Sunday, November 28, 2004

Rebate Gripes

Have you had rebate problems? If so, tell the world about it here. You can do so anonymously, however if you ask a question an email address is necessary to get any responses.


Oleg said...

I have had a problem with Bellsouth rebates. When I was ordering Bellsouth fastaccess DSL rep. told me modem and activation Is free and that I will not be billed for the modem and activation well I have jumped on the offer,because offer was too good to be true and it was too good to be true after 1 week I got billed for the modem and activation well I have called bellsouth and they have told me that it's only free after rebate will OK I have sended rebates In after one month I got a post card saying "To qualify for the rebates I must have newly purchased service within the promotional period. I must have active service and Installed at the time of redemption well I sure did had all the requirements well I have sended this e-mail to bellsouth

e-mail to bellsouth:
Dear. bellsouth

I just got a post card saying I do not qualifying for the reward and I like to know why I don't qualifying

1. I have mailed reward applications on time
2. I have newly purchased service within time limit
3. I have active my service and Installed it

Reply: Thank you for contacting us about our reward promotion. Because your issue requires further research, your email has been forwarded to a special team contact us within 7-10 business

Comment: Speacial team hm?
Well not reply for over 10 days

e-mail to bellsouth: I did not get an answer from a speacial team

Reply: Thank you for your inquiry regarding your promotional rewards. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause you.

You are a valued BellSouth customer, so we are pleased to inform you that we have updated your records. Your submission for the BellSouth® Consumer DSL Free Activation and for the BellSouth
Consumer DSL Free Modem are now in process. Please allow 4-6 weeks

Anonymous said...

After having Norton Anti-Virus installed 'by a tech' in 2004, I was impressed with the product and decided to 'buy' my own disc to install the 2005 version myself. Not having the 'Proof of Previous Purchase' my rebate for the 2005 purchase was not honored. THEREFORE, I HAVE REMOVED NORTON FROM MY COMPUTER AND INSTALLED AN ALTERATIVE ANTI-VIRUS. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH NORTON ANTI-VIRUS AGAIN. WHAT A RIP-OFF

Anonymous said...

I've had a rotten experience with a Staples rebate. I bought a $50 product eligible for a $10 rebate and submitted the rebate at correctly and on time. Parago (Staples' rebate processor) is refusing to send the $10, and their reasons for doing so make no sense and contradict the information about my submission that is visible on their Web site. See the entire story at, which I am keeping current with updates as they occur.

Anonymous said...

I qualified for a $20 rebate for a Kingston 256 MB SD card, and submitted the paperwork to It never showed up on After several months, I refaxed my paperwork - twice, then after an additional wait, sent certified copies via USPS. After nothing, I contacted ZipZoomFly who appeared to be helpful, but after no results, on further contact I was told to contact Kingston. I contacted Kingston twice, and finally, after originally submitting my rebate request on 7/22/2004, I received my $20 check in the mail on 7/11/2005!!!

elsie borowski said...

I bought your Norton Antivirus software. After following the man instructions in Staples. He told me toget rid of the old software, before installing the new one. I have a rebate coupon for $30.00. I can not give prof.of the old software. When my husband was alive, in moving he got rid of all the old boxes from software,and disks. In calling the 800 #.The man told me someone would call me within 24hrs. I did not here from anyone. I am teaching myself the computer,since my husband passed in Feb. His old software was from 2002. I thought it was time to get an up to date version. Please tell me how I can resolve this problem. Thank you, Elsie Borowski

Anonymous said...

Bought a Seagate 200GB ATA drive 11/25/05. 2 rbates from Seagate/ Recieved email saying the receipt (dated 11/25/05) was not dated during rebate period (11/24 -11/26/05). Sent an email through their site, never heard back. Called rebatestatus and was told sorry about that please fax to a long distance number at my expense and they would see what they could do. They could not provide any othger help, I would have to pay several dollars to get a fax sent just so they could see if they could fix their error. Called CompUSA, they ssaid sorry about that but it is a Seagate problem.

