 19 inch LCD monitor for $200 after a $100 rebate ($40 from Buy.com and $60 from the manufacturer - V Seven).

The only problem is that the required UPC sticker had already been removed from the box.
I have emailed Buy.com twice, but nothing has been done. I've been totally ignored. In two days my opportunity for the rebates will have expired.

I wish there was some way to get the word out to other potential purchasers, the business practices and ethics of this company. Through my job I have the ear of several hundred employees who in turn literally come in contact with hundreds of people daily in the performance of their duties. Does this company realize that it makes good business sense to treat their customers right and that failing to do so will potentially cost them many other present and potential customers once the word gets out that they are a sham?

Anyone have any ideas on how to force Buy.com to become a more responsible corporate citizen? I for one will not let them get away with this behavior. Crooks should be dealt with as crooks. Thanks for your site.

Rob Dunn said...

I had some issues with their "overnight shipping" scam. You see, buy.com is a store-front for many partners that sell the merchandise through their site. When an item is ordered, the order goes to the "warehouse", which means to the second-level store that provides the actual merchandise. This is the reason why items take 2-3 days to process, because it has to go through the sub-level's order processing department to get you your item.

This does not nullify Buy.com's responsibility by any means.

My problem (as referenced above) is Buy.com's practice of allowing you to select "overnight shipping" when 'overnight' really means 'overnight shipping from the day the order gets processed at the Buy.com partner store".

I had bought a couple SCSI cables from them and specified overnight for one site that I was visiting at the beginning of the week, and 2 day shipping for the other that I was visiting later that week. Both items arrived on Thursday and Friday respectively to their destinations, and I had placed the order on Thursday of the previous week.

Customer service (from India, surprise, surprise) could not help me, and they did not care if they lost my business. I told them that I would not buy another item from them if I could not get some sort of resolution to my problem (i.e. credit or expidited shipping on another cable)...
This is not the first time this has happened, and I guess I was a moron to order from them again.

Buy.com, why do you treat your customers like this? Your customer is the reason why you have ANY business at all. Sure, you might not go out of business because of lost customers, but you certainly won't be as profitable, will you? That is what you want, right? Profits? Think of every person you pissed off as at least 10 potential customers you won't have.

Dan said...


I had the same issue. Warehouse... cancel... nothing worked. When i saw that a month later i wasn't charded, i decided that my order was indeed canceled, and ordered it somwhere else.

Lo and behold 4 months later i get a charge on the card. I go to they website and the product is 'shipped' back 4 months ago!

I click on the tracking number... they shopped it to california! (i live in jersey) What screwups!

!!!Never deal with a store that doesn't publish a customer support number!!!

Anonymous said...

I ordered a 300GB maxtor external drive for a good price and about 4 days later we get an e-mail saying that they canceled our order. The web site still lists it as "in stock." The are a scam and they suck. Here is part of the e-mail we got.

"We have cancelled . . your order ##########.

sku - 10395751 : description - Maxtor 300GB Shared Storage Drive NAS 10/100 Ethernet and 2 USB 2.0 Ports

When we take your order we have every intention of shipping all items that you order. However, sometimes circumstances beyond our control prevent this from happening. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for shopping at Buy.com. We hope you come back soon!"

Anonymous said...

I used to compare Buy.com with Amazon.com. They are not even close. If you try to get any customer service fom Buy.com. You'll realise buy.com is really a shady warehouse operation.

I am not buying anything from there again.

Anonymous said...

I ordered two XBox games for my brother's birthday - which is today - one week ago. Both items were listed as "In stock", and I upgraded to Second Day Air in order to get the games in time.

The first game shipped within a day, as could be expected, while the second game remain listed as "Processing" over the weekend (I ordered on a Friday morning).

Come Monday night, the game hadn't shipped, so I e-mailed in and asked if the package was shipping soon. I first got an automated reply, and the next morning I got an answer that the item has been "Shipped to the warehouse" and would ship the very same day.

Upon checking with the order page, the item was still "Processing" though, but I decided to wait for the remainder of the day, which in hindsight was a mistake.

Tuesday night the game was still "Processing", so I e-mailed again, again receiving the automated response that someone would take reply within the next business day. Little did I know that this time, however - and everytime after that - I would not get a reply to my e-mail, other than the automated response.

Wednesday I got a bit desperate. Friday - the birthday - was coming up, and I wanted that second game.

I want you to know that during this entire time, the missing game was always listed as "In Stock" at the buy.com website.

I decided to call them again, and this time I kindly asked not to be connected to their call center in New Delhi. I had to call in four times until they actually didn't connect me to India. I finally got hold of someone who took the time to listen, and they assured me that the game would ship that same day, and that they would do the best to upgrade the package to Overnight, in order to make Friday.

Thursday morning: I log onto the buy.com website and - surprise, surprise - the game is listed as... "Processing".

I am by nature a fairly calm guy. I rarely resort to namecalling or even raise my voice when angry. (I usually remain pretty silent and when I decide to insult or anger someone - I do it quite subtly. People usually realize that I have insulted them long after I have left the room) But this Thursday morning, I was bordering on furious.

I went online and did what I should have done a couple of days ago - I cancelled the second game. I then called my local Best Buy and asked if they had the game in stock, which they had. I reserved a copy and went there directly and picked it up, giving me the remainder of the day to giftwrap and whatnot.

I called buy.com again - this time managing to avoid New Delhi on my second attempt already - and told them that realizing that the game would not arrive in time, I had cancelled the second shipment and wanted them to confirm.

They replied that they could not guarantee that, as the shipment was "already" processing, and might ship before the cancellation came through. The customer service person also told me that the package was likely already shipped (!) and that she could see that it had been upgraded to Overnight Shipping at no extra cost to me.

I thanked her, but told her that I had already obtained the game elsewhere. She told me that there was no need to worry, and that she would see if she could cancel it, and that she would follow up with an e-mail.

So, today: Friday morning. Birthday cake. Happy relatives. And not one, but two games for my spoiled brother. Everyone had a happy smile on their face.

Then, the e-mail came.

An e-mail from buy.com, saying that the second game had shipped. And get this... via UPS Ground. Not Overnight. Not even Second Day. Via UPS frigging Ground. Estimated delivery date three to fice working days from today.

So, what do I make of this? I am of course disappointed that the package took a week to go from me ordering it, to actually being shipped. And keep in mind, it was "In Stock" during the entire week. I am also disappointed at buy.com for not getting back to me after my first contact through their online Customer Service, and also disappointed that they told me that the package had been shipped to the warehouse on Monday, which it wasn't until sometime either late Thursday or early Friday. I am disappointed with the Customer Service person I talked with who told me that the package was going to be upgraded to Overnight Shipping while - and here comes the part that really REALLY ticks me off - she DOWNGRADED me to UPS "slow-as-a-snail" Ground.

I am not sure if I should laugh at all this. Maybe I am a complete moron for trusting buy.com in the first place, but the few times I have shopped with them before I have had mostly positive experiences. But this time they let me down, they neglected to reply to my attempts to contact them through their online customer service, and they downright lied to me with regard to shipping method.

Yeah, and they DID charge me for Second Day shipping on the second package. Just got that confirmed via the status page on their website.

If this story has amused you - good for you. If this story will make you think twice before you shop from buy.com again - even better for you. If you think I am a crybaby who should join my brother and play Madden on his 360 - well, who am I to argue?

Thanks for reading this far. I really needed to type this down somewhere.

nuke baby said...

I purchased a 3-pack of blank dual-layer DVD's. I received 1 single DVD. I went through the return procedure and mailed it back with the label they e-mailed me. According to UPS, they received it on 12/6/05. As of 12/16 the status is still "RMA Issued". They will not respond to my e-mails. The 877 phone number is no good. No one answeres. the other number is the corporate headquarters, and they don't give a shit. Buy.com sucks.

Tushar Kanti Dey said...

I have ordered an item on 26th and I didn't receive the order yet. Order#25197579. Can anybody tell me how do I get back the money if not the item.

Tushar Kanti Dey said...

First and Last with Buy.com

Tushar Kanti Dey said...

First and Last with Buy.com. I had booked an item and didn't receive the item yet. Order# 25197579

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the customer service numbers. I was able to track down an order that I had issues with (first issue in almost 3 years of ordering from them). Anyway, the numbers were a great help.

Anonymous said...

i purchased a laptop stand from Buy.com. they stated that FedEx delivered it but there was no signature from anyone in my home (I live ALONE), and it was signed for by some person F LILLAN whom I dont know.

AMEX and Buy.com refuse to issue a credit or pursue the matter with FedEx.

In fact Buy.com accused me of fraud. Why would I commit fraud on a $38 item when I bought over $4000 in items from them over the last 2 years!

Customer Service ... FORGET IT.


And to make it worse, I actually ordered some items (2 wireless extender units from D-link) to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Guess what, one was defective and the other I just did not bother with so I returned both (1 defective, 1 unopened and new).

Buy.com insists I only sent back 1 and now is charging me for the extra $42.95 and I dont even have the unit.

Now I am on the phone with their indian call center and they are telling me this is my fault that I only chose a qty=1 RMA. But their own website shows qty=2 and that I cannot return any more items.

How is this company STILL IN BUSINESS????????


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I'm so glad I came across this site re: buy.com complaints as I was just about to buy Creative Labs Travelsound speakers for mp3 players. I too found that when you click on the item interested in, the pricing and offers change within days of each other. On Monday 12/19, there's a $ 30 rebate offer which expires 12/31/05..Tuesday, that rebate is not listed on the site as available but a $ 25 credit for using buy.com visa is offered. I clicked on the ad for the credit card offer, which states I can use the card "INSTANTLY"...that's not the case! I have to wait for approval in writing within 30 days.

Also, the shipping & tax charges change hourly or daily when you click the "purchase" button. I clicked the checkout button and there was no tax amount. I decided to hold off. An hour later, I decided to click purchase...now, there's a tax fee that wasn't there previously. What's up with that??!!

I also had problems getting an 800 number to discuss my purchase & got routed to an Indian call center. I'm so glad I discovered this forum! I'm not going to purchase using buy.com now! Especially seeing the comments about receiving defective items & receiving them later than the ship date by FedEx!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm another statistic.

I had been a BUY.COM customer from the beginning. This company was my first online order, back in... uhm... the late 90s? 98? Somewhere around there. Alcohol affects long term memory, not short.

So I ordered a couple of hard drives, need them quite badly. Next day shipping. Did this early Tuesday morning, here we are Wednesday night and nothing. Site says "Sent to Warehouse". I got an email after Close of Biz yesterday that the order was delayed. No reason. No estimate. No nothing. So it'll ship somewhere between "Now" and "Never".. That's helpful.

Just called the 800 number. Funny, every time you email their support, you get the autoresponse saying that they will email you their number for faster assistance. I waited two full days for them to reply with the number. Nothing. Now that's fast.

So I find the number here and call. Some thick-accent guy answers, he doesn't care about anything. I ask him what the holdup is, and he says they changed distributors and they have a new distributor for the item. So it'll ship tomorrow? No answer. It will ship soon. When will I have it? No answer. Can't tell me. Tells me that they will refund shipping. Wonderful.

Then tells me that their policy is 1-2 business days for processing and that overnight doesn't mean overnight.

Then why are you refunding my shipping if you didn't screw up?

The india line was a waste of time for me. I knew that coming in, but wanted to call and hope against hope.

As a former buy.com loyalist, I can't wait to see this IPO go down the shitter, and watch this company fold.

Amusing, a company that's going up against Amazon has only two chances to survive: 1.) low price or 2.) great customer service. I've never gotten a hold of anyone at amazon, but then again, I've never needed to. All of my orders there have gone thru like butter. Buy's window of opportunity against Amazon is Customer Service. Way to close it, morons.

That was my last Buy.Com order.

Anonymous said...

I also had problems with Buy.com. We ordered a camera case and paid extra for next day air. The package arrived 4 days later. Yes, 4 days. When we called to complain and ask for a refund for the next day air fee we got an operator in New Delhi India who spoke very poor english and could not and/or would not help. She only knew the answers to questions on her screen. She could not get a supervisor or transfer me to anyone at a US location. Will not do business with buy.com again. Very poor customer service.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and call them tomorrow... the same exact thing happened to me, I know they don't have my camera in stock, if they did it would have been shipped already like my memory card. It's a $219 camera, I've been charged for my camera TWICE and it hasn't even been shipped yet. I don't have the money for that, especially when I don't even have the stupid item, and it's nowhere remotely close to coming.