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble with a Trend Micro Pc-cillin Internet Security 2005 upgrade rebate. I mailed in on 10/19/05. It is supposed to take 8-10 weeks to receive it, and according to the web site to check on it, it is still "Processing". Numerous calls to the toll-free number to check on it are fruitless, since the folks there really can't do anything - all they do is check the same info that I can get myself from the web site. On 1/11/06, I DID get one helpful person, who said that for some unknown reason, they had "stopped processing" my file, and that he would pass it along to his manager. He also said that he could see no problem with it insofar as incomplete documentation, etc. is concerned. But, as I said, further calls have been as waste of time as no one there really seems to care if the rebate request is processed or not. It has now been 14 weeks, and it looks like I'll be waiting for quite some time to come if past experience with this Trend Micro is any indication. If this does not work, I will never use this product again, and let everyone I know (and don't know!) what a waste of time this whole process is with that company. I see they are still offering the rebate if you switch your security software to Trend Micro. I don't recommend fooling around with it.

Anonymous said...

I bought an SMC router Sept 3 and mailed the rebate form ($80) Sept 29. The rebate was payable within 8 weeks. Dec 9 I checked with, and as the rebate wasn't listed I phoned. They were surprised I hadn't gotten a letter of rejection, as I had put a PO address on the submission. When I said there was also a street address on the submission, they checked, said it was now approved, and I should be getting the rebate within 4 weeks. Jan 11 (5 weeks later) I checked the website, and "my submission is being processed". I made phone calls Jan 19 and Feb 3 and was told my submission "was in the final stages of processing". It is now 4 months and 1 week. Still waiting.
Question: If you get mail by Post Office box and the rebate companies will not accept a PO box as an address, why do they send the rebates by postal mail?

Anonymous said...

Mine was with City Circuit - Sandisk told me my purchase was too late and they don't even return your documentation -- I bought memory in January and the only reason I bought their memory was because of the rebate --- grrrr -- I'm turning this one into the Attorney General of our state.

Mike said...

This is the second year in a row that Symantec has refused their rebate. Both times they stated I did not send proof of purchase. I still have the paperwork to prove that all was submitted properly. It is disappointing that a company with a good reputation would stoop to such low business ethics.
Mike Hewitt
Washington State Senator

Anonymous said...

Rebaters, go to this new site that I just found out about:

It's a site to collect and rate rebate experiences. It has only recently started so there's not a lot of info, but if everyone contributes it could be valuable.

Anonymous said...

Bought as D-Link DI-624 Router on with a $25 rebate, sent all the paperwork in February 23-06. I called 2 weeks ago saying I wanted to know the status they said they could not find it, and told me to wait 2 more weeks before I do anything. I waited 2 weeks, and they still had no record. They finally told me to send it to their 'Rebate Re-submission address'. They told me they will not let anyone fax anything to them. They make people go through 3 mor emonths of snail mail because they lose rebates. I think the US and state Attorney Generals need to jump on these rebate processing whore-houses contracted out by computer companies. Too bad their rebate service sullies the good products D-Link makes.

D-LInk just settled a class action suit last year for losing a lot of rebates. it looks like they are up to their old trick s at the D-Link rebate processor:

Anonymous said...

Trying for rebate at They have places to go for rebates by 4/27 & rebates by 5/8. Today is 5/11. My coupeon says file by 5/27. I wonder if they only open at very close to expiration date. Incidently a search on "File Rebate in their web page took me right back to the same page.

Anonymous said...

On Feb.22,2006 I purchased a Sony notebook at COMP USA. I paid $1,499.99 before taxes were added.
The clerk explained that I was entitled to a rebate and that if I didn't apply for it prior to the expiration date that I would miss out on receiving it. The promotion start date was Feb. 19, 2006 and the end date was Feb. 25, 2006. It was to be postmarked no later than March 18, 2006. I stapled the original receipt along with the original rebate and mailed it out the following day. Prior to sending out the rebate form I copied everything off of the form exactly. I have contacted them several times since. I have complied with everything that was requested of me in this regard. I even sent them a packing list as verification or proof of purchase. Finally I was Told that the check was sent out on May 5,2006 and that it will take 10 days. It is Saturday May 27,2006. From February until May going on June is a long time to wait for a rebate.