Anonymous said...

I am on the "sent to warehouse" deal, and I called today. They said it will be in 2 days. We will see.

Anonymous said...

I too have tried the "customer no service"....this person was named Steve, but he is based in India...you can imagine how difficult to understand him....in any case, he said I could not return a book for a refund since I had opened it! How else would you check the book, since Superman was unavailable...he said I would have to call back during the "normal" business hours and speak to a supervisor because all had gone home for the day...funny, none of them work in India anyway....will wait and see what happens...

Anonymous said...

Dec. 20, 2005: Returned a defective item for refund (RMA, they issued UPS label).
Jan.2: Sent email - requested the refund be issued as check, not as credit to original credit card used for purchase, since I closed that account over dispute with bank. I will not receive the credit if they issue to that bank.
Jan.4: sent another email
Jan.5: sent another email
Jan.8: sent another email
Jan.10: sent another email
Jan.11: finally received a reply, but appeared they had not even read my message - said your credit will be issued soon.
Jan.12: received email stating the credit had been issued to orig. credit card, despite my many requests that they not do so.
Jan.13: finally found a phone number (on this site, not on buy.com's), and am waiting on hold... ....finally gave up and called back, insisted to operator that she not transfer me to India or eternal hold. Finally... got a person. Says cannot issue refunds in ANY form other than against orig. credit card used for purchase.
I asked for store credit instead. Cannot do that.

Goodbye, $120.00.
Goodbye, BUY.COM.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm glad someone took the trouble to post buy.com's customer service number online-----buy.com certainly doesn't consider it necessary. Personally, I think such business practices are unethical at best and considering the other blogs I've read, should be illegal. Hello Better Business Bureau?

Anonymous said...

I have had several bad experiences with Buy.com. I have been buying products from them since they opened. I have caps and T-shirts they have sent me over the years. They were a good company and responded to requests by phone with postive results. That has all changed. Their India based customer service is totally useless. They are not authorized to correct anything that is presented by a customer.

The company has begun to advertise items at a good price and in stock with rebates that they do not have. This has happened to me several times now. I just ordered an item along with other items that were to be used with the main item. All were available at the time of the order. After almost three days sitting in the Processing Mode they then went to the Sent To Warehouse Mode. After a day all the supporting items were in the Shipped Mode. Of course, the main item still was in Sent To Warehouse Mode. I checked the main item again on their site and the item was now $18 less, and the one I ordered was now back in the Processing Mode. Foolishly I contacted their customer service and explained that the item is now less, and since it is in the Processing Mode could I have the cheaper price. As with most of you I was greeted with it can not be done. I advised that this delay was of no fault of my own and a price adjustment should be in order. Can't be done is the standard reply. Just last week I ordered the 300 GB external USB drive that was in stock, only to find it was no longer available. It came with a Buy.com rebate which seems to mean buyer beware. The best advise on this site is to avoid Buy.com.

It does seem suspicious that they do not have a poor seller rating after reading all of these comments.

michael said...

The last person said that buy.com still has a good seller rating.
If someone tells me, I'll add a note about how to rate them to my site.

Anonymous said...

I've been horsed around by BUY.COM too. I ordered a DVD 2 months ago, and even tho it was in stock when I ordered, after order processed and payment sent, it became unavailable. Well, today I checked the item # and it said - a few are in stock- order quickly. I called the toll-free # - and now that I've read comments here, I realized I was talking to New Delhi. It's not available, and after declaring how they're doing false advertising saying it's available, the customer service person was dumfounded and gave me some song and dance about updating the website. I'm afraid if I cancel order, I won't get my proper credit back, so I guess I'm stuck waiting! Oh, and by the way, they royally screwed up on my order before Christmas, too. DON'T GET SUCKED INTO BUY.COM!!

Federal employee said...

I used to order computer related items from buy.com regularly, but not for the last year or two. Today I found them to have the lowest price on a hard drive model, so I set about preparing the required paperwork for my buyer. He requires a phone number and won't place orders through the web browser. I looked all over the buy.com web site, and couldn't find a single phone number. I looked up the number I had on an old procurement, but no answer. I googled it, and found the customer service number. I got someone with a strong Indian (Asian Indian) accent. I asked if they accepted orders by phone. He said no, but... I said thank you. No more orders with buy.com for me. It smells of a company going down fast.

Ozob Drol said...

Same old same old with me. I have bought from buy.com for a long time. Then I see a Fly Drive with two rebates: $20 instant rebate and a $40 mail in rebate. I purchased the item and found at checkout that I was not given the instant rebate. I emailed their help desk and managed to somehow not send it from their website. I waited two days and I did not hear anything so I tried again. This email went through and I got the auto reply stating they will email me in one to two days. This was the last day of the sale so I took a snap shot of the page for my records, printed it and scanned it back to my computer as a PDF file. When buy.com replied, I sent them the PDF file and referenced it heavily in my email. Then the next email I get from them tells me about how to apply for the mail in rebate. I get the drive and it works ok but the price I paid was not what was advertised. I call their toll free number and I get someone in India that tells me they will upgrade my problem. I then received an email with a number that I called and talked to someone who actually spoke English as their first language. After explaining the problem, he offered me a $10 gift certificate. I told him no thanks and that I would not be back. He put me on hold and then offered me the full $20. It is during this conversation that I find out they can not accept attachments in their emails. So I took the gift certificate and on the 28th, I purchased two software titles and used the certificate I was issued. I always print out the receipt on screen for each purchase I make online and hold it back for verification. I then received an email receipt of my purchase that shows the price I paid was $20 higher than what the checkout receipt shows. I immediately call the number I was given before and I end up in India. The person I spoke with assured me that the $20 rebate was being applied to the original purchase, even though what I have in hand shows differently. One of the titles I ordered went on back order (I knew this at purchase time) and they shipped the in stock item. I get an email showing the shipping and the total price I paid and this price was again $20 higher than my checkout receipt. I contact my bank and find that buy.com has reserved an amount for my purchase that is $20 higher. I sent an email yesterday asking about the discrepancy (02/01/2006) and I got their auto reply as expected. This is day two and I am still waiting an explanation. If this explanation does not satisfy me then I will wait for my credit card bill and challenge the charge. To date, I have challenged retailers 3 times and won each time because I document everything and send this proof off with a letter to my bank. Each time that I have denied the charges; I received full payment, even if I was forced to send an item back at my expense. Once I take care of this problem, buy.com will no longer be in my favorite folder.

Anonymous said...

Made many purchases at Buy.com and was happy until I returned an item. Emailed many times did not get response requested. I did find a number, which I lost, called and was assured that the correct product would be coming. Never heard from them. I will be putting $69 into dispute and perhaps lost it, but they lost a customer.

Anonymous said...

I have not had many problems with buy.com until recently. Two orders that have apparently been lost in the mail. I've been going around and around via e-mail with their customer support based in India for the past two weeks.

I finally called the 949 number and told the receptionst I wanted to speak to someone in CA about this. The lady I spoke with solved the problem in 3 minutes and gave me a credit. Call centers in India suck!

Anonymous said...

I am totally new to buy.com. A gift certificate was given to me in December 05 and when I made my purchases and went to check out there is no source available on that page for a gift certificate. I have emailed them 3 times for help in this matter and have yet to hear from them. Thank you for the phone numbers. Maybe they will be of some help.

Anonymous said...

I had bought some brackets from buy.com. I could not be there to receive the package, so it went and sat at a fedex facility I could not get to. I had emailed buy.com that I need them to get the carrier to release the package the package or I can't reorder it. They sent me a form letter and a reply saying that they couldn't control that, but reordered the stupid brackets anyway. Well, the stupid brackets again were signature required and I couldn't get them. I emailed again and asked why did they do that if they couldn't get the carrier to leave the package. They sent me 4 or 5 form emails after that.

I stopped replying to the emails and went to there site to complain, and received yet another form email. I have no refund and no brackets. I sent ANOTHER email to complain from their site, and they sent me an email saying my "claim" has been approved and I should wait for another freaking email for confirmation.

It's been weeks. They were only $20 dollar brackets. As of yet I have no refund and no brackets. I will NEVER, EVER order from these folks again.

I recommend newegg.com. They have been outstanding, and I would have gotten brackets from them, except they don't sell them.

Duh said...

I had bought some brackets from buy.com. I could not be there to receive the package, so it went and sat at a fedex facility I could not get to. I had emailed buy.com that I need them to get the carrier to release the package the package or I can't reorder it. They sent me a form letter and a reply saying that they couldn't control that, but reordered the stupid brackets anyway. Well, the stupid brackets again were signature required and I couldn't get them. I emailed again and asked why did they do that if they couldn't get the carrier to leave the package. They sent me 4 or 5 form emails after that.

I stopped replying to the emails and went to there site to complain, and received yet another form email. I have no refund and no brackets. I sent ANOTHER email to complain from their site, and they sent me an email saying my "claim" has been approved and I should wait for another freaking email for confirmation.

It's been weeks. They were only $20 dollar brackets. As of yet I have no refund and no brackets. I will NEVER, EVER order from these folks again.

I recommend newegg.com. They have been outstanding, and I would have gotten brackets from them, except they don't sell them.

Anonymous said...

I wished I would have saw this site before I ordered! I never recieved a conformation email for my $50.00 rebate for Nortons Antivius- you need that for the rebate. After reading these reviews, I wont even TRY to get this $50.00 back on rebate.

Anonymous said...

OMG buy.com really is wack!

So this is my 2nd order from them but its strange that its been to the warehouse for 5 days. I email and call, thanks to this website. And the product whil being showned in stock 1 to 2 days its actually not in stock. And of course i get the standard you had 30mins to cancel speach but now its gonna take 3-5 days.

After being on hold for 20mins and being told that the manager is not in till 12 PSP(sony portable?) that the best they could do is do a cancel request.

So after much of discussion (yes i was calm the whole time amazing though how she raised her voice at me) I just said cancle my order as well as delete my account.

OMG I cant believe it. 19.99 for a video game and they want to treat me like this?

gab said...

Hi guys, this is my first time using Buy.com, it is terrible. I placed an order with them on Jan 31st 2006, today is April 3rd 2006. All I keep hearing and seeing is that my order was sent to warehouse. I called the 949 number and spoke to some one two weeks ago, who advised me that I shouldnt cancelled the order as they had 12 orders and they placed 22 orders. I am about to call them again, because this is ridicuilous. Had I have known it would be this terrible I would have just bought the camcorder @ Sears and pay the extra 200.00. Sigh

Anonymous said...

Follow up to OMG buy.com is wack:

Got an email from them just now. While they will delete my account its amazing that they will still try to ship my order even though I wanted it cancled now due to their error.

Maybe thats why buy.com pulled from going IPO because they are just wack!
Thank you for contacting Buy.com.

This is in reference to your email regarding the order #removed.

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with your order. We have submitted your cancellation request to our fulfillment center for approval. However, this is only a request and your order may still ship while this request is being processed.

You will receive an email confirming or denying the cancellation request for this order within the next few business days.

Further, we have also forwarded the request to delete your Buy.com My Account information.

We apologize again for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Buy.com Customer Care Team

Anonymous said...

Additional follow up to OMG:

Well now they do work fast... in deleting user accounts:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Buy.com.

This is in reference to your email regarding Delete Account.

Your request to delete your account has been received and processed. Your account no longer contains your personal information.

Please contact us if you need more information on the subject.

Thank you for writing to Buy.com.

Buy.com Customer Care Team

Nice... so now I cant check the status of my order. So basically they ripped me off from my 19.99 video game. Way to go buy.com

gab said...

Ok this is a follow up, as I said yesterday (April 4th) I will call them, I did. I spoke with someone named Nick who told me that my order is first in line since I have been waiting since the 31st of Jan, and that they will be getting camcorders on the week of the 25-28 of this month. Sigh. OMG this is frustrating.
The thing is I dont want to do like so many other people and go buy this camcorder elsewhere and then they ship my order, that will not be fun to be out 800.00. Sigh.
Well time will tell, I am going to see what happens @ the end of the month.
This guy Nick was located @ the Ca office, he was really nice, and patient, so was the other guy I dealt with, really calm, no attitude nothing.
The thing is, when you call the CA number you have to insist that you not be transferred to India even if the operator tells you thats where their customer service is. Thats what I did on both occasions and I got through.

Anonymous said...

I recieved a Sony PSP yesterday (our second one). I immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the screen: it showed color pooling. Almost as if it was only displaying "thousands" of color and not "millions".

Updating the firmware did not resolve. So, I called Sony support. After telling me to try the usual brain-dead things: "Turn it off... turn it back on. Did that fix it? No? Turn it off, remove the battery, turn it on. Did that fix it? No."
Sony then proceed to ask for the serial number of the unit. After a bit of time on Hold, the person came back and told me that since I purchased it from BUY.com, Sony would not honor the warranty. They said they do honor warranties from certain website like ebay and buy.com.

So: beware when buying Sony items from buy.com, as Sony will worm out of supporting it.

BTW, contacting buy.com is difficult, but the numbers on your site helped. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Buy.com falsely claimed to have an item in stock when I ordered even though they were in fact sold out. I canceled my order with them and switched to Newegg.com. I will not shop at Buy.com again (I canceled my account). There us no excuse for a web-based company not to have full account of its inventory.

Sasquatch said...

I've ordered twice through buy.com and both times were nightmares.

First time, the item was falsely advertised as in stock, and I when I cancelled the order they shipped it anyway, and charged me to return it.

Second time, the item was listed as "out of stock, more may be coming in soon". I contacted them to ask when new stock would arrive, and they OF COURSE don't have a frick'in clue!

I placed an order and then successfully cancelled three weeks later, and the very next day it's in stock again - go figure. I reorder it, and it allegedly ships within a few days. But one day before delivery, Fedex says they only have the package data, but no package, as it was never provided to them by buy.com.


Anonymous said...

To all. I read all the issues that each one went through. Most of you complained that the customer service is a waste of time and the rep that attends your call in India can not help you. I would like to inform all of you people that I was working for the customer service of buy.com. to begin with we do not intentionally mess up things and we do as much we can. But since we do not have the authorization to go beyond our limit we are not able to help you guys. If the corporate Office has made such regulations and policies we as a rep can not tamper it and assist you. We need to follow certain norms that are set by the buy.com. Moreover the norms that are set are meaningful.If you can understand that no one does businessat the risk of losing money. Business that are done means lots of risk. I agree that the syatem does shows errors that causes problems to the customers. To inform you We have forwarded the concern to the technical teams and they are working on to it and are trying their level best to improve it. Our technical team are trying hard to make the buy.com Website a user friendly website.


Michael S, New York NY said...

Who does "anonymous' think he or she is kidding? didn't anyone tell him you build a business by placing customers first, not on screwing them? After reading this site I learned the oldest adage is still true: "Buyer Beware". I should have looked before I leaped. If I ever buy online again, you can bet your sweet buppy I'll search around for a site like this and check out my seller before just banging in my credit card number.

Has anyone had any success with backup from his credit card company? I use AMEX, and they usually are pretty good at charging back the vendor when they get skanky.

Wish me luck with my new hard drive. I ought to have known something smelled rotten when I couldn't find their phone number.

Anonymous said...

I went to look at purchasing an item on buy.com that was listed for $219. I was not sure but I had a $15 off coupon and used it to make sure it worked and it did. The price showed up as $204. I was not sure at that price whether I wanted to buy or not when I saw the ad for getting a buy.com Visa card and getting $15 off this order and $15 off your 2nd order. The text actually took the $204 and subtracted $15 to yield a price of $189. This was actually on their webpage while looking at my cart prior to actually placing the order. I decided that I would buy based on the extra $15 off and selected the apply for card button. I applied, was accepted and went back to the cart which showed the 2nd $15 off. I was happy and pressed the proceed with order button only to find out after pressing that I could not use both discounts. Now keep in mind this was after the webpage with their shopping cart showed me that it would bring it down to $189 and then I applied and was accepted for a Visa that I really did not want before I was told that I couldn't do it. I called the 877-780-2464 and was on hold for 20 minutes only to finally talk to someone that could hardly speak english. I had to spell out my email address 5 times. More than once during the conversation, I asked for a supervisor to speak with and was told no one was available. Finally they said I would have to call back after 9AM Pacific Time to get one. Well I did and went through another 20 minutes of discussion with someone else that did not speak english just to be transferred to a supervisor. Well I had to wait another 35 minutes on hold to talk to a supervisor who could only repeat the company line that 2 coupons could not be used at the same time. I also sent two emails describing the situation to the customer service email address but received the same response from them with the second one saying that I needed to call the same useless 877 number that I had already tried. I will never, Never, NEVER do business with buy.com again. This was my first and last order.

Phil W said...

I agree, Buy.com has very poor customer service and you do get passed on to a service rep that can barely speak english and can not help you with the issue. I am a first time and last time customer with Buy.com They canceled my order and did not notify me of the cancelation. I had sent in several email messages with no response. I am still confused to why no one contacted me after almost 3 weeks since I sent the order in. There were no customer service managers on duty to discuss the issue or my options.
They must be having alot of issues if they are not puting the customer service phone number on their web site. Sure seems like a poor way to do business. I know eBay.com has been doing the same thing ( not publishing a customer service number for customer complaint issues.) It's been turning alot of customers away because of it also.

Anonymous said...

Alternate access by phone:

949-389-2402 (direct to receptionist)

Anonymous said...

I ordered an item from buy.com, two weeks completed still i did not get response from them. Just looked at they web site for contact no but i am not able to find it. This is one of most poor internet service. I do not know why they are not published a phone no on web site. Please do not do to any transaction from buy.com. Bye bye..

Anonymous said...

I made an order with Buy.com and have had issues since the day the item "shipped". I went to track my item because it hadn't arrived on the proposed day. It showed that the item could not be delivered and had been send to a mail recovery center. I emailed them..."you will recieve your package within 5-7 business days". They obviously haven't read the orginal email I sent them. I contacted the post office and they assisted me in finding that it was LOST. Anyways, I contacted Buy.com at 949-389-2000 and went to the directory option. Punched in the numbers that corrisponded with Doug Pearce's first four letters of his last name. I was able to talk to Britney who in turn connected me with Mike. My item is being shipped again, upgraded to ground service and I have a number to the corporate office now. 877-880-1030. Please use it if you have any problems. Now I am waiting to see if my package shows up.

Anonymous said...

We ordered a phone from buy.com. It arrived today and they had sent us a fake version of the phone used for display purposes. "Non-Working Sample. For Display Only" is stamped on both the base and the handset. I have this site to thank for finding a customer service number. The people in India were fine, there's just not much they can do (like send a real phone right away). I'm certainly not using Buy.com again. And I'm a bit worried about my card getting credited. But at least you can get a free shipping label.

WarrenZebo said...

I ordered a video card last week. Of course, during the purchasing process, at no time did I see a stock status of the item. After I enter in my credit card et al, I get a "surprise backorder" notice. Big freakin surprise, nice of you to tell me BEFORE I placed the order!

So I call the customer service number I found here and attempted to insist I not be transferred to the subcontinent. The receptionist cut me off and wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise. I tried to talk over her simply to say, "May I just say one thing before you transfer me?" She said, "I know what you're going to say." I said, "What am I going to say?" She said, "You don't want to be transferred to India."

I get connected to Travis. I ask him if he can give me an estimate as to when my item will be in stock. He said he had no idea. Being in the technology reseller business, I know that dropship partners give their resellers estimates with regard to when their backorders will be fulfilled. Travis refused to give me such an estimate. Upon my insistence, he said, "Fine, a week." I asked, "How confident are you in this estimate?" He said, "Not confident at all." I asked, "Do you expect it to be shorter or longer than a week?"

At this point he said, "You know, I can just hang up on you."

I replied, "In that case, cancel my order."

He promptly entered in a cancellation. I asked, "How long will it be until I receive an email with respect to the cancellation?" He said, "It should be almost instantaneously." Utterly fed up with the flippant attitude of this "customer service" rep (I wonder if the title was meant to be ironic), I then said, "f**k you very much have a nice day," and hanged up. Shame on me for losing my temper... sincerely, shame on me. I'm better than that.

About ten minutes later, having received no email with respect to the cancellation, I called back and asked for Travis. When I got connected to him, I explained that I still had not received the email about the cancellation. He said something to the effect that it had only been a few minutes. I reminded him that he said the email would be virtually instantaneous, and that I had taken him at his word. Travis then hanged up on me.

Nostrils flaring at this point, I called back and asked to be transferred to Travis' supervisor. I was transferred to Nick Thompson. Nick said that Travis had explained to him what had happened, and that his customer service reps are permitted to hang up on people who curse at them. This is a perfectly legitimate policy, but Travis had evidently failed to point out to his boss the circumstances leading up to my losing my temper. To his credit, Nick was the image of professionalism. He told me that the item was scheduled to ship that evening. I told him that in this case, let the item ship. Should the card not function, or should I need an RMA or something, I would prefer to go through the manufacturer directly, since as another one of their resellers, I have access to all of their important contacts, and surely the manufacturer would be more polite with their customers.

This was the first and last time buying from buy.com. I should have realized before placing the order that their customer service telephone number was nowhere to be found on their website, and that should have been a great big warning flag.

Buy.com sucks. It's worth a few extra dollars to get your item from a more reputable vendor.

joe said...

I can confirm that the 877-880-1030 number seems to help. I just got finished with a month long ordeal where I made an order (using Google Checkout), it was backordered for 2 weeks, yet the order number still never showed up in the buy.com "find status" page. I called the main customer support (in India) about 6 times trying to get the status. I was told every single time to submit a question by email, and I will get a response within 48 hours. I never got a single email response.

I cancelled it 2 weeks ago (made the same order on amazon, and it arrived 2 days later), then kept receiving emails that my order was being fulfilled but was still backordered. I called the main support a 5 times and "cancelled" each time, again each time being told my case was "being escalated" and I will hear back within 24-48 hours.
Of course, I never did.

Well, the last straw was when yesterday, the charge for the order showed up in my bank account. I called the 877-880-1030 last night, got the operator, and asked for Corporate Customer Support. She asked if I had used their regular customer support number, and I said yes, about a dozen times. She sent me to an American named Mike. He was very nice, and was able to see all my previous calls and said he was going down to IT to see what was up. He said either him, or his supervisor, Doug Pearce, would get back to me within a day.
Well, I never did hear from either of them personally, but today I finally got emails from buy.com that said my order was cancelled and from Google Checkout that said I will be refunded immediately. So it sounds like Mike and/or Doug Pearce did get the ball rolling on this one.

Anonymous said...

Those people in India, believe they are smart and believe that it is their turn to screw the west, especially USA. They believe they are invincible and are one of the major reasons of significant increases in id theft. Write to your local congressman, Rep. Tom Tancredo (who is fighting to halt/reduce immigration to USA), to your Senators, newspaper editors, consumer reporters and their programs on radio, tv and newspaper, state attorney generals, and complain of id theft, money being taken away from you not being legitimately being credited and all the felony acts some of these call centers commit every second because they believe the long arm of the US law enforecement is not that long enough to get them. Maybe Buy.com's call center contractors are US haters who may have the potential to hurt us Americans. Many of these call center employees have a condecending and superiority attitude and are out to inflict harm and be a menace to us Americans.

Honest Joe

Anonymous said...

Bought two items and only received one in the package and it arrived slightly damaged. Absolutely no response at all from the customer support wit their email system. Sounds like typical experience with their support. I'll attempt to have my credit card company deal with them. I've actually made several purchase from them personally or for work and had no problem. Never again.

Alyssa said...