Geraldine White

Anonymous said...

My gripe is the so-called standard practice of one rebate per household. Future Shop failed to inform me of this policy when I bought two items thinking I would get two rebates. The cashier even gave me two rebate forms to fill out but a month later Kingston Technology rejected my 2nd rebate.
Had I been told this policy, I surely would have placed my neighbors name and address on the 2nd rebate form and thereby received my 2nd rebate. I want every consumer to know this so they don't lose out on a rebate that is rightfully theirs. If you feel the same way, write to Kingston tech and tell them it's wrong.

Anonymous said...

I noticed bloggers aren't enthused about Symantec rebate programs - with GOOD reason. Ever since Symantec took over Norton they seem to play a nasty rebate game. Every single year since the takeover I have had rebates refused for "missing information" - a re-submission address is given on the rejection form. Upon sending a COPY of all the material in the original submission accompanied by a NASTY letter, the rebate is usually forthcoming. NOT THIS YEAR. I submitted a dual rebate request for a dual package (NSW and Firewall) with promised rebates on $30 and $40 (the latter for purchasing the package through The second was rejected. After much email communication Symantec finally agreed that all the material necessary had been submitted and the claim was valid - then issued a $30 check (NOT $40) for the rebate. So far I have been unable to get these idiots to understand that they've miscast the rebate despite quoting chapter-and-verse on reference numbers. I finally wrote to Symantec CEO, but - NO RESPONSE. Apparently they now employ TOTAL IDIOTS at their rebate processing center and management doesn't give a S*** about customers. I'll be voting with my feet at the end of the current license period of Symantec products and bad mouthing them at EVERY OPORTUNITY.

Anonymous said...

On 8/03/05 I purchased ma Razar Phone from Tiger Direct with a 2 year Cingular 2yr term. There wer 2 rebates of $125.00 each. I have yet to get the rebate and now when you call you get a recording saying they have to re-process the rebates sorry for the problem. Tiger Direct will no do anything nor will Cingular. Beware do not buy Cingular or from Tiger Direct.

Fort Worth Tx
Fort Worth, TX

Captain Kirk said...

Yeah, I had the same problem with BellSouth: they told me when I signed up for their DSL that I would receive a coupon repaying me for the cost ($75) of the modem. No such coupon arrived, so after 5 weeks I phoned & the friendly voice said she would take care of it & send it out right then & there as we spoke. Guess what. No coupon has arrived yet & that was about 4 weeks ago. I'm a patient fellow but in this case I think I've been scammed.

Jorge Hoyos. Villa Park . Illinois said...

I bougth Norton antivirus 2006 with a rebate for $20.00. Now Symantec says they missing proof of previous ownership,and is not possible to pay the rebate. Is it a big deal for that Software Companies? . I think Yes. Because last year I bougth a EZ antivirus software from Computer Associates and the response was same thing.

Jorge Hoyos
Villa Park. Il

Anonymous said...

I used (Kingston) for a pretty decent combo deal on a memory card. The site said to allow 4-6 weeks to receive the rebate check. I mailed all paperwork mid December06. Late January07 they said they never received it. I've mailed a 2nd submission, which they also have (conveniently?) not yet received.

What a deal, huh?...using tons of OPM (Other People's Money) for months on end before returning it. They must be rolling in the dough (you'd think they could staff more appropriately???).

Don't know that I'll ever use rebates again. Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was denied a refund for my modem. The post card said that "did not purchase the BellSouth FastAcess qualifying servicewith the promotion period."
This is complete BS!! I orderd online as required by the offer and printed out the rebate form and followed the directions to the letter. If I wasn't in the period why were they offeriing it on their website? When I tried to call and complain, you could only get a recording and they won't call you back.
I swear, it's just a scam!

Anonymous said...

Rebate processors suck! You're late one day and the deny your rebate, but they're late weeks and nothing but headaches. Most rebates are rigged to make it difficult to get. It becomes like a lottery. Small rebates aren't worth the trouble and big rebates aren't worth the chance. I stopped buying things with rebates. Even if the price without the rebate seems good, I feel ripped off that someone else pays less or question the quality if there is such a big price difference. In any case, I'll purchase something costing a little more just to avoid the product with the rebate.