Well, I've been a very happy buy.com user for years. Two weeks ago I made two seperate purchases, one on Monday (a mini sd card) and one on Tuesday (wireless router). I am willing to take some credit for the problems that followed because I did move about a mile away to a new apartment (however, my two roommates did not and I stayed in contact with them about my package). The Monday package I had sent to my old address, as it should have arrived by Friday, and my Tuesday order I had sent to my new address. For both I paid about $6 each to have priority ground shipping. All week I tracked my packages, both were sent out Wednesday, and both were on the trucks for delivery with FedEx on Friday morning. I recieved the wireless router at my new address Friday at 1pm. My SD card never came to my old address, although I was there until 5pm, and stopped by Saturday...no sign of it. Monday I called FedEx, they said they didn't know why but it wasn't delivered. I had five days of this, FedEx never delivered my package, even though each day it was 'on truck for delivery', on Friday they told me they "didn't know why" but it was shipped back to buy.com. So, I spend hours looking for the buy.com customer service number without luck, and finally sent an email requesting it. I received the number on Sunday. I called today, and spoke to two different people in New Delhi; the second was a supervisor. Both were rude and totally unable to help me. My only option was to wait the 3-5 days for my refund (not to my credit card, only to my buy.com account), and have to reorder it...blah blah blah, it would be about a week at the minimum before it would leave the warehouse.No coupons, no free shipping. I said I didn't want to reorder it, just send it to me, PLEASE. Nope, not possible. So I suggested that if I did reorder it, could he please mark it priority so it could quickly be sent to me? Not possible either. 40 minutes later, I had threatened to close my account and he had said he was sorry and hung up. Hate buy.com. THEN, I found the number for the Cali office on this blog, I called, six minutes after I dailed, Mark had taken care of me, was sending my package out and paying the free overnight shipping for me because I had already waited so long. I felt he redeemed himself, and will use buy.com again, but DO NOT ever call the toll free number, only call the 949.389.2000 number, and DON'T press 3 for customer service, just wait for the operator, and hopefully things will work from there.

Anonymous said...

I placed an Order and did checkout via PayPal just like I have done in the past. A couple hours later I get an automated email saysing my order is incomplete and will be cancelled.

Order was cancelled, Paypal was billed. They have my money, but I have nothing but a cancelled order.

Emails explaining what happened were [finally] responded with assurance that PayPal was not billed. I have the PayPal email confirmation and Paypal history shows the charge.

My follow-up emails are being ignored.

Works fine when it works, but God help you if there is any kind of glitch.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem that Mikey Likesit did. While checking out I simply answered yes to "would you like to find out how to save $25?" Well who wouldn't want to and there was no statement anywhere warning you that you were authorizing a 3rd party to charge your card. This is a complete scam and I will never shop again at buy.com because they are promoting the scam by giving out your card number to someone else. There is no way this can be justified.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have bought items from Buy.com without any problem. Most have been lower priced items and they have all arrived ontime. I do remember when they used to post their phone number. I needed it once and found either this website or another that had it posted. That's when I found out the problems folks have been having. But since I hadn't had any problems, I thought I would keep using them.

I recently placed an order for 10 Dymo Address label boxes on September 27th. 3 arrived in 2 days. No note about the status of the remaining 7. It's now October 17 and I looked to see if I could find any status on the remaining 7. Nothing. THeir customer support website was down. I had to Google their phone number that showed up on this site. Someone from India informed me that the items are in stock and are processing and would ship soon. I said how soon, I need them now. Oh, in 1 or 2 days. When I informed them of their support page being down, they said they notified corporate yesterday. I said they should post their phone number as well. He said they are workign on that (how fricken hard is it to add a phone number to a website!? NOT).

As soon as I get my items, I will stop using them. Though this is my first bad experience, I have read enough here and elsewhere to know it's just not worth the headache.

Thanks for this site. Too bad no one is going after them.

Anonymous said...

I recently placed an order for a 100GB internal hard drive for my laptop using google checkout, here is what happened...
Oct 10th, I placed the order
Oct 13th, the order got cancelled saying there was some problem with the billing address on Google checkout.
I verified that there was no problem.
Oct 13th, I placed the same order again using same Google checkout.
Oct 16th, the order got cancelled again with the same reason.
This time i got vexed and i placed a regular order and i am waiting for it to go through.

I used Google chekout for another purchase and it went through smooth.

I am not able to understand if its the problem with Google checkout or Buy.com

Anonymous said...

The Phone number for Buy.com customer service IS 1-877-780-2464. I called this number myself and spoke to a service rep in less than one minute.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how Buy.com customer service and thier order prrecessing works... or doens't work! The stock is not corect, and thier processing is so slow, if you are not concerend with when you receive tour order, take any savings you can get. Otherwise, if time is important, go elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I have been a customer of Buy.com since the days when thye were great. They use to get a product to you in one to two days. It was beyond me of how they did that. Those days are gone, free shipping means that you wait weeks to get your product, so it isn't actually free unless your time is free. The last order, for three SACD titles was past due and I tried to follow it up. They took the phone number off of the web site, s oi had to get it here. Thanks for that. I cna verify that they answer the phones in India, or some other country where they speak English better than they understand it. I got nowhere. They claim to have files a claim on my behalf for my package which appears to be lost. I told them that they can't file a claim on my behalf, I didn't loose anything, they did. They said they will reship, but a follow up call this morning, got me another guy in India, who told me that a claim was filed on my behalf. I told him that I din't need to know about any claims, I only want to know when I would receive my package.

Buy.com has lost me as a long standing customer. I shop at newegg, and Amazon for most things now.

Anonymous said...

I have a buy.com story to tell but it will wait until I get or don't get my order. I will confirm, if you want something simple. go ahead and callBuy.com's New Delhi CS # 1-877-780-2464. Once you have a problem that you think probably can't be fixed by someone who doesn't even get their paycheck from Buy.com or the guy says, "we would love to help you, but..." call the CA headquarters and ask for customer service NOT IN INDIA. In 2 minutes "we're sorry, for your security we cannot..." became "I'll do this and that and get back to you as soon as I hear". I think there's something telling about Fedex keeping their CS in the US... like they realize that interactions with CS are like sales pitches for future business and that perhaps they value positive customer reaction to those encounters.

Anonymous said...

Purchased a Panasonic DMC-FZ50k camera on Oct. 15th from Buy.com. After 3 weeks of waiting to hear something, I emailed Buy.com asking status of order, received "We are waiting for a payment authorization from Google.". On the 10th of Nov. after 4 weeks waiting, I canceled my order. On Nov. 11 received an email stating "You will receive an email confirming or denying the cancellation request for this order within the next few business days." Nov. 14th received email "your order is currently on backorder." and "we do not have an estimated time of arrival." Nov. 16th received a Availability Alert stating camera was in stock, checked website which verified in stock status. Also received an email from them stating my cancellation was already escalated and you will get a auto generated e mail in the next few business days. On the 18th and 20th more email "next few business days" I would hear. Today received "we have not forgotten about your email and we are working on your situation. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. If your situation is urgent, please telephone us at 877-780-2464.", can't guess why they think it might be urgent, it isn't even 2007 yet. I called this afternoon and after going through my story, with no reply other than "we will get back to you soon, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Sandy' who told be that my order was canceled, not nothing could be done as far as sending me an email stating that until next week, possibly by Tuesday, but no later than Friday the 1st of December.

I have been dealing with them since 2001 and haven't had any major problems and ordered from that at a higher price because of my previous dealings with them. So it has been six weeks tomorrow since I ordered and two weeks since I canceled my order. Never again. I am at a loss as to what to do, other than wait, but hopefully someone who sees this will be saved six weeks waiting for something they don't seem to have.

Hernan said...

Buyer beware, if you are planning doing bussiness with BUY.COM. You may want to read what happened to me, before you succumb to their shameless bussiness practices.
On 10/18/06 I ordered an LCD monitor for $219.94 with a $100 rebate offer. On 10/24/06 received e mail that it was on its way. On 11/1/06 a note apologizing for the "confussion" about the rebate form. Since I was not confused yet, I decided to call them. I also checked the status of my shipping and found, to my surprise that it "had been delivered". I explained to them that I had not received the product. They apologized and assured me all would be fine and resolved in 3-4 bussiness days. I stayed in contact with them every 3-4 bussiness days until my last contact 11/14/06. The calls had in common the following characteristics: They took up to 45 minutes of waiting time, were occassionally disconnected in the middle of the wait, were answered by polite individuals with a heavy Eastindian accent, always apologized for the inconvenience and reassured me that things would be resolved in 3-4 bussiness days.
I received e mails that had a mixture. Some were reassuring offering a refund, other disquieting telling me the "claim" had been reviewed and there was nothing further they could do to assist me, the loss had become my problem; another suggested that I "place a new order". Given the conflicting tenor of their content, it finally dawnned on me that this was not the exchange that should be taking place if Buy.Com was an honest, consumer oriented organization. I consequently gave a stop payment order on my credit card. I have spoken with Fed Ex, Buy.com, my credit card and still do not know if I have been robbed of $219.94 or not. But I do know that I have experienced the extreme discomfort of being abused without a recourse to put an end to it. They have been an unpleasant few weeks. I have yet to speak with somebody with responsibility at Buy.com.
I has made me wonder if it would be better for me to go back to buying at regular stores, where at least you get to talk to somebody in a position of responsibility that allows them to say:" Yes, we are a bunch of thieves, so what!" or " We apologize for the inconvenience, allow us to solve the problem to your satisfaction!"
And depending on their response you can decide your course of action.
But then again, it is convenient and I have only had this problem with Buy.com...so far!
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jeff in PA said...

I received an email early this morning: 8:34 AM EST
FREE SHIPPING after $25.00 mail in rebate
expires 11/29/06

SO, I log on, and the price is $40.44
{ ANYCOM HS-777 Bluetooth C-Style Headset
* Marketplace Item -- Shipped by: ANTOnline
1 Edit Qty Remove
Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days.
Subtotal: $40.44}

This is clearly NOT the $25 that I expected to bring the total to $0.

How DARE BUY.COM solicit this sale and then pull the carpet from under my feet.
This is clearly bad business ethics, practice and possibly a bait and switch.

SO I call, wait for 40 min. and finally speak to someone who runs me around for another 20 min. without saying anything except supervisors come in at 12p est, which I couldn't make. I implored her to log the call under my email address.

I called back later in the day when I had a chance.. No luck.. 20 min. to wait on the line for the "support" person to put me in the supervisors' queue, then an hour before the line was dropped!!! Arrrgh.

So I sent an Email.. yeah.. I'm sure that will be answered soon!

Isn't there a website to get the bad guys for unethical business behavior?

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment about a Panasonic DMC FZ50k on Nov. 24th, finally on the 29th of November, I received confirmation of cancellation from GoogleCheckOut. I reordered my camera from BuyDig.Com and saved over $75.00 and received it a couple of days later. That's the way customer should be treated!!
Buy.Com's cancellation policies suck.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get the $10 off $30 from google checkout when they first had started this promotion a couple of months ago. With shipping my order came out to be $40 (I thought it would be $30 with the discount) But it was my fault that I didn't realize the item I was buyin was $29.99, so it wasn't eligible for the discount. A few minutes after I placed the order I realized this and submitted a cancellation request. I got the exact same responses from CS. Until the status changed to "Shipped" and I was advised to refuse the package. So I put out a note in front of my apartment door that I would like to refuse that shipment, complete with the tracking number. When I got back from work that afternoon, I found the box in front of my door despite my note. It turned out that DHL had dropped it to the wrong address so they never saw my note. My neighbor's the one who put it in front of my door!!!!!!

I ended up keeping the item because I thought $10 difference is not worth all my trouble of returning it.

Anonymous said...