Anonymous said...

I got screwed on Kingston mail-in rebate. Next time I'm going to photocopy everything before I send in my forms. Damn you Kingston!

Anonymous said...

Kingston Technology 1GB USB Data Traveller

I sumitted what I thought was all the documents but they said that thet needed the UPC code from the package.

Anyhow they sent me a card by mail saying to submit card along with UPC code in envelope but there was no address what the heck.

The web address has no physical address to send to either this is ludicrist. That's why everyone is saying blue murder SCAM REBATES.

What is it with all these rebate centers all they want to do is screw everyone they post elaborate ads in store flyers for all to take notice and purchase their products, but then when you do they treat you like a ZERO.

Disloyalty is rampand with these companies and we the public need to completely abondon all their advertised productsregardless of price because if it's a rebate it's just a legal scam for big business.

When they have rebates don't buy their products let them offer an instant in store rebate or nothing.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Kingston 4GB DataTraveler USB flash drive from I very carefully followed the rebate instructions and sent in the form along with the UPC code from the package. 8 weeks later I received a postcard stating that the UPC code was invalid, please send the UPC code from the original package. I'd already sent it to them, so clearly I could not comply with their new instructions. So, I called the 800 number on the card and spoke to someone at Kingston's rebate processing center who claimed that the 4GB flash drive was not eligible for the rebate and that was wrong to offer me the rebate. Never mind the fact the Kingston rebate form I downloaded from clearly identified the 4GB drive as the product eligible for rebate. The issue here is not $, although I would be happy to have my $10 promised. It is an issue of principle and ethics. I believe it is also an issue of legality. Last I knew, false advertising and bait-and-switch business practices are illegal. Has anyone reported rebate scams to attorneys general? If so, how does one go about that?

Theresa said...

I'm getting the big runaround from HP runaround center. The website reports "Your rebate check has been mailed. Thanks for participating in the HP rebate offer." The check never arrived, and I have spent >30 minutes waiting for accurate information. Call back tomorrow is about the size of it.

Anonymous said...

Computer Associates Rebate offers are a rip-off. Last year I bought their software on rebate and sent all the junk in. 3 months later they claimed they could not find it, please send again. I finally got the rebate about 6 months after purchase. This year I again bought CA software on rebate. Same thing. They claim they cannot find my submissions. I am sick of their rip offs and will not buy any more of their products.

guadalupe said...

I have the same type of situation with computer associates anti-virus. I filed my claim back in August and they still haven't honored the two rebate coupons I was issued by Circuit City. I have been given all the excuses you can possibly think of. Today, they just changed my rebate number (which by the way took me 4 months of exhaustive work and research to get) because the previous one had EXPIRED!! Bottom line, Circuit City, Computer associates are making a lot of money with these phony offers, they do not intend to keep, at the expense of their customers. On top of that, when you call the so-caolled "rebate center", you are treated like a moron, they say you are yelling at them and therefore they cannot longer help you over the phone. Of course, that is the tactic they use when they run out of excuses. I think the FCC should get involved, because this plainly constitutes a case of misleading adverstisement and should be fined accordingly!!

Anonymous said...

Norton says it refused my rebate because no proof of purchase. I sent in my original sales reciept. Maybe they should hire americans that can read instead of outsourcing to bangladesh or wherever

Mad Scientist said...

This is about my rebate for my Earthlink router.

First let me say that I am paying eight dollars a month for this thing, It works fine. However I was told when I got it that it was free. When I got the router I discovered that it was a 'rebate' not free and that my credit card was charged for it.

On August 25, 2009 I contacted Earthlink in a live chat online. They apologized for the mistake and told me to send in the rebate form. I told them that I wasn't give a form. They said they would fill one out for me. They did and said it would be 4-6 weeks.

Five weeks later I checked on it. They had no record of it. Now they said they will send me another form. I contacted the BBB to complain.

This is the third delay. Does someone have the impression they don't want to give me a rebate......????