On 11/30/06 I found a great deal (or so I thought) on an iPod for my 15 year old son who happens to have Down syndrome and loves music. This is the only gift I can afford for him this year. (I have three other children.) Almost immediately I received an email from Google Checkout thanking me for my order and giving me the total they'd debited from my bank card. Several days went by and I'd heard nothing from Buy.com, so I emailed and asked the status of my order. They emailed back and said it was on backorder and that they update their site every 24 hours and were sorry I'd ordered before it had been updated. I checked the site again - it still had not been updated. I called the customer service number and asked about the situation. The woman spoke with such a thick accent that I couldn't even understand her name, even though I asked her several times. She eventually told me I had reached Manila, Philippines. She assured me the iPod would be in stock in a few days and would ship immediately. On the 6th, I checked the status of my order through their website, and it said, "In Process." I requested cancellation through the website then. The next day, it still said, "In Process," so I requested cancellation one more time (I'd had no response from them) and I called the customer service number once again. I had to dial several times before I finally got through and was put on hold. An Indian gentleman answered, but I couldn't understand his name. (Normally I don't have a hard time understanding people - really.) He was very nice but said all he could do was request cancellation through their corporate office, and please be patient, because it would take 2-3 business days. He blamed it on Google Checkout. He would not give me a phone number but gave me an incorrect email address for them. I did some searching and found the correct one and emailed them. Two days later, they (Google Checkout) emailed me stating they would look into it. Today has been 3 business days, so I once again checked the status of my order through the Buy.com website. This time it says "Cancellation Requested" - a slight improvement. I called the customer service number and after several tries and over 15 minutes on hold got through to an Indian person named Johnny - sounded female. She told me the request had been made and that I would have to wait 3-4 more business days before it would go through and then I could contact Google Checkout for my refund! I asked why they told me last week it would take 2-3 business days and now she's saying 3-4 more? If I call back in 4 days, are they going to tell me I have to wait 4-5 more days??? I am sooooo frustrated. I don't have the money to play these games. Google Checkout still has not responded other than they will look into the matter. I thought they were a reliable company. Actually, I thought Buy.com was a reliable company. They have a good rating on Pricegrabber. I guess they write their own reviews!

Anonymous said...

Boy I wish I had seen all these comments before ordering. I found your blog when out of frustration trying to find a phone number, got your blog (thanks for the numbers). Just so you know the 1-877 number is always busy and the other number disconnects when you dial it. I did finally call their corporate number as I was mad and wanted my receipts (they never sent) for my rebates. This is the most dysfunctional and unprofessional business I have ever dealt with. The man I talked to (obviously from India) kept telling me to enter my order number in the space on-line (despite being told repeatedly I didn't have an order number alas why I was calling them). Oh and the stupid we will respond to your complaint button online doesn't get a response so don't bother! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS!

Anonymous said...

The sale put up in buy.com is a gimmick. After ordering and after buy.com taking money from your credit card, they say it is out of stock. But you can still see the product in stock on the website. There is no way to contact them. Their support is hoax. If lucky they may ship it in 1 month and by then the rebates would have expired. I recommend not to buy. We should all sue this firm for taking the customer for a ride. Our money is locked up for a certain time without delivering the product nor refunding.

Anonymous said...

Customer Service line ALWAYS busy
Placed an order but didn't set the shipping to the free option - tried to cancel and gave them plenty of warning but as others have said they don't seem to be able to cancel an order once its in the system...they had plenty of time to do it but it shipped anyway. Received the product today and will reject the shipment. BUT CANT GET THROUGH TO BUY.COM CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO VERIFY THEY WONT SCREW UP THE RETURN. Given what I've read here I won't expect to see a refund on my card for at least 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Buy.com stinks. I traded-in a Sony digital camera through a program Buy.com has with DealTree. Trade-in an approved electronic product and receive payment via Buy.com gift certificate.

The trade-in part of the process went very smoothly. DealTree responded to all of my emails and updated my status regularly and as stated on the website. Unfortunately, Buy.com has not held up their end of the process.

DealTree informed me they processed my order and Buy.com was responsible for issuing the gift certificate. I emailed Buy.com numerous times and received NO response.

I called their USELESS customer service phone number, ALL calls go to India and they are impossible to understand. The guy I spoke with counldn't understand me, put me on hold 10 times, didn't know about the DealTree program, basically knew nothing. I got nowhere. After all of that, he told me I needed to contact DealTree. DealTree has more credibility than Buy.com since they upheld their end of the program.

I will call the California office on Monday and demand my gift certificate as well as letting them know how terrible their customer service is. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Bought a fairly large order from them - they shipped all but one item - then I asked about changing the shipping from expedited to normal and they said they were unable to do that. I said Ok - come to find out they cancelled one of the four items and still charged me for it... I tried repeatedly to contact them via email - response time was a week and everytime they said - working on it. End result is that it has been a month - still no item and I still paid for it - took it up with my credit card company and they deducted the amount from my charges. Here is a thought to think about - what reputable company does NOT POST THEIR PHONE NUMBER ON THEIR WEBPAGE? Customer Service number had to be obtained via this blog and I sat on hold for twenty minutes before giving up. Do not support this company! Go amazon!

Anonymous said...

I ordered Dvds that were in stock at the time of order .
My order now states 2 of them are on order . When I look at their site even today, they list them as in stock .
No replys to my emails.
First was sent on Friday 12/15/2006
still as of today 12/21/2006 no reply .What happened to my 24 hr reply?
Don't purchase from Buy

KJ said...

Ordered a pda that showed a status of ship in 1-2 days. It has now been a week and 2 phone calls to customer service (over 2 hours on the phone) and now my item is showing a status of "On Order". I wonder if the order status would have changed if I hadn't called if the status would have changed. A friend of mine ordered the same item and theirs still shows as "Sent to Warehouse". They haven't called on the item.

I tried to call Doug Pearce (Director of Customer Service) twice today and was sent to his voice mail. I guess he isn't going to return my call.

I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Business/CompanyReportPage_Expository.aspx?CompanyID=13065212 ). I would recommend everyone file a complaint that has an issue. Maybe we can get them to respond to the issues or the BBB will change their rating.

I had ordered several items from them without an issue but this last order was completely screwed up.

The customer service person originally tried to tell me the order was at the warehouse for fulfillment. I told them it has been there for 4 days. They changed the story to the item is out of stock. I asked when it went out of stock. They weren't sure. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said I would have to call back. I called back later that day and spent over an hour on hold waiting for a supervisor. Once the supervisor was on the line, I continued to get the same story about it now being out of stock. I told them the item was still showing available on the web site for 2 days following my order, so how could it be out of stock. Sounds like they were doing a little false advertising. I explained there was a rebate on the item and how should I handle the rebate since it has to be postmarked 30 days after the purchase. They said I would have to contact the rebate department via email. I told them, I am not convinced they are going to respond since customer service never responded to my emails. I asked to speak to a manager, I was told I would have to call back, I explained that I had already spent 2 hours working with their customer service department. I would appreciate a call back from a manager. The supervisor said they would put in the request but it might take a couple of days. Well 2 days have come and gone and they never called. I think they told me what I wanted to hear to get me off the phone.

If the BBB is not able to assist me with the resolution of the issue I plan to file a complaint with CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS
(https://app.dca.ca.gov/cru/gencomplaint.htm )

I would recommend everyone else do the same. If they aren't willing to resolve the issues with the consumer, may be they will be more responsive to the BBB and the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS. If all of us take the same course of action, they will have to change the way they handle their customers.

Ted said...

Buy.com is a VARY poor company to do business with. I ordered something from the, that was supposed to have free shipping, but they changed me $4.40. As soon as I realized this, I contacted their "Customer Care Team" requesting that the order be cancelled. The only thing I got back was an automated message.

When they notified me that it had been shipped, I contacted their "Customer Care Team" again. Again the automated message, and no real reply.

I've filed a complaint with PayPal.

Eddie B said...

Eddie B

I was accidentally enrolled into everyday values program, which took 9.99 a month for 3 months until I realized it. Some "legally binding" small print contract I wasn't paying attention to. Buy.com can go to hell, as well as can everyday values. I've filed a discrepancy with them through my credit card, but the whole thing turned me off from internet shopping through an agent I can't go into a physical store for. The whole situation is ridiculous, and waiting on hold for 20 minutes trying to get some sort of customer service agent, who i assume won't assist me at all, just makes me even more infuriated.


Anonymous said...

..and be careful about downloading a music file. If you get the wrong file because Buy.com coded a bad link, you're pretty much out of luck.

Try to email and all you get is a run around. Try to call their CS line (1-877-780-2464 -which is not posted on their website) and you get a continual "Your Cal Is Important To Us" ---- NOT!!! No wonder they don't list it.

Wouldn't it be interesting if someone with an auto-dialer kept calling their toll free number? I wonder if that'd affect the phone bill?

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased some blu-ray movies off buy.com through their google checkout ($20 off purchase of $50..) anyway I made the order on the night of Nov. 30, I put in for 2 orders of ~$60 each. and selected the free shipping, I quote "Shipping & Handling (Budget: 7 to 9 business days)" So you would think that the items would take only 7-9 business days, well supposedly the items shipped on the 2nd of Dec. I called on the 12th, and then again on the 13th saying where are my items, they were supposed to be here? their reply- the order shows up as on the way, call us back if you don't get them...
Finally on the 15th, 13 days counting sat. 11 if you don't (it was USPS who work on Sat. so I tend to say 13... Anyway, I noticed one of the packages seemed a little small, and I saw the weight of the full one was significantly more. I opened them both to find the second package was missing 2 discs. I thought well maybe they are coming tomorrow and pulled out the invoice, nope the invoices listed all 3 discs as being inside. So I immediately called buy.com, to speak to someone in India of course, and after explaining the situation several times and demanding reimbursment she finally told me that she had put in for a refund and it should be granted get this... 3-5 business days! Ok then so I wait, 2 weeks go by and nothing. So I call buy.com again demanding to know wtf they were pulling. This time I called the number I found here, the first lady is incredibly rude and won't let me speak, puts me on hold several times. Finally I get a helpful woman, I tell her the situation, she tells me there is no record of a refund request... I asked her how can that be? She doesn't know but she tells me she'll make the refund right away. I thank here and hang up. Today 1-4-07 (a week and a month after my order) I look at my cc statement, guess what, I have only been refunded for one of the missing discs...

Anonymous said...

i abhor buy.com. when i first saw the google checkout $20 off a purchase of $50 or more i was psyched. however, it has turned into a frusterating, time consuming mess. not only are the 877-780-2464 workers brainless sheep, they were not helpful in the least. they couldn't make any decisions on their own. they had to run everything by their supervisior. no lie or inflammation, i was on hold for an hour and 30 minutes. i finally took the advice of this blog and called the corporate office. however, apparently no one who worked there was a business major, and their policy is to piss the customer off as much as they can and lose them, their profit potential, and the business of as many friends they can tell. btw, bernardo is not helpful. i will never do business with them, and i advise everyone else to abstain.

Nandu said...

I placed an order for Western Digital portable hard drive with buy.com. I got the product and when i try to use it, the hard drive does not get detected. I tried on different computers and its the same issue. After three days, I contact buy.com and I was surprise to hear that I have to send the product back to them first before they send a replacement.
Secondly, they want the original box in which the product came in. How am i supposed to imagine that the product will be defective and I will be returning it. I didn't retain the box and now the operator says that the corporate office has to authorize the return. This is completely absurd and very disappointing

Anonymous said...

My issue is not quite as dramatic as some but still frustrating. I purchased a Digital camera on the 10th of December to give as a Christmas gift. It ended up not being exactly what she wanted and I attempted to return the item. When I requested the RMA I was told that they do not accept returns if the item was purchased more than 14 days ago.

So if you are buying gifts, don't use Buy.com unless you are certain the item is exactly the item you want.

Jaycatt said...

Wish I'd found this page before ordering from Buy.com. I purchased a wireless card, and it turned out I ordered the wrong kind. That was my bad. It was shipped on 12/18/06, and I dropped it off with my shipper on 12/28/06 (I have the receipt). The website says "you have 14 days from the date your product left the warehouse (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product) to get a valid RMA from our website and get your product to a shipper to return back to us.

This is clearly less than 14 days, and now they are refusing to honor it because apparently it is *over* the 14 days. I'm on a most likely 2 hour phone call to figure it out, only 20 minutes in.

Karan said...

I bought a "Western Digital Passport Portable 120GB External Hard Drive" TWICE as the first one was not delivered and buy.com told me that you'll get a refund, then I ordered second and it still not delivered and the tracking shows that both were delivered. I am highly disgusted, I lost over US$ 185. The have declined my refund request stating that the item was delivered.

Anonymous said...

I put in a pre-order for 2 copies of a PC game back in October, which was to be released by November. When I purchased it, the site guaranteed they would ship on its release date. Come November, they told me that the item was back-ordered and would arrive on Jan 25th. Unfortunately, by that time I was moving out of my apartment, so emailed them 3 times to try to change the shipping address... never a reply back--only automated emails that didn't address my problem. I called them and they put me on hold for 20 minutes just to have some lady in India (who could barely speak English) tell me that they have no power to change my shipping address!! How ridiculous is that, how can they not have the ability to change your shipping address when the item wasn't even in the warehouse, and hasn't even been charged, and not to mention shipped? I was so angry at their incompetence. So I bought the games somewhere else and put in a cancellation request for both items. A week later, they said I couldn't cancel the item because one shipped already, and they charged my card! So that order was shipping to the wrong address, and I had to go through the hassle of intercepting the package via UPS and re-routing it. This weekend, I tried to call them and cancel the other shipment. When I called customer service they put me on hold for 20 minutes, and once some guy in India picked up, he said he has no ability to cancel my order on his computer, and he had to give me the number to customer service. He didn't even have the ability to TRANSFER me to customer service, he said I had to call them. I said, "I AM CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE!" I was infuriated but called the number he gave me, waited, only to have another Indian guy tell me that he can put in a cancellation REQUEST but couldn't guarantee that it would be cancelled. I told him, "Look at my account. I ALREADY placed a cancellation request for both items. And you shipped one anyway. How do I know you did anything different than what I did? I don't want you to put in a cancellation request--I want you to cancel it and confirm that it's cancelled!!" He kept repeating he couldn't do anything but put in a cancellation request, but couldn't guarantee anything. He didn't even have a case number. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.

Anonymous said...

I'm persistent. Dern persistent. My friends all call me the "consumer advocate," because I usually figure out how to find the right person to talk to to get satisfaction in consumer transactions that go astray. Not with Buy.com. I've been beaten. They won. All I can say is that after 15 automated email responses which flat out ignore the specifics of my email requests, combined with the script-reading-non-English speaking helpless phone support, I'm done. I can't take any more.

Though I did find the name of a VP of customer service on the internet...Tom Silvell. I'll be composing a written letter to him to see if they care at all...

Anonymous said...

I received my order for a Jabra bluetooth headset VERY quickly from Buy.crap. Placed the order on 12/19 and got it on 12/22; ripped open the box and what's this? A 6' RCA cable!!??!! I look at the packing list: Not my name. Not my address. Not even close( I live in Ct, the RCA guy lives in AZ). I got an RMA issued and I tracked it through UPS. They received it on 1/3. I have been emailing ever since.....DO NOT BUY FROM BUY.COM

Katie said...

It took more than 14 days (the deadline on their return policy) before my computer actually reached me. I'm now SOL because the graphics card - the reason I bought the machine in the first place - is a POS.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased two secure digital memory cards from buy.com - problem was that the envelope showed up with only one memory card, even though the packing list said that they had shipped two. I immediately sent an email requesting that they refund the price of one chip. Two days later, with no response, I called the 2464 customer service number. The only response from the person with the heavy Indian accent was to tell me to wait a week and call back! After going through this twice, and also filing a complaint with Pay Pal, still with no response at all, I found this site, and tried the 2000 number. The person I spoke to appologized and immediately approved my refund request. It was amazing - the way customer service is SUPPOSED to work. The next day, I got an email telling me that they were unable to issue a partial credit through Pay Pal, so they closed my complaint(!) and asked me to call and give them my CC info. I hesitated, but did, and they immediately credited my card. My advice: if you have a problem with Buy.com, don't waste any time with their absolutely worthless Indian support number, or the Pay Pal complaints process - call 949-389-2000 right from the get-go.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a 50" Plasma Tv on January 22, 2007. The TV arrived Jan. 27th and the screen was smashed. The shipping company put box was damaged. The phone calls started. First buy.com said I could only go through the manufacter Philips. I called and knew the answer would be. Buy.com is responsible. Buy.com has been sending my calls to India and when I can understand them they pretty much blow me off because this in no way effects them at all. Saturday, Feb. 3 have been on hold for over 45 minutes. Just got off the phone and cancelled the credit card. Buy.com now says you cannot cancel any of these special order items and it seems must eat the cost as if that would happen. I think I will contact "Help Me Howard" on this matter. Something else that is intersting is when I first looked at this tv on their site there was only one review. Now there are three rave reviews and yet I left two negative reviews and of course they are not showing up. my email address is Shunig@aol.com

Anonymous said...

this is confirmation of the corporate number given in August of 2006. Called and actually managed to get a return auth. number from them (unbelievable). They were even pretty nice. Dealing with India was ridiculous, and I was on hold for over 20 minutes...

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought customer service could not get any worse, buy.com manages to take the bar to a new level! I would rather pay a little more and get good service!!! I have made three calls and spent almost three hours (95% of that time on eternal hold) on the phone with customer service trying to resolve a simple problem. I got so frustrated that I just cancelled the order. I will never buy anything else from them. I would rather do without!

Anonymous said...

Two weeks of "Sent to Warehouse." That's right...I ordered a laptop on Buy.com on 1/30/07 and it hasn't even been shipped yet. Newegg is usually the place I go for electronics, but Buy.com was cheaper...what a mistake. Last time I touch that website.

Anonymous said...

Your story is so reminiscent of my own. Years ago, I order a Samsung LCD TV with FREE shipping. Order placement and supposed shipping seemed ok--even received a tracking number. After 3wks of waiting contacted buy.com 3 times before getting a reply. took them another 2wks to confirm with the tracking company that the package had gone missing... takes me only about a day to do the same. Finally, took another week to get my money credited back. That's 6wks total folks!!!

I figured everyone makes mistakes so I ordered 2 more time over the years: the first went without a hitch but the other they tried to ship me after a "Surprise Backorder" and Cancellation Request. Won't be buying from them again.

Anonymous said...

I FULLY support your site. Buy.com is HORRIBLE. I paid $600 for a Weber Grill and over $100 for shipping and they REFUSE to send it to my home address rather than my billing address (my office). I called SEVERAL times to let them know I am not trying to scam them and they wouldn't do a thing. I explained I couldn't change my billing address because it was a CORPORATE CARD and that my home address was on my card as an authorized shipping destination. Still no luck. Every time I called, I was supposed to be contacted "shortly" by someone from customer service, an account verification specialist, or someone from address verification. Think I ever got a call back? NEVER! I am considering an FTC complaint and I will certainly NEVER buy from Buy.com again!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not posting here to gripe about Buy.com's lousy service or to say that I'll never buy do business with them again. In fact I've been a very satisfied Buy.com customer for many years; Buy and Newegg are the two main sources from which I make electronics/computer equipment purchases. However ... a word of advice to anyone contemplating making a phone call to their Customer Service: DON'T DO IT. It's obvious that Buy.com is not interested in communicating with you by telephone. Not only do they hide the CS phone number deep within their website, calling it once you do find it is a waste of time. You'll be brain dead from listening to the monotonous piano music loop while on hold long before anyone ever answers your call. And I can't even personally confirm that anyone ever WILL answer your call. On two separate occasions I've waited up to one half hour and no one answered. That's as long as I'll ever wait on hold; beyond that, it's rather insulting listening to a recording every 30 seconds telling you how important to Buy.com your call is.

Anonymous said...

Great to find this discussion. I read your buy.com post like I was reading my own story. Weeks of waiting for a cancellation "request" to happen. I was fuming more about the limbo than the curious "out of stock = sent to warehouse" jargon. As much as I'd like to rant even more about it, I had a happy ending. I called the 949-389-2000 phone number, waitied without pushing any options, asked the nice receptionist NOT to transfer me to India, and got transferred "Bernardo" who was presumably in the States. He pulled up the order, saw the "out of stock" status, and cancelled the order properly on the spot. It's still no excuse for the email loops or canned answers but I have to (begrudingly) admit that once I got the right person, they took care of the matter in a hurry. Thanks for the tips on the blog and good luck to you folks in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Buy.com is a friggin joke. I placed my order on February 17th using Google checkout. Today is March 1 and I have not received my order. Their site has never during the process said anything other than that the item is in stock and will ship in 1-2 business days. In the past week I have emailed customer service 3 times asking where my order is and they keep telling me the item is in stock and will ship soon, they just don't have an exact date. So I googled their phone number since it is nowhere on their site... Fully prepared to talk to someone in India, as others have, who could do nothing for me. Waited on hold for 50 minutes to do so. The guy totally gave me the runaround. He said the item suddenly went into back order after I ordered it and that it was back in stock on February 22nd. He doesn't know why it didn't ship to me that day and he apologized for that. He said in 2-3 days I should get a shipping confirmation number and then should receive the item 2-3 days after that. So basically I am looking at another week, making it 3 weeks total if this guy wasn't lying to me (and I have no confidence in the idea that he wasn't lying), for an item that is listed on their site as being in stock and shipping in 1-2 days. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Anonymous said...

Followup to my last post... I called the 877-880-1030 number and asked not to be transferred to india. I then spoke with Bernard, who spoke fluent English and was very helpful. He fouund other distributors that had the item in stock, and rpelaced my order with an order form one of those distributors. Now I'll just wait and see how long it takes to arrive. Will never order from these chumps again.

Anonymous said...

It seems I've had an experience inline with the other reviews/gripes here. I made an order and my CC won't verify since I just moved and changed my billing address on it but I've already been charged?!? By Google Checkout?

Been on hold for almost 3 hours total today calling the 800-800-0800 number Buy.com were advertising on their home page (scary horrible ad too for it when you click the link... some S&M/sadistic ad, the ad makes me feel like they are "painfully" letting us purchase from Buy.com and we're asking for more... pain that is.

Now I'm trying their local 949 number but still on hold... I just want to make sure my order is canceled so I can try a different method of payment for the purchase since they can't verify my CC... 5th call.. hasn't dropped yet, but on hold for 18 minutes... Finally someone picked up and said "Hi Buy.com can you please hold." then off they were again. This time they came back, asked me who I needed. I stated "customer service", then I was transferred directly to a CS agent in India immediately who picked up in two rings. Yay!!! I received assistance right away from a nice young lady. They were helpful and got my order canceled right away and I saw the online status as canceled right away.

I hate to complicate things but
I asked if I could get transferred to a sales rep or if they could help me with a purchase over the phone since I just moved and my CC wasn't verifying online and they could not and told me to call the line again for sales. Arg!

So I just called the 949 number again to get sales and this time the young lady said to try calling back after 5PM PST (they are open until 7) as the call volume drops significantly after 5PM

Buy.com Hours of Operation (MST): M-F 7AM-7PM, Sa 8AM-12PM

Wait... MST? I thought they were in California? That means at 5PM PST (where I am) it's 7PM already? Arg?

Anonymous said...


Over 260 minutes on hold and
6 days later the product is no longer available. I just checked yesterday and it was there, this was absolutely frustrating.

Also, two days ago, they asked me to fax in a copy of my driver's license and credit card and I did. But the purchase never went through.

During this escapade, I found out they are open 24/7 so calling in between 6PM and 6AM is much better than calling during the day. Only about a 15-20 minute hold time! I don't think I'll ever want to deal with the hassles of purchasing with Buy.com again. Sorry!

Daniel said...


Anonymous said...

I have had a ridiculous experience with buy.com from the beginning. But, I did find out another customer service number that I believe stays in the USA the number is (800)800-0800, I was given this number by someone at the other USA number.

Zelemont said...

I have bought a few things from Buy.com and was quite happy with my purchase, but make sure you DO NOT get subscribed to their email! They send me the same email twice in the morning and send me a few more through the day. When you click their unsubscribe list, it leads you to a dead end and tells you something like "this site is unavailable, please try again later". It has told me this for months, and I have contacted customer support 4 times not only with no response, but today they RESENT THE EMAIL each time i complained. It all just seems like a big scam to force their products on me or something.

I REALLY WAS happy with my purchase, but they have lost a customer who would probably have spent hundreds more on their products! GOOD JOB Buy.com hope its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding customer service... if you call the 877 780 2464 line and press 0 when the automated messages come on it will direct you to a representative. He/She will ask you where you need to be connected to and just say you havea question regarding your online/phone order. I got right through.

keith said...

I haven't purchased from buy.com in several years, especially after reading so many negative experiences. I gave them another try this morning because of a great deal with free shipping and a Google checkout discount. Unfortunately, neither the buy.com shopping cart nor the Google checkout screen provided an option to select free shipping. They defaulted to standard shipping with no opportunity to change it. When the order confirmation e-mail arrived, I replied requesting the shipping charge be removed because my order qualified for free shipping. Three useless e-mail exchanges later, I sent a rather firm e-mail message and started searching for telephone numbers.

Your site provided 949-389-2000, I called and waited for an operator to respond. This is when things finally got better. I explained I needed to speak with Customer Support in Aliso Viejo, CA regarding shipping charges and I did not want to be transferred offshore. My call was transferred to Jamie who was knowledgeable and polite. After explaining the inability to select free shipping, Jamie resolved the matter immediately.

Many thanks for providing your web page with everyones' comments and contact information. Finally, I have a HUGE THANK YOU to Jamie at buy.com for her courtesy and assistance.

greg416111 said...

I called today and the number is 800-800-0800.

Anonymous said...

Going thru same exact problem that started this blog post 3 years ago as we speak. Here is history (I changed things like order num and other things just for a bit of privacy) 800-800-0800 is the number, on hold now, 19 minutes and counting.... Cancelling because I got $13 cheaper from amazon, only bought this from buy.com when i did because it was a limited edition preorder and they were the only ones that listed it. I ordered so I could 'lock it in' figuring cancelling if needed would be easy. not quite. never again buy.com, never again.

Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you for your email regarding order #330xxxxx. We understand that
the delivery is taking longer than expected. This is because item
#204339150 (Snakes Arrows) falls under 'Pre-Order'. This means that the
publisher, studio or manufacturer has yet to release the product.

We will send the package out as soon as it is available. The expected
release date is 5/7/2007 An e-mail will be sent when the item is

Please note that preordered games, videos, DVDs and books enter the
shipping process when the order is created. This happens prior to
release date in order to ensure timely delivery. As a result, preordered
games, videos, DVDs and books cannot be cancelled.

Thank you for your patience.

Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions. Your
satisfaction is important to us. Please add
supportcustomersupport.buy.com to your contact list to prevent your
spam filter from blocking future e-mail.


Buy.com Customer Service

Original Message Follows:

How is it possible this still hasn't been cancelled/credited back to me
after 11 days? 11 days to cancel something that isnt even in stock,
hasn't even been released for sale yet and should not have been charged
yet in the first place? Please, I expect better from buy.com. I need
this cancelled and credited today or I will file a chargeback with my
credit card company.

On 4/13/07, Buy.com Customer Support support@customersupport.buy.com
Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting Buy.com for order #330aaaaaa with item
#204339150. We apologize for any inconvenience this order may have
caused you.

With regard to your inquiry your cancellation request is still in
process. As soon as the order has been cancelled, you will receive a
notification through e-mail that the order has successfully been

Thank you for your patience.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.
Your satisfaction is important to us. Please add
support@customersupport.buy.com to your contact list to prevent your
spam filter from blocking future e-mail.


Buy.com Customer Service

Original Message Follows:

What is the status of this cancellation and the credit to my account?

On 4/9/07, Buy.com Customer Support support@customersupport.buy.com
Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting Buy.com.

We are writing to you regarding Order #330zzzzzz.

A cancellation request was submitted to our fulfillment center. This is
only a request and your order may still ship while this request is being

processed. You will receive an e-mail confirming or denying the
cancellation request for this order within the next few business days.

Thank you for your patience in the matter.

Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions. Your
satisfaction is important to us. Please add
support@customersupport.buy.com to your contact list to prevent your
spam filter from blocking future e-mail.


Buy.com Customer Service

Original Message Follows:

Hello Buy.com,

Jeffrey zzzzz has sent you the following message:
Cancellation request for order #358zzzzzz:
Please cancel this order.

Order Details - Apr 4, 2007 06:17 GMT-07:00
Google Order #3581zzzzz - Buy.com Order #330zzzz

Shipping Status
Not yet shipped
Snakes Arrows
Shipping & Handling (Budget: 7 to 9 business days) :
Tax (NY) :

Replies to this email will be sent directly to Jeffrey zzzzzzz. Click
here to view order # 358zzzzz.

Need help? Visit the Google Checkout help center.

©2007 Google

Anonymous said...

Buy.com advertises Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0/Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 software with a $30 rebate... but will send you a copy that does not qualify for the rebate. They will ignore your email requests for an RMA. Good luck calling them, you'll likely be transfered to their customer service in India. Buy.com doesn't care about their customers, save your time and shop elsewhere!

The prices are great, the shipping cost/time are great...but gosh forbid you have a problem. Don't believe me, go ahead and look for a customer support phone number on their website. What you can't find one? Exactly! This was my last purchase from Buy.com I will never shop there again.

Anonymous said...

I wish I saw this blog before ordering from this company.

I had what should have been a simple RMA of a defective item.

For some reason I cannot get a prepaid UPS label. Their site throws a .NET error when generating one. I tried from several different computers, using IE, FireFox, different ISPs, you name it.

Their customer support directed me to return it at my own expense and that I would be refunded.

After more than 15 email exchanges with these idiots they have the gaul to ask me yet again for my order number (the 4th time). I'm sure in the next email they'll ask me again for the return tracking number (for the 4th time as well).

Each email includes all previous correspondence at the bottom, yet they're too lazy to scroll down and look. I now have a template to copy-and-paste with all my order details in each email I send them -- it doesn't help.

For some reason I have the feeling I'm the brunt of a joke (Haha! Here's that guy again... ask him again for his order number!!). I can't imagine they're all truly this inept... but maybe they are?

I've now filed a report with the BBB. Here's hoping they'll help.

Anonymous said...

Buy.com sucks, but with the right phone number, you can get an answer quick! Call 949-389-2000, hit 0, then ask for either Mike or Doug. They will ask what the call is concerning, then they (should) forward you to either of them. If they forward you to customer support (800-800-0800), hang up and call again, and insist you talk to one of them. I got all the answers I wanted within 30 minutes (even after he called the vendor!) I will never buy from these guys again, but if you're stuck in the middle of an order, that's the best way to go about it. Good luck!

shane said...

i just bought a computer from buy.com. i received it and it worked for a few days then stopped working...i called them to get it replaced and they said "14 days are up, too bad." this is the result after numerous calls and emails to get them to "decide" that they won't do anything to change the fact that they stole my money by shipping crap and taking the money and giving no support. this just happened in july, 2007.

Anonymous said...

This trend of extraordinarily bad customer service with internet re-sellers is more than a bit troubling. As consumers, we're contributing to the elimination of traditional brick an mortar retailers and sacrificing service for what is in many cases, relatively small savings. When we factor in the aggravation often associated with doing business with these companies, the savings become completely insignificant. It's certainly time we wake up and realize exactly what were doing to ourselves, our local merchants and our communities in this new shift to online commerce.

Anonymous said...

This is a complaint I left with the California Attorney General:
On July 23, 2007, I purchased online from Buy.com a Q-SEE qsu2dvr42c camera and dvr for 202.84 delivered.
The product summary stated: "Just plug it to USB 2.0 port on a PC or laptop and install the program it comes with. It will display and record live video". That is all it said. when I received the box it stated, on the box differently. In Big RED LETTERS it said:"system requirements" as follows:
1) os supported windows, I have. 2)cpu intel Pentium III 800 min, I have Athalon 1.8 ghz and manufactured says won't work. 3) ram 256mb, I have 4x amount. 4) hard disk 80gb, I have 160. 5) nvida GeForce, I have ATI and 6)USB 2.0 as said in advert.
The 2 issues of Processor and Nvida makes the product useless in my Approx. 1 year old computer.
I have called almost daily and never get a response. All they say is on the ad it says under any circumstances there will be no returns.
They lacked to disclose to the public that this product had all of these requirements and just said "plug and play" The manufacturer said they can't do anything and buy.com tries to refer me to the manufacturer. Buy.com's number is an offshore calling center which listens to you but can do nothing.
I finally got Buy.com's California number and they said they would charge me 15% restocking fee and not reimburse for shipping which means around 100.00 only back to me net.
Buy.com is evasive and deceptive and thru research I have found this a practice with Buy.com.

look in contact us > contact us resources > complaint forms > complaint forms against company

She said...

I can't believe Buy.com does not have any working phone number for customer service! Called the numbers provided by previous posters, none of them worked. They have NO service! Period.

I will not buy from them ever again. Errr!

William said...

This group should be called "suckers only" instead of Buy.com. Google has certainly lowered themselves by using them on google checkout.
If you buy, sucker, you may get dizzy before you are done.
Returns are a very low priority.

Bobby said...

I will never use buy.com again. They have great prices, but their return policy is not in th best interest of the customer. I bought an item aug 24th and tried returning it sept 8th and they said they count the date I purchased the item aug 20th meaning I was over the 15 day policy. I cannot believe it. USE AMAZON evryone!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with canceling my order. I filed a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs. I suggest everyone that has had a problem do so, even if you are out of state. Here is the link: https://app.dca.ca.gov/cru/gencomplaint.asp

Buy.com's address is:
85 Enterprise Suite 100
Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Address from this link:

Anonymous said...

Not directly a buy.com issue but buy.com has acted below expectation:

Purchased a US Modular product. It had a rebate. Sent the rebate forms with all necessary docs. Nothing after four months. Sent multiple emails to US Modular. No replies.

Sent two very polite inquires/reports to buy.com. They IGNORED both my emails, despite the fact that I have been a regular customer since 2003.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the Department of Consumer Affairs sent me to the Attorney General's Office:

Anonymous said...

1-800-800-0800 doesn't work from Canada. For those of you who have ordered through ca.buy.com, their customer service phone number is 1-888-328-9266.

B K said...

What to start and where to start, I am crying with one eye and laughing with the other eye. I would have done a little research on buy.com for all its freeking, worthless pethetic cusotmer service. I ordered a Nokia N95 on 25th Sept. They cancelled for no reason even when i have not requested. Then the saga started with waiting for freeking 85 mins for a human Customer service. Thank god it did not go to Delhi or any other country. The CSR was so worthless she was repeating that she does not have any information why it was cancelled. she was very reluctant to even put her super or manager on floor. Placed another order on 26th September and paid via Paypal. Paypal promptly paid immediately. The status is "Sent to Warehouse" for last 3 days. Once again the saga to contact the CSR started. Once CST just hang on me without even talking. Again called up waiting for 63 mins, NO use. Finally she said it is back ordered. Called up sales rep, they informed they have 1070 in stock. Who to trust and who not to trust, I am completely lost in the wilderness of buy.com. PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help me in getting any contact information to corporate office so that i can atleast ask them why do they have this stupid company which with so many worthless people.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for wonderful blog. I came upon your blog as I was searching for paypal complaints. The funy thing is that every time I encounter palpal complaints I also saw references to America's Servicing Company.

Can you please explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

I made a BIG mistake ordered a optical drive for my Samsung Tablet Q!. The drive has no power. It won't work at all. I returned it. They will not take it back even to switch for a much higher priced drive. Tigerdirect has been good.

Anonymous said...

I was able to find the correct number for customer service that actually took me to a live person in the US--it is 800-800-0800. Just follow the phone prompts.

This is what I get for not ordering from NewEgg.com, the greatest customer service company in the known universe...For Buy.com to not post a phone number is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... the 800-800-0800 number is working... I had to try it today because I placed an order with buy.com, they accepted the order and 5 minutes after that they cancelled it as they said my address that I gave them is not the same as the one I have in Pay Pal which is entirely not true !!! It is the same address _ I am very angry about that _ the only thing they do is to create more hussle for us, their customers who at the end are stupid because we buy from them !!!

Anonymous said...

Buy.com is the ABSOLUTE WORSTE company to buy from! I will never again purchase something from them and highly suggest you find a different site to buy from!!!!

I ordered a home theater system using my American Express points, never recieved the order, and when I called they said that the item had been delivered. After submitting a claim, my claim was denied due to them confirming with the carrier (Fed-Ex) that the order had been delivered to the correct address. When i got ahold of a customer service rep, after being on hold for 3 HOURS, i demanded the tracking number and while on the phone with them confirmed that the signature was not my own and was some dude named FRANK.
Being that I don't know anyone by the name of Frank, I demanded my claim be resubmitted. After a week and a half of no response, I called again and, after being on hold for another HOUR AND A HALF, I was told by someone that barely spoke English that my claim had never been resubmitted!!!!
I resubmitted the claim a second time and the same exact thing happen AGAIN!
I am now going to take legal action. I do not care how much legal fees cost. I would rather pay thousands of dollars to prove to the world how terrible this company is so they do not get away with screwing anyone else over in the future!!!
They have wasted numerous hours of my time and thier customer service is not only illiterate and unprofessional, but also completely incompetent!!!!

santiago said...


I have ordered several times with Buy.com, and have had a few mishaps. However, I thought they were sort of unimportant, so I have ordered again.. for the last time this time.

I placed my 7th order with them, using my AmEx card, the same they have had on file for all previous orders.

The order of 8 items, amounting to $900, was ordered on Sunday Mov 11, as I absolutely needed it by Nov 23rd or 24. I was on business trip in Canada when I placed my order.

They cancelled my order, sending me a cryptic email 48 hours later... because the IP address from the ordering computer was in Canada.

Obviously, I had ordered from my Buy.com account, using my credit card which was on file, with a US billing and shipping address. This it was easy to see that I was indeed the person ordering, since I was shipping it to myself, using my own card, and my address from my account.

I called 18008000800, while still away (using Skype, and placed my order by phone, Wednesday.

Friday am, I otice they have canceleld my order, again, this time because they say my shipping address is not approved by AmEx. I call AmEx which assure me that my address is on file with them, and that the transaction has been ap[proved.

I call Buy.Com. I wait cliose to 2 hours. I insist not to be put on hl;d while the salesman finds a Customer Sewrvice rep. The ***hole tells me he won't put me on hold, then, guess what, he puts me on hold, for 30 minutes until Cust Service rersponds.

I simply ask that they make sure they correct their mistakes, and make sure I get my order by the 23rd (or 24th, if they are willing to ship saturday), insisting that they ship the oprder in any way they want, but makingt sure I do not get billed for shipment since I had ordered in plenty of time before. They refuse!

I have tried calling corporate offices (thanks for the number, the customer rep would not give it to me), to no avail.

Which Better Business Bureau do I report them to?

Anonymous said...

After the 4th call and attempt to explain a very straight forward issue with a product return and receiving nothing but bizarre responses, I knew something was up with there customer support team. It is based in Manila, Philippines. Simply put, poor understanding of basic logic in English = NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Anonymous said...

Ordered two items from buy.com, they charged my PayPal account immediately, then shipped only one item. No reference was made to the second item (Rock Band). When I tried to find my order, it doesn't come up...using the order number they supplied and my PayPal information. I finally called, sat on hold for half an hour, and talked to a freakin' India idiot who said the item was on backorder and she could not tell me when it would ship. So I asked, "should I wait, or get a refund?" She just spoke from a script and had no command of the English language. What a moron. Once I discovered her supervisor was "busy" I canceled the order. Sorry, buy.com -- you're no longer one of my shopping destinations. I'm outta here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you people are amazing! I've been searching for the buy.com for a phone number forever, and google led me to you! Happy holidays and thanks a ton!

Jason said...

Ordered HD cables for my XBOX 360. Came DOA. After using their email RMA process, they took so long that their return period expired. They then told me the mfg refused my return request.

The email customer support is useless and will never be answered by the same person.

Their 1-800-800-0800 always has a busy signal.

I'm going to submit a complaint to my states attorney general and the BBB. I suggest anyone who has had problems with Buy.com in the past to do the same.

Anonymous said...

11/27/07 Super LOUSY phone service. Have been on 800/800-0800 line for over 90 minutes without getting to talk with a human.

Anonymous said...

WOW - it seems like I am part of whole new family. The "Got SCRE#$%D" by buy.com Family.
I placed an order for a Sony DVD Direct type burner in November. Product arrived (which makes me luckier than some of you) but doesn't work. It doesn't burn DVD's. We get error messages, ruined DVD's,etc. We took the time to contact Sony, thinking we weren't doing something incorrectly. They recommended tyring another DVD brand. THEY WERE MORE HELPFUL THAN BUY.COM.
So we take the time to do that and it still doesn't work.
We contact BUY.COM - by email of course since you can't call them without hiring a PI to find you a ph #. AND WE GET AN EMAIL BACK STATING BASICALLY "TOO BAD, SO SAD"
So I find the ph# 800-800-0800 and I get someone in India at 6am EST(I called that early to hopefully avoid being on hold for hours)-
she tells me that I need to wait for an email THAT I ALREADY GOT WHICH IS WHY I CALLED HER IN THE FIRST PLACE - -
Then she goes looking for her supervisor. "My supervisor is busy" ... I offered to hold, but she wasn't going to let me do that. She took my ph# and said a supervisor named either Wesley or Lesley would call me back either today or tomorrow.
I will be trying all the other phone #'s I can find today to try and get some satisfaction. There is no way they are keeping my money while I am stuck with a product that doesn't work.

Dale said...

I will NEVER purchase from these rip-off goons again. I was trying to upgrade to the best card my system can use. It's been 5 weeks now! I received the item finally not in 5-7 days ..mote like 12 days..it arrived with a flattened box..in transit or at warehouse? Anyhow..it was an XFX GeForce 7950 GT 512MB AGP card. I put it in my machine which already had a fairly good card which I was going to upgrade my other machine with..every games I had that was working including Bioshock and World in Conflict crashed. Their policy in the email I received states this in quotes Your policy as stated in the previous email is as follows " Opened
> items: We apologize that we cannot provide refunds for opened,
> defective Software, CDs, Cassettes, DVDs, Videos, and Games. We will
> refund you for most opened, non-defective computers and electronics
> within 14 days from the date your order left the Laser printers,
> inkjet printers and fax machines may be returned
> for same-item exchange only."

Nowhere did I see where an opened video card can't be "refunded"?
I was told when calling them it could only be replaced. After lengthy and untold amounts of correspondence I was directed to their "entire POLICY" which is buried deeply..btw, if you find a phone number buy the way on their website, count yourself fortunate.
The return policy resembles George W. Bush's attitude toward civil right's and the Constitution!! In other words "If you don't like what I do, tough shit. It's just a piece of Goddam paper!"
At this stage I am still attempting to get either a refund or a replacement and haven't obtained either yet!!!!!

The only reason I actually wanted a refund is that this video card has had problems I did not know about and after the crashes I researched further and there were a lot of complaints about this particular card being defective in many cases, FYI.

Anonymous said...

After 20 days of order placement. I started emailing everyday regarding status of delivery, but no reply. There is no Phone #s to contact for customer service. Then after another 10 days I requested a refund, but offcourse no reply. Although I waited for any kind of reply, Ultimately, I made request thru my Credit card company for refund. And then I recieved appology letter the very next day, stating "Sorry for inconvience, we don't have the product in stock, we are refunding the funds to your credit card account". Bunch of liars, Because, Through out the 40 days of wait & confused, everyday online status showed that "Product Has been Shipped".

Jeff said...

Yes BUY.COM has really "cheesy" business practice. Firstly they couldn't process my order even though I applied for their BUY.COM visa card. So I waited 10 days for the card to come to re-order. Then waited 10 days and product still did not arrive. Went to their website and it says my order was cancelled. Called customer support and they say I quote "YES YOUR ORDER WAS CANCELLED BY OUR SYSTEM BECAUSE THEIR SUPPLIER COULD NOT SUPPLY THE PRODUCT AT THE $299.99 PRICE ON THE WEB. BUT THEY HAVE A NEW SUPPLIER AND I CAN ORDER IT BUT IT WILL COST $384.95" I ask why no one told me the order was cancel and shouldn't they honor the price once I placed the order?.
If you want to buy anything use AMAZON.COM

Jason said...

I'm done with Buy.com. I've ordered plenty from Newegg.com. Some of the products have problems, but their return process is easy and their customer service is great. I'll be sticking to Newegg.com, Provantage.com, and Amazon.com.

Remember, our best recourse is to not just complain here, but to the better business bureau too.

Anonymous said...

Come on people! at the prices we pay for all these gadgets on the internet, how do we expect buy.com to pay for customer service. We go as far as not wanting to speaking to anyone in India. For years, amazon.com was not profitable, for the same reasons: People wanting cheap stuff. Newegg will get there too. At these prices. Someone will have to pay a higher cost for all these cheap prices....

Kevin said...

I bought a Klipsch C-2 center channel speaker from them on Dec 1st. On the 4th I received an APC power strip. I emailed their Customer service department telling them I got the wrong item. They responded by saying according to fedex my item was delivered on the 4th and if I needed more info to feel free to contact them.

I have now been on hold for 40 minutes on the 800-800-0800 number waiting for a person to pick up.

Buy.com sucker said...

I made a purchase at buy and paid for 3-5 day shipping.placed order on nov 21 order wasn't shipped till 26 with a in home delivery date of dec 5th note that is 7 day's not 5 but now thier telling me in home date is dec. 10. and when I tried to get a phone number I played hell trying to get one first I called tollfree infomation and got 8777802465 which is acualy Buynow.com not Buy .com but they informed me they have recieved numerous call's from buy.com customers trying to reach them. they gave me the correct number 8008000800 but it's only for customer serv. not corprate office a supervisor named (Porche) said they were unable to give me the number to call to complain at corp. but that they did have the number just wernt going to give it to me. becouse it was aganst company policy she said I could find it on the internet site but guess what its not thier I guess If you want to pay 15-20 dollars for overnite then buy.com is the place to do bussiness as long as you dont need to return it becouse all cust serv. is authorised to do is tell you thier sorry for the delay and that they apolgize for the inconvience

Jerry said...

I bought a refirbished Westinghouse HD TV. It was dead on arrival, and neither Buy.com nor Westinghouse will take it back or fix it. I am working with my credit card company to contest the charge, but I need to return the defective TV to Buy.com. Do you think I can find an address? NO.

Does anyone know the address to send an RMA?

PeeDee said...

Seems that I am not alone. I ordered what I thought was a Canon SD870 but the link to place the order put a Canon SD850 in my cart. I did not notice it until the order was placed. I immediately called and canceled the order, but they said it was already in process and couldn't be cancelled. The only way was to refuse the order when it was delivered. I couldn't use my credit for applying for a buy.com Visa until the first order was complete in its return. I refused the order when it came. It arrived 3 days later (I printed the FedEx page) and after 4 emails and 4 phone calls (waiting over and hour for each call) I finally got an email telling me that my account has been refunded $70.13. I immediately called and emailed again telling them that i appreciate the $70.13, but the total was 316.93 I am on hold again for the third time since then waiting to get frustrated by someone that does not comprehend english and probably won't be able to help me at all. I will tell everyone I know that I have had nothing but a terrible time with this company. I can't get the vision of the CEO sitting on the roof of his warehouse telling how his company has grown in the last 10 years. yeah purchases for the most part go smoothly, but just try and get a refund!!! And it was totally their fault.

Anonymous said...

I have joined the community of dissatisfied customers. I bought a laptop. Shipped quickly, but Fed Ex can't find it now. Buy.com needs to put in the claim, but do you think I could get in touch with them? NO! I've been on hold at the 800-800-0800 number now for about 30 minutes.

The 800 number now does show up on the website at the top of the page. No where else, though.


chadra said...

Wish I´d taken that moment to check before buying from Buy.com. If anyone out there is savvy enough to do this and is contemplating making a purchase with Buy.com, and is reading this review right now - all I can say is DON'T! You´ll be sorry, sorry, sorry....

Anonymous said...

I've had success with buy.com in the past, but no more. I ordered an iPod boom box, got an email confirmation. Ten days later I wonder what's happening, and find that the order has been cancelled as out of stock. After 1/2 hour on hold, I get a know-nothing in New Delhi who starts every sentence with, "I apologize for the inconvenience...," but can't explain why they didn't inform me the order was cancelled. My last interaction with buy.com.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Gears of war Xbox bundle ($497.18) from buy.com on 11/26/2007 and they sent me the the Halo 3 special edition ($399). I figured this was an honest shipping mistake so I issued an RMA and sent it back then I ordered the Gears of war bundle again on 12/4/2007 with my credit card just so it will get here by xmas, and they sent me the Halo 3 package again.

I was on hold for over 45 min. 1-800-800-0800

I will never make a purchase from buy.com again. I am very unsatisfied!!

Anonymous said...

Made a purchase from Buy.com and it was supposedly shipped through FedEX on November 29th. It is now December 12 and still no delivery. Tried to track order through Buy.com website and it won't pull up our order number. Basically it says it doesn't exist. So I will try their toll free number. This was our 1st purchase and after this experience...our last.

